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FPU Promo Crash Course

FPU Promo Crash Course

Step-by-step guide to reach more people.

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What is the FPU Promo Crash Course?

Your Step-by-Step Guide

The FPU Promo Crash Course includes five chapters featuring best practices from the greater community of FPU Coordinators. With this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Chapter 1: Gathering Key Information About Your Class
  • Chapter 2: Getting the Word Out
  • Chapter 3: Using the Promotional Tools in Your Starter Guide
  • Chapter 4: Narrow Your Focus
  • Chapter 5: Follow-up


Solid Techniques Designed to Give You Immediate Results

Practical Methods for Spreading the Word
Learn how to personally invite someone to join your FPU class, how to promote your class at church, how to make the most of social media, where to hang your posters and more.

Understanding the Starter Guide
Learn what’s included in your Starter Guide, plus which additional resources we’ve made available for you online.

Follow-up to See Real Results
Learn how to make the most of this common-sense technique to achieve big results.



Downloadable PDF
Your FPU Promo Crash Course PDF will be available for download in your order confirmation email after checkout. Simply click on the link to download the PDF to your device or computer.