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Outstanding Class

Lynee from Cleveland, OH

February 28, 2021

Outstanding class!

So glad my friend shared DR

Bobbi T from Redding, CA

February 26, 2021

It all started out with, "I think you'll like this". Which evolved into total emersion. This was the second FPU class I lead. Different material than the first but both were excellent I thought. Leading those classes while still working on the baby steps helped me get through them and I believe be more effective with those in the class. Been there done that sort of thing. P.s. $191k 2.5 yrs including the house.

FPU Paris, TX

Derald from Reno,, TX

February 25, 2021

I appreciate Glenn Lee and his efforts to lead us. We made it through 3-4 weeks before covid hit. We have not been back to church on wednesday nights yet but my wife and I got so much out of FPU in the time we were in the class and have put in place many of the necessary steps to ensure our financial 'peace' as I have since retired!


Mark from Tampa, FL

February 25, 2021

Solid program - I wish I would have learned the system/practices many years ago, but better late than never. I did not know I had a Ramseyish approach during many of my working years. I have a better understanding of building for the future and will keep moving towards financial freedom. The program establishes building blocks and if you believe in the process - you will succeed. The process is simple - get out of debt and save money. Of course simple is sometimes very hard

Exactly what I needed!

Kristin from Rockwall, TX

February 23, 2021

This is my 2nd time through the course! I was so focused on getting out of debt the 1st time, I really didn't pay attention to the additional baby steps. Now that we're out of debt, I'm taking the course focusing on the other baby steps.


Amos from Verndale, MN

February 22, 2021

Love the teachings! Really changes your life when you apply it!

Clear and encouraging

Chastity from Clarksville, TN

February 22, 2021

Financial peace helped my husband and I get on the same page, set goals and crush them. Everything taught was encouraging, clearly laid out and easy to follow.

Second chances

Teryn from McKinney, TX

February 21, 2021

Best investment ever!!!

I feel lied to

Michael from Williamsville, NY

February 20, 2021

I was told this is a lifetime buy...I could access the materials forever...yet some how my account says that it has expired and I have to now make a monthly payment plan? I just want to watch the videos from the materials that go along with the book.

Great class

Victor from Ruston, LA

February 20, 2021

Such a great course to partake in.


McKenzie from Milwaukee, WI

February 18, 2021

I took FPU in April 2020 - I am proud to say I have paid of 23k in student loan debt since taking the class and have about 7k left to go. I am 23 years old had planned on taking care of my loans directly after school but never would have had the motivation to get it done so quickly without FPU and Dave Ramsey. Can't wait to continue making progress and live / give like no one else in the future!

Enjoyed it BUT

Iris from Columbus, OH

February 18, 2021

The procedure my instructors are AWESOME people! I love them to life! However, Dave Ramsey supports racists and for THAT.... I'm done

Path to Peace

Mitch and Kelly from Belton, MO

February 18, 2021

We enjoyed our instructors and the opportunity to learn from other participants. It has given us some real tools to use and put in place to have more peace in our future with saving, retiring and being debt free! If I had one recommendation for change would be that the Every Dollar app allow you to print the details (entered expenses and income) in a report format. Also, a bit disappointing that our bank would not sync with the app but still enjoyed have it at our finger tips for entering as we go. Definitely life changing, we completely recommend it for all, no matter your age or your circumstance... so worth it.

Life Changing

glen from abilene, TX

February 18, 2021

This program saved my life and gave us a more rewarding marriage. My wife and I both come from poor backgrounds and now we are the first in our lineage to become everyday millionaires.

Eye opening!

Noah from Amarillo, TX

February 17, 2021

FPU was such a great class! It really helped me open my eyes to myself and my habits. Budgeting and money handling have become less of a hassle and more of a fun game!

Best class

Debra from Cleveland, GA

February 16, 2021

Ever been to a financial class like this. This is my go to gift for weddings and graduation


Melissa L Whigham from Terry, MS

February 16, 2021

Outstanding class, really changed my outlook on retirement and investing. The baby steps gave me something to look forward to every month!! Every little bit makes a huge difference in the end. Thanks Ramsey Family!!


Randy & Lisa Johnson from Covina, CA

February 16, 2021

The course is a great resource to help move through the materials. Nothing like having a community and being held accountable.

Saved our marriage

Karen from Germantown, MD

February 15, 2021

This course was amazing and it helped my husband and I get back on track.

It's Great!!!!!!!!

Christopher from Savannah, GA

February 15, 2021

Our 1st class was very informative. Got me pumped up to start saving some money. I should have Baby Step 1 completed this week!!! Such good information and easy to understand and follow. Only wish I had found this class sooner.

Eye opening.

Nichole from Nebraska, NE

February 15, 2021

This class really helped my husband and I get on the same page. Pay off our debt and stay on track to pay off our loans!

Maybe due to Covid?

Stacy from Minneapolis, MN

February 15, 2021

Our class started in February 2020 and only met in person 2x. The online experience wasn't great so I gave it 3 stars. I understand Covid couldn't be helped but I don't recommend doing this program online. I think it would have been a better experience had we been able to meet in person.

Great class

Matt from Greenville, SC

February 14, 2021

My wife and I have enjoyed Financial Peace. We are almost done with baby step 2! Thank you so much for all you have contributed to our success.

Great Class

Seth from Sherwood, AR

February 14, 2021

Great class!


Julie from Greenville, SC

February 13, 2021

Love the budget and the lessons! For once, I'm learning to manage my money!