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Financial Peace University

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Jeffery from Clarksville, TN

December 10, 2019

There was 5 people in the session when we first started. By session 3, I was the only one in the class. Didn't understand how to use Every dollar. FPU instructor stated that he didn't use it and had a spreadsheet he used. By being the only one in the class, there was no one to lean on and share information with. Would like to go through again and hopefully there would be people in the session.

The jump start we needed

Lacey from Reno, NV

December 10, 2019

My husband and I had been working on paying off debt in a Dave lite sort of way. We had been using Everydollar and tracking our spending, but always coming up short in paying stuff off. Finally after starting FPU we discovered that we had so much more money than we thought (going out to eat really adds up). We are currently working to change our behavior to be successful in paying off our debt. Since starting FPU we have paid off three of our credit cards, cut up 10 of our credit cards and have closed at least 6 accounts. We are going to take part in the next offering of FPU to keep us honest and working towards paying off all of our debts!


Justin from Clear Lake, IA

December 10, 2019

Taking control!

This is going to save my family

Phillip Usselman from scio, OR

December 10, 2019

I have never, I mean never, felt like I would be debt free but after going through this program I feel hope that my family can live debt free. My wife and I took the financial peace class at our church. We felt so hopeless and lost. Both of us had financially unstable lives growing up and when we became adults we didn't know where to start. With no one to turn to, our debt pilling up so fast that even our councilor at our church didn't know how to help us we decided to take the class. At that point what else could we do? Our debt so high we had to file a bankruptcy. We lost just about everything, our cars, all our cash on hand (what little we had for food) and worst of all our health insurance wouldn't even cover us anymore. We did get to keep our house but had to sell it shortly after just recover some money to help pay the student loan debt that was still affecting us. After the class we learned how to recover from loosing everything to now having a plan. Thank you Dave.


Dena from Heath, OH

December 9, 2019

Debt Free = Freedom I am so looking forward to this type of freedom. Regardless of my age, it’s not too late to apply these lessons!

It works, if you work it.

Yolonda from Albuquerque, NM

December 9, 2019

I enjoyed FPU. However, as a single person without an accountability partner, I didn't know how to address certain issues. You see some single people in the films, but I feel a lot of the content is geared towards couples. Please offer more assistance for us singles. We want to get out of debt too!

Awesome class!

Erin from Parsons, KS

December 9, 2019

Love the encouragement and motivation this class gave me!


Cody Horner from Shippensburg, PA

December 9, 2019

Great information and easy to understand

Financial Peace - Wow!

Kristen from Richmond, VA

December 9, 2019

Wow! I cannot say more about Financial Peace University. Areas that I needed more information on the class went over. It is a great program on how to become financially stable and then leverage your money to work for you and not against.


Tanya from Carrollton, TX

December 9, 2019

I am so happy that I had the opportunity to go through this program at my church! I learned so much and I can't help but to spread the praises to others about this program and Dave Ramsey! I had never looked at money in this way but Dave's videos are so usable! I can understand what he is talking about and that it is so applicable to my life! I am unable to make great strides at this time, but I am able to have obtainable goals now. A direction to move me towards the future and not continue to sink in debt and despair. The little things will add up to big things! Even $5 a week is moving forward! I am able to look at things and expenses in a different light and that saving is something that is just as important as paying the bills!! I am forever thankful that God laid on my heart to take this class! It is truly life changing!!

How Financial Peace Has Assisted Me

Sally Rodriguez from Yuma, AZ

December 9, 2019

Financial Peace has brought organization and a path to our financial independence/peace. I appreciate more what I have and need verses what I want and the world tells me is important.


Chantel from Pittsburg, CA

December 9, 2019

I really do like the program and I am really seeing a difference. For feedback some of the coaches take a little longer than stated to respond.


Bertha from Palmdale, CA

December 9, 2019

I have learned so much from this class and the group discussions were very helpful. The leaders were always available to help with any questions or concerns. Although I am currently on step 2, I have HOPE that I will be debt free if I continue to use all the valuable information I have learned through this class. Thank you for giving me hope


Rick from Peoria, AZ

December 9, 2019

Attending FPU was the best investment of time and money that we’ve ever made. As we are approaching retirement, we realized that we needed to focus our energies on becoming debt free. FPU lays out the Baby Step plan so that we are better aligned for the future. We are currently on BS 4 and looking forward to reaching BS 6 in the near future.

Great Information / Biblical Principles

Felice from Yucaipa, CA

December 8, 2019

Love it.

Great Course

Tamekia from Chesapeake, VA

December 8, 2019

I learned a lot about financial responsibility but I wish the pros and cons of filing for bankruptcy is discussed more.

Life Changing

Tia Bolden from Des Moines, IA

December 8, 2019

Within the first two lessons I was utterly amazed and truly impressed. I knew then I definitely had some serious changes to make personally and professionally.

Awesome Program

Cathie from Dexter, NY

December 8, 2019

We have been participants in this program through being leaders as well as "students". Proud to say that we are now debt free and have learned many valuable tools to help us continue on the right path to building wealth and paying off our house! Our daughter will even graduate college debt free!! Life lessons that she has learned from what we have learned! What a feeling of empowerment that we have over our finances and our lives!! Such a feeling of freedom!

FPU is a Tried and True Method to Get Out of Debt!

Cameron from Sierra Vista, AZ

December 8, 2019

My wife and I started FPU on our own getting the kit in July 2019. It took us at least 2 months to get the zero-based budgeting figured out because she has an irregular payment schedule from work as an independent contractor. After we combined our incomes and started throwing all of our money at unified goals, we started seeing the debts dropping like flies. It feels so great to be on the right track towards financial freedom and financial peace while we are just approaching 30 years old! Thank you Dave and the Ramsey team for putting together a comprehensive training that shows behavior-changing budgeting strategies to tell our money where to go, instead of wondering where it went!

FPU is a life saver

Kira from Knoxville, TN

December 8, 2019

FPU is life changing and has saved my life. I am starting a new journey of being a single mom and you all have helped change my daughter and I’s future for the better.

EveryDollar Budget

Aimee from Huntington Beach, CA

December 8, 2019

I love the budget, however, the bank information comes in too slowly. I'm not really using it, so I'll probably quit that part and just keep track myself like I've been doing. By the time the bank transactions come in, I've forgotten what they were for. I need a daily transaction reflection from my bank.


Stacy and Theresa from Painted Post, NY

December 8, 2019

Finally getting control of our money!!!! Absolutely love everything about this class and wanting to be on bs345 ASAP! Increased my overtime at work to be working 50-60 hrs / wk to be gazelle intense.

Great calss

Matthew from Gilbert, AZ

December 7, 2019

Great class! Highly recommend!

Absolutely love the FPU movement!

Gayon from Lauderdale Lakes, FL

December 7, 2019

I'm all in! 10 toes down and ready to bring my family and community with me. I cannot describe how grateful I am for this curriculum and coaching. The resources provided have brought me such new levels of peace, confidence, and joy that I want everybody to do it!


Therese from Plainfield, IL

December 7, 2019

Although I'm not thrilled at how long it will take to get out of debt, I'm excited to know there will come a day that I will be debt free. I should be able to complete Baby Step 1 by mid-Feb, 2020. It's nice knowing I have a small emergency fund. should be completely debt-free by October, 2022.