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Financial Peace University

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I finally have HOPE

Jerusha from Leola, PA

July 5, 2020

I’m beginning again after falling away - but I have hope and I’ve seen it start working. This time I’m sticking with it and will get myself free from debt and fear.

Great Program!

Kelvin from Lawrencvile, GA

July 5, 2020

Financial Peace has help my wife and I in so many ways and increased our financial literacy. We are now gazelle intense and fighting to get through baby step 2! We are excited to get debt free

Life Changing

Alicia from Las Vegas, NV

July 5, 2020

It's just common sense, real world talk that helps you understand that living differently WILL ENRICH YOUR LIFE!!!

The best financial foundation training on earth.

Joseph from Biloxi, MS

July 5, 2020

I wish I had this in high school. If I did, my life would have been much different.


Merrily from Tunnel Hill, GA

July 5, 2020

FPU taught me how to begin using money God's way. Once I began to see my income as stewardship, it changed my whole outlook. I am so thankful to have taken this course. I am officially out of debt using this program, and now I am enjoying completing that step this month. But next month, it's back to GAME ON, and I'm going to make my emergency fund BULLETPROOF. Thank you, Ramsey Solutions, for creating such an excellent resource.

I can't do it

Nikki from Simpsonville, SC

July 5, 2020

I kept telling myself that I can't until I tried. I got so much paid off in very little time. In 6 months I paid off $18,000 and I don't have a job making tons of money. I do hair for a living and I sold a car. Whatever I have to do to get rid of debt. I know that God will replace that car with better one day when I can pay cash for it! That's all the motivation I needed!

Gaining Financial Peace, Thank's Dave!

Denise from sterlington, LA

July 4, 2020

Awesome course and very helpful. Down to a car payment and the house and finally a real savings account! Me and my husband may really be able to retire one day! :)


Stephanie from Chester, MD

July 4, 2020

Love the new FPU site and tools! These items will help me track better and see my progress!

Love this program!

Emily from Kenly, NC

July 3, 2020

These lessons are easy to understand, and very enjoyable!

My Class with FPU

Tina from Rock Hill, SC

July 3, 2020

Hi I really enjoyed my class. It was actually my 3rd time taking it. I am now gazelle focused and plan to be debt free totally within 10 years. I am believing that it will more like 6 years, but I will continue to work the plan. That's with the house and everything! Thank you for all the Ramsey personalities also. I learn from all of them!

Thank you

Grant from Columbia, MO

July 3, 2020

I'm thankful for FPU. I reached a point back in January where I made a financial decision that left me unsettled in how God would want me to live financially. It came to a realization that I was not trusting God with my finances and I also wasn't stewarding his money well. Having done FPU now it has given me a trajectory as I am 26 years old and am making progress more then I've seen since I graduated 4 years from university. Thank you Dave Ramsey team and God Bless you!

Life Changing!

Amanda from Louisville, KY

July 3, 2020

Really helped us pause. reflect, and focus on the step right in front of us and not all of the noise. We stopped looking at the height of the wall we had to climb and were able to focus on the step right in front of us. Before you know it 6 months down the road we have paid off over 15-16K in debt. We should be completely credit card debt free by end of 2021 and student loans by end of 2022.

Wonderful Accountability

Joni from Little Rock, AR

July 3, 2020

My husband and I have been doing "Dave-ish" really since high school before we even knew each other. We went into marriage with the principles in mind but didn't really apply them. Fast-forward 8 years into marriage and three kids later we realized "Dave-ish" wasn't cutting it with 60K in debt and a mortgage now on our backs. We joined the class at church and finally made traction on our debt. Then my work provided "Smart Dollar" and extended the tools and resources from our Financial Peace course at church. We have paid off 13K so far and are determined more than ever to be debt-free. We are grateful for the FPU, Smart Dollar and the Radio show to stay gazelle focused. Stay tuned!

The program is great, the software is a little wonky

Karen from Madison, WI

July 3, 2020

Financial Peace got me on track to get my debts paid off and has taught me a lot about where my money is going! I feel much more like I can decide instead of it controlling me. The every dollar software has been a struggle for me. The bank connection does not work to bring forward all my transactions. The concept is great. I have one bank that works and one that does not.

Financial Peace

Julia from Monett, MO

July 3, 2020

I learned a great deal from the program on money management and continue working on BS2. I used the life insurance help and have that set up. I feel I found an affordable rate. Now onto retirement changes and then health insurance. Sold a bunch of stuff in our garage to get our $1000.

So worth it

Glenn from Beaumont, AK

July 3, 2020

FPU is such a tremendous investment.

love it

Sherese from barrie, NY

July 2, 2020

Its amazing that its so much to do with behaviour rather than math. It has changed my perspective and will continue on this journey until we are financially free. No longer slave to the lender!

Debt free goal 2024

Lisa B. from Houston, TX

July 2, 2020

I was able to sell both rental homes in July 2020. The rental homes took almost 4 years off my debt free goal. I am using the profit to eliminate cc debt. The last thing to pay off is the car (2019 Toyota RAV 4 Hybrid). Thank you for the knowledge.

Good Resource

Kayla from Salt Lake City, UT

July 2, 2020

I enjoy Financial Peace as a helpful resource and tool to get me on my feet when it comes to saving money and crushing student debt. I only wish there was a lifetime membership versus paying every year. The "in-class" classes were the most helpful for myself; however, Covid-19 put a little spin on that option. I am thankful to have a place where I can review, budget, and maintain gazelle like intensity with my money.

Life Changing Information

Rob from Baltimore, MD

July 2, 2020

This information has transformed my families life. We have begun to dream again and are excited about money for the first time EVER!!! Thank you Dave Ramsey and staff for all of your hard work.

Debt FREE!

Sonjia and Troy from Indianola, IA

July 2, 2020

Our daughter and son in law signed us up for the Financial Peace class at our church in January 2020. They had been successful in eliminating debt and knew we could use some knowledge. We are proud to say we are DEBT FREE!! $33,646.54 in 6 months!! We were able to sell our house and rent a small apartment starting mid April. And we now have 4 months of income saved and 10% of a down payment on a house. We are planning on staying here for as long as we can though because the more we save the more down payment we will have. Thank you for the knowledge!!

What an Eye-Opener

Steve from Dayton, OH

July 2, 2020

A great format to see your Money habits. If you are married, how your spouse habit differs. Get intense by paying off your debt, then get ready to tell your money what to do for you!

FPU - A must do for all newlyweds

Regina from Owings, MD

July 2, 2020

My debt-free journey started with a comment from a friend that mentioned Dave Ramsey. I got the book "Financial Peace Revisited" from the library and jumped into excel with monthly budget, debt snowball, and emergency fund spreadsheets. What an eyeopener! At a meeting, I mentioned my journey to another friend and she said, "They offer Financial Peace University here in this church." Wow! Everything fell into place. I never used my credit cards again; I have a long way to go to reach financial freedom, but being on the journey and practicing the steps has relieved a ton of stress. So grateful I started before COVID quarantine; I was already on lockdown with spending and stayed on track. FPU opened a door to a wonderful community. The instructors were gracious and giving with their time and spirituality. It was apparent in class that couples with children needed continued guidance to curb spending on cable, video games, and movies. Consider offering a class on Smart Money, Smart Kids.

Great Program

Stephanie from Ventura, CA

July 2, 2020

Easy to understand and go at your pace program. As of next month, I will be out of the debt snowball and will be on to baby step 3! This was my decision and plan at my pace. Cant wait to keep going now.


Karen Marie Feiden from Aurora, IL

July 1, 2020