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Financial Peace University

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Nice Updates

James from Concord, CA

July 10, 2019

I'm really liking all the updated content, just wish there was a Search function or a quicklink to things like Debt Snowball document where you can see more detail than on the Resources page.


Christopher from Charlotte, NC

July 10, 2019

The best information I have received out of FPU has been that discipline is key to making this work. My wife and I are early in the process and will be on baby step 2 for a while due to our 6 figure student loan debt. We used to make excuses, but now we are focused and disciplined. Best bible verse to live by: Hebrews 12:11 "No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it."

Created conversation

Jodi from Nashville, TN

July 10, 2019

I loved that this opportunity created conversation around finances between my husband and I.

second time at FPU

tina brehmer from auburn, CA

July 9, 2019

We really like the new video teaching lessons. The hard back "Yearbook" style FPU is easy to read. The website is super helpful and full of information, it just takes time to learn to navigate through it all. We did FPU 5 years ago and tried the Every dollar thing, but could not wrap our heads around how to use it. It was complicated! Defiantly needed more instructions! Anyway, this time around, we figured it out and it is good. I'm thinking there could be a few tweeks here and there, but maybe that is just our situation.

The road to financial peace is hard but worth it!

Brian from Slatersville, RI

July 9, 2019

Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and the Ramsey community have opened doors to my financial future. I reinvented my budget and taking baby steps to take control of the wealth God has provided me. I'm currently on BS2 and paid off 3 debts in 4 months, including my car! I completely stopped using credit cards, loans, and unplanned spending. I get super focused and needed a free spirit to wake me up and budget for date money, Christmas, and misc. It's good to have gazelle intensity but it also needs to be realistic to maintain sustainability. I am thankful that my church offered this program and thankful for the Ramsey community for continuing to be our cheerleaders and praying for our continued success. God bless!

This is Changing Our Lives

Jamie from Mount Pleasant, PA

July 9, 2019

We have been using EveryDollar and Financial Peace University since February. We took a class at my church. We have already paid off nearly 10,000 in debt and are so excited to continue on this journey!!! Thanks Dave Ramsey and Company!

Single Mom Relief

Lindsay from Redmond, OR

July 9, 2019

I am a single mom of 2 who struggled month to month. After taking this class, we’re paying off debt at a rapid rate and I get to tell my kids “yes” more than ever before... all at the same time! This program has been a lifesaver!

New Life

Debra from Farmington, MO

July 9, 2019

I was married to a controlling personality for over 20 years. I never even put gas in my car. Needless to say upon getting a divorce, I was lost. When my church offered this course. It was a blessing and I am so thankful for this opportunity. I have learned so much.

Excellent Course!

Ashley from Jacksonville, FL

July 9, 2019

I loved taking FPU! It opened my eyes to so many areas of my own financial world and helped me see how if I take responsibility for my own actions, I can experience financial freedom.

Good Practice

Bill from Terre Haute, IN

July 9, 2019

The process of the debt snowball is so simple to set up, a person can't believe it's true. Only complication I have is that I keep getting additional expenses to add to the snowball before I am able to get it paid off.

Stop the insanity and start your BABY STEPS!

Wes from Cedar Park, TX

July 9, 2019

My wife and I had more anxiety and trepidation in our lives before starting the Financial Peace University Class at your church. By the second week, we knew we had made the right decision and God's leadership in our lives keeps us moving forward. You will not...CAN NOT...find a more suitable, thought-provoking process than you will find with Financial Peace University. Get your life together, put your finances in order, stop the insanity about money, and start working toward the 7 Baby Steps that Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace will teach you. This program has been an answer to prayer for us and we are becoming FPU Coordinators at our church for the Fall 2020 class. The program is simple to follow and is explained at a level that everyone can understand and follow with ease, but you have to take the first step. Sign up for the Financial Peace University near you and get started now. The success is in your hands!

Great Experience!

Sylvia from Fairhope, AK

July 9, 2019

We were already working our Debt Snowball after reading Total Money Makeover when we joined our FPU class. It was just the thing to really motivate us to press on! We really enjoyed watching the videos and the discussion time after. Having been a teacher for 8 years I really liked the format of the classes and the use of video, workbook and discussion! Great experience all around!

Some Peace

Thomas Happ from Iola, TX

July 9, 2019

Great class, which I wish I would have attended this class many years ago. Also good way to connect with people in the same situation.

Awesome and Simple

Mike from Carrolton, TX

July 9, 2019

Even though I still have a couple lessons left in my FPU course I'm totally impressed. I concepts are so simple and straightforward that I can't believe I haven't been doing this all along. Like many others, I wish I had started this in my twenties when adult life with just starting. I have a lot of catching up to do, but I know if I stick to Dave Ramsey's plan I'm going to be in a lot better shape come retirement age than I would have been by myself. I read another book about becoming a millionaire automatically and the focus\principals were so far from Dave Ramsey's plan that I doubt it would work. I can't wait to finish the debt snowball and move on to the next steps. This course, if followed, will change your life forever!!

Life Changing

Margaret from North Palm Beach, FL

July 9, 2019

This Journey with Financial Peace was life changing. My husband and I were able to get out of debt and invest for our retirement. Thank You!


Amy from Dickinson, TX

July 9, 2019

I am so motivated to get out of debt. Had a few set backs for summer; however, I have been able to evaluate the budget and make some adjustments!

Challenging but freeing

Jillian from Tulsa, OK

July 9, 2019

This program is extremely challenging. The reality is that if you need a course like this then you more than likely have some bad habits. This journey is about breaking those habits to open the doors to financial freedom. 100% recommend this course to start a new journey today!

Helps us stay on track

Carrie from Allen, TX

July 8, 2019

This program has helped us start paying down debt and keep a budget.

Real Financial Peace

David from Mechanicsville, VA

July 8, 2019

This is an awesome class. My wife and I took it and became debt free including the house in less than 6 years. The information is great, and easy to follow. Every person that I have had contact with over the phone has been great to work with.

Great Program

christine from Saint Johns, FL

July 8, 2019

so glad I found this course. Attacking it like a mad dog! I am so glad I found a way to get out of debt, with good sound biblical principles. Thank you so much!

Tom Wooley was instructor at our church: Ashes to Life

Mark from Beaver Falls, PA

July 8, 2019

Tom did an excellent job. He and his daughter not only taught the class, but took time to mentor individuals.

Why Not?

Daniel from Houston, TX

July 8, 2019

FPU gave me the structure and resources to tackle my future, one baby step at a time. I'm a recent college graduate still living with his parents to tackle on my student loans - while it may seem daunting, the support from my group, and the tools provided on EveryDollar make a future with Financial Peace seem possible!

The help we NEED!

Alison Melvie from Brooks, MN

July 8, 2019

Love program! Has given so much positive ideas to keep going on this journey. Already passing the information onto family and friends.

Great info...could be cheaper price

Justin from Chilhowee, MO

July 8, 2019

I first took FPU in 2006, and though the price hasn't changed a lot (mine was $90), the delivery has. With everything moving to digital delivery, there's no reason FPU should cost over $100. Compare any book, digital vs print. I know, I know, "It's a bargain when you compare what you do with your money!" But, at the end of the day for coordinators, we are selling this to people, and people want to see goods in exchange for their money...especially when $120 is a lot of money for the broke guy.

Where was this?

Matthew from Orwigsburg, PA

July 8, 2019

Where was this when I was growing up? Financial Peace is phenomenal....but what would be even better would have been to know all this BEFORE being dumb! :)