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Financial Peace University

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Sets you on the right path

Alexis from Portales, NM

February 6, 2019

My husband and I took the course at our church and learn some extremely valuable lessons. We've always been fairly money conscious but never budgeted. We've stuck with our zero-based budget for almost a year now and it is amazing how much "extra" money you find! We've had a set back with new hospital bills (we've been working on paying off old ones) but besides those we are completely debt free!! I'm very excited to think about what we will be able to teach and leave our children.

FPU Works

Denise from Atlanta, GA

February 6, 2019

This is a great program. Going to the classes or reading the book and doing the baby steps is enough. No need to buy other products if you are broke. God, willingness, paper and pen is all you need.

Encouraged and POSSIBLE

Sexton Family from Fletcher, NC

February 6, 2019

My husband and I had taken FPU back in 2015. We started off strong paid $10,000 during the course. Once we stated to pay down our snowball and see the results... we stated to do 'ish' We thought we knew better and started to do it OUR way.. and ended up messing everything up. So we decided to lead FPU to keep the encouragement for others and ourselves. We find accountability is key.

Love it!

Yvette from Henderson, NV

February 6, 2019

I love Financial Peace University! It provides a great way to learn about managing finances the way God intended us to. I tell everyone that they need to take this course.

FPU is Great!!!

Valeria from Tallahassee, FL

February 6, 2019

Very informative and easy to understand. I love the baby steps. It breaks the process down into manageable pieces,

Truly A Blessing

Leon from Bridgeport, CT

February 6, 2019

After listening to Total Money MakeOver and a few episode of Dave's podcast I was very excited to take the next step and join FPU. When I saw that Black Rock Church was offering it at a discounted rate I looked at it as a blessing from God. The group is fun, the program is informative, and I am 1000% confident that I will be debt free by the end of the year and have a new outlook on life upon completing the program. God bless you all at Ramsey Solutions.

Can’t go without it now

PAMELA from Va Beach, VA

February 6, 2019

So I took the course, downloaded the EveryDollar app, connected my bank accounts to it and set my budget. Wow. It works - i am saving like I never thought possible, and I am not wealthy. It took about 6 months to get a consistent budget. The annual $99 cost to stay a financial peace member includes the upgraded EveryDollar app which imports your bank info. I caught unauthorized charges immediately using it- not three months too late. The $99 cost is more than repaid if you budget using this app, and you will become addicted to it! Imagine addicted to a budget! It is true. Thanks Mr. Ramsey.

Financial Peace

Jennifer from Lake Wales, FL

February 6, 2019

We love using the tools on the website. We have done pretty well with the debt snowball and cannot wait to be debt free! Thank you Financial Peace!

Life changing!

Angie from Reno, NV

February 6, 2019

I love FPU! It has totally changed our family tree!

180 degree change with money

Douglas from Panaca, NV

February 6, 2019

Simplicity and common sense mixed with a dose on religion. Gives a real look at the poison of marketing that we all have fallen for.


Robin from Loveland, CO

February 6, 2019

This class has really inspired us and helped us along our journey! Now, as of November 2, 2018, we are DEBT FREE!!! We are also halfway to finishing Baby Step 3 now as well. Thank you Dave & the FPU team for all of the teachings & support.

Changed our lives!

Shelby Baughan from Culpeper, VA

February 6, 2019

My husband and I took FPU as a brand newly wed couple. It was per recommendation from my boss and we couldn't be more grateful. I have quite a bit of student loans and we were tired of feeling like our lives revolved around balancing a checkbook to make ends meet when we felt like we both had decent paying jobs. In one year's time we paid off over $20,000 in debt, bought our first home, and never fight about money anymore!! We feel so much more in control of our lives, happier, and that we have a definite plan for our future together. We have even recently signed up to retake the class now that we can look at it from a different perspective as homeowners. Could never thank Dave enough for teaching us these invaluable tips and tools to control your money rather than letting your money control you!


Haley from Martin, GA

February 6, 2019

I took the corse 5 years ago and got off track and I jumped back on board and love it even more now. I love the way the debt snowball is set up and I am paying my debt off faster and it keeps me motivated and that much closer to being DEBT FREE!

So awesome!

Caroline from Modesto, CA

February 6, 2019

FPU has made such a huge difference in my life! Living debt and credit card free!

Changed The Course of Our Lives

Alex from Gwinn, MI

February 6, 2019

This class is amazing, it changes everything not just with your finances but everything that comes in contact with your finances! Your marriage, your parenting, your friendships with others, everything. It has made us grow closer to God and what He has really called us to do with our finances. Thank you FPU!

Loved it!

Amanda from Huntington Beach, CA

February 6, 2019

This was the best wedding present we received. We are now on our way to Financial Freedom!

It works!

Joshua from Long Beach, CA

February 6, 2019

My wife, Brittany, and I decided to take Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU) because of our six-month son, Jackson Bay. We wanted to learn how to be responsible and smart with our money so we could teach our son. We had many revelations during the nine-week course and graduated two days before the longest government shutdown in history began. Brittany works for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and we felt it was a true-life test to see if FPU would really work in the real world. Guess what? IT DID! Brittany did not receive a paycheck in over a month and we survived without tapping in to our emergency fund, all this even though we live in Southern California! The best thing about it was that we truly had financial peace through the entire government shutdown!


Kylie from Jennings, LA

February 6, 2019

FPU is amazing! My husband and I have learned so much and have paid off 3/4 credit cards and are working to paying off other debt. The financial peace process may take a while, but we aren’t giving up. I’m so glad we made the decision to take this class and grateful our church offered it!

FPU and You All The Way Through

Wanda from Chesapeake, VA

February 6, 2019

I tell everyone about the FPU program. I and others have been very successful with our finances because of FPU.

Outstanding Material

Jeremy from Memphis, TN

February 6, 2019

My wife and I have been married 20 years and this is the first time we have been on the same page with money. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Financial Peace

Sarah from Rossville, KS

February 6, 2019

This was my second time doing financial peace. I had done it years ago with my now ex-husband. This time I did it with my fiance. He is very selfish when it comes to money and not a christian so this class was very much out of character for him. We'd been discussing our budget and working a plan to become debt free but at times it felt like an uphill battle. He was under the impression that you're always supposed to be in debt; that's just how it is now a days. I'm happy to say that a year later we finished the class, went to a live event and we're going to another live event in April. Each year we've been able to pay down about $23,000 in debt but we still have a ways to go. We're both determined and feel like the class was a wonderful way to start our debt free journey!

Great update

Larry from Pocatello, ID

February 6, 2019

initial use of financial peace was not so great it would require multiple resets in order to watch any of the videos. however now it seems the bugs have been fixed and i have had no problem following along since.

Finally a plan!

Chris from SAINT LOUIS, MO

February 6, 2019

FPU has been very helpful. My wife and I are working through the baby steps. The plan makes sense to both of us and that makes it easier to follow. The tools provided are a great help too.

Eye-Opening & Life-changing

Keith N Moana from Las Vegas, NV

February 6, 2019

Aside from the refreshing feeling of meeting people that wanted to be just as “weird” as we wanted to be, we left the sessions more enlightened and encouraged than when we walked in. After completeing FPU, everything felt like it was starting to fall into place. Our goals felt more attainable and clearing out our debt didn’t seem as impossible anymore. It gave us courage to stick to a game plan & be more intentional with our money. We love EVERYTHING about this program & will be thankful to Dave Ramsey for generations to come. We love you Dave! Thank you for learning from your mistakes and helping us learn from ours. We appreciate you & your team.

Great course!

Natalie from Keller, TX

February 6, 2019

Really helped me get a hold of my finances!!