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Financial Peace University

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Tell Your Money Where To Go

MB from Walnut, CA

February 17, 2019

I love that I'm empowered and have steps to follow. When it came to money I never had an action plan. Though I don't make a lot of money, I see that there's light at the end of the tunnel.

a new way of handling money - sort of

Steve from Lula, GA

February 16, 2019

Dave captures the common sense approach to handling money. This course has changed my life for the better.


Autumn from Hayden, ID

February 16, 2019

Financial Peace is a wonderful program and makes budgeting finally make sense. The website is easy to use.

Baby step 1

Lee from Bossier City, LA

February 16, 2019

Love the updated videos


Roxie jean Payton from PHOENIX, AZ

February 16, 2019

What can I say? EXCELLENT!!!!!

Pleased and sharing with everyone

Chelsea from Durham, NC

February 16, 2019

We were very pleased with how far FPU has brought us...we still have far to go...but are committed to getting there!

very pleased

Ana from Fort Lauderdale, FL

February 16, 2019

this is a great program if you really want to get out of debt. it teaches you to have self control & discipline. I love it.

Fantastic Information

Colleen from Oconomowoc, WI

February 16, 2019

The information provided in the classroom from fellow participants as well as the content from the lessons have been great! This is doable!

Life changing

Stephanie Palmer from San Benito, TX

February 16, 2019

This all seems like common sense stuff but this class has put my husband and I on the same page with our finances and has resulted in a strengthened marriage. We’re on baby step 2 and the stress of living paycheck to paycheck has already been lifted.


Jasmine from Wilton, ND

February 16, 2019

people are great instructer is great and its great learning how to save money!

Awesome sauce

Brenda from Burleson, TX

February 16, 2019

Financial peace was a wonderful help to me. I wish I had had the information 30 years sooner. I have been following the guidelines and I am excited to move on to Chris Hogan's book. Looking forward to that millionaire status.


Eugene from STAFFORD, VA

February 16, 2019

Great course, love the app and we are almost there!!

The Path to Peace


February 16, 2019

Liking my journey so far.

Absolutely wonderful program!

Roxanna from Milton, FL

February 16, 2019

As a teacher, I live on a very limited budget. FPU is helping me to better understand my spending and saving habits as well as prepare for future retirement goals.

New style FPU

Jim from Lima, OH

February 16, 2019

As a coordinator, the style of FPU is much easier to teach to. As for the class, absolutely worth the cost. It is amazing to see the students transform from the nervous, reserved people not knowing what to do, into confident believers who are ready to help the next group of students, and to share their stories. This class is for ANYONE! No matter your age, financial wellness, or religious beliefs. I thought I knew enough about money and budgeting, but after taking the class myself and teaching it, I am amazed what I learn each time. Dave and his team put together a wonderful gift to help anyone in any walk of life, grow and obtain financial peace in their life. May God Bless You all!

Excellent !

Melanie Rogers from Knoxville, TN

February 16, 2019

I think everyone should take this course!

Hopeful instead of Hopeless

Chelsea from Simi Valley, CA

February 16, 2019

Finally, I feel some control over the financial area of our life. We have a plan! I've never had a plan or a budget and I'm 36. The videos are inspiring, but they aren't just talk. There are practical and user-friendly tools with FPU to help us accomplish our financial goals. I feel confident we're on the road to being debt free!


Stephanie Lewis from Forney, TX

February 16, 2019

Very USER FRIENDLY and less wasteful of paper! I would say that I do miss the yellow box where you can put your child's picture on it to motivate you :o/ iT was good to "see" your reason for paying off the debt

awesome first class

Sherry from Peoria, AZ

February 15, 2019

We loved our first time doing FPU at our local church. Our instructors made it fun, we totaled up our debt and credit cards at the beginning and saw how it totaled up (much less ) at the end of the series.


Nancy from x, FL

February 15, 2019


FPU Review

Anonymous from Fresno, CA

February 15, 2019

This was as a great program that provided great principles and tools. It is a lot of work and changes but you see immediate benefits. Videos were awesome and connected to workbook well. I foresee out financial debt free in 5 years. Which is a miracle in itself.

Great and hopeful ending to personal debt

Angie from OLATHE, KS

February 15, 2019

FPU is great! It has been so helpful and now I am hopeful for my future, knowing I have a plan to pay off my debt. The FPU class at my church was so resourceful and encouraging. It can be done!!! Yeah!!



February 15, 2019


Great Program

Eric from Millersburg, PA

February 15, 2019

Highly recommend. I started my debt snowball last February and it has been fun watching debt melt away. As each debt has paid off it has been easier to breath every month.

Restart in 2019

Holly from Marlow, OK

February 15, 2019

I completed the class in 2017 and life overcame me. I am having to restart the program again because I want to get debt free and living like no one else. Wonderful program.