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Financial Peace University

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Second Chance

Linda Ruter from Shannon, IL

July 1, 2019

I took Financial Peace previously and learned a lot. Unfortunately, I didn't apply all of the principles that were given. However, I am now retaking the course, since being widowed and recently remarried with my new husband and we look forward to becoming debt free!!

Changed out life

Rita from Grand Ronde, OR

June 30, 2019

With the training in this class we were able to get our credit score up and get our down payment for our home in two years.

Loved it.

Angel from Las Vegas, NV

June 30, 2019

I really enjoyed the course. I am excited to use the methods taught.

Great financial course

Amy from Kingsburg, CA

June 30, 2019

This course taught me so much. Now I am more aware of where my money is going and being held accountable for every penny I spend. I highly recomend this class to everyone!

great class


June 30, 2019

My daughter took the class with me. She is 23 yrs old, has only student loan debt and has learned through this class the importance of NEVER having credit card debt! The content was very helpful, life-changing, very interesting and breaks down the process to financial freedom in easy enough to achieve steps. The personal testimonies were encouraging and inspiring, Dave is funny and engaging. It has completely changed the way I live and think about every cent God owns that just happens to be in my bank account!

Great course and content

Kevin from Cincinnati, OH

June 29, 2019

Financial Peace provides practical, biblical principles to help people get out of debt and experience financial freedom. Highly recommend it for anyone interested in trying to improve their financial situation.


Kimberly from DUBLIN, OH

June 29, 2019

I was in a hard spot, Dave Ramsey's program has literally changed my life. I am on my path to being debt free and hope for a great retirement when I get there. I even sold my house and changed jobs to be in alignment with my new debt free philosophy! I am training my children to do the same now that they are young adults on their own, it has been the best for all of us!



June 28, 2019

Thank you for being a blessing. This changed my family tree!


Diane & Kenneth from Arlington, TX

June 28, 2019

All companies should cease and desist from the CONSTANT begging for reviews. We haven't been on here long enough to give you one. We will when we have been. Sheesh.

From Aotearoa New Zealand

George from Auckland New Zealand, NY

June 28, 2019

Have loved the lessons so far and my wife has joined be this time round

Life Changing!

Rikki Haus from Belton, MO

June 28, 2019

We love Dave and FPU! We started this journey before we were married and it took a lot of heart change for my husband as he is quite the spender! But with FPU videos, constantly listening to Dave's podcast, and obsessing over the budget, we've gone from $70k to $11k in a year in a half! We can't wait until we're debt free! Thank you Dave for shepherding us through this with all of your platforms, but especially The Official Dave Ramsey Baby Steps group on Facebook. It has helped us make several decisions on our journey to financial peace!

How to use money wisely

Marie from Dixon, CA

June 27, 2019

The information from Dave Ramsey and his team is very insightful and gave me a stronger and better sense of how to plan, budget and use my money wisely. It definitely makes it easier to do when both spouses are on board. Thank you for all the wonderful tips, facts, and ideas for being wiser with my money. I recommend financial Peace University to anyone who truly wants to use their money more wisely.

I thought the program was wonderful

William Hutchinson from Strasburg, PA

June 27, 2019

I thought the program was life changing and very enjoyable. We were not in credit card debt and we have a healthy emergency fund. I am in the process of taking the class again with the hope I may teach others in the future. I think the Church should make the class mandatory for everyone they marry.

Practice leads to excellence

Paul Rodarte from Fontana, CA

June 27, 2019

Excellent classes. A great reminder of the sensible and simple basis of cash management. Change may be hard but not impossible. Discipline, persistence and a how to plan is all you need. Follow the advise given and you will see the results. My recent results: I reviewed my insurance coverage for home and auto. I not only realized I needed more coverage but believe it or not, with some small changes, I increased my coverage for auto and still saved $7.00. I also increased liability on my home and my premium increased only by $21.00. Overall, I have better coverage on both home and auto, and the total combined cost was only $14.00 more in premium. Another decision I made was to pay a cash lump sum to my mortgage loan. I paid down the principal and I saved over $35,000 in interest, and at the same time lowered my monthly payment. Lastly, I had done an amended tax return and with the extra refund, I paid all credit card debts. Got rid of credit cards. Well worth it.


Donna from Seguin, TX

June 27, 2019

I like the budget but wish I could see a quarterly or yearly spending view. Need more options. if had more options I would continue buying subscription. Will probably change after free service over to go to a more comprehensive overall budget.


Nathan from Portage, WI

June 27, 2019

My wife and I have followed FPU for several years. I is a challenge to change the way that you think about money. As we pay off each item the freedom and the chains of struggle break free. If you want to change anything it will be hard, but anything that is worth while has trails attached to it.

Freedom from Debt

RONDA from Frankfort, KY

June 27, 2019

I have never in my life been excited to pay bills. After taking this course I have learned how to take control of my money that I work so hard for. I am still on baby step 2 but gazelle intensity tells me I won't be here for too long!!!

Helpful and Inspiring Course!

KM from LP, IN

June 27, 2019

My husband and I joined FPU because we wanted to be debt-free and learn to communicate about money without arguing. The course gave us the tools we needed to do just that! Now we have common financial language and a common financial goal when we sit down to create our monthly budget. Our leader offered excellent advice and the other couples in our group were supportive and collaborative. FPU was one of the most valuable classes my husband and I have taken. We've been married 18 years and wished we'd done this much sooner!


Purvi from Alpharetta, GA

June 27, 2019

I love FPU and I love the people that we attended with. It became date night for me and my husband and I'm sad it's over.


Jones from St. Peters, MO

June 26, 2019

It was really helpful. Taking it again!

Works good

Tim from Fergus Falls, MN

June 26, 2019

Would like to see this more mobile friendly

Financial Peace University

Dee from Athens, AL

June 26, 2019

My wife and I attend FPU many years ago, but life happened and we got of course. We recently went through the course again along with a young couple that we mentor. It was awesome!! The content was amazing but so were our leaders. You could tell they truly cared. We have somewhat stayed in contact. We appreciate them taking the time to pour into someone else.

Great class

Fredresha from Cincinnati, OH

June 26, 2019

I’m learning so much . This have been a wonderful class . I’m sticking to my budget.

FPU Eye opener

Christine E Johnson from BALTIMORE, MD

June 26, 2019

I've known about Dave Ramsey for YEARS. This is a great course. I want to lead it some day. I am trying to get my husband on board to start the budget because it is hard to do without him. He and I attended a Smart Money conference in 2018, he agrees with some of the things Chris Hogan and Anthony O'Neal said but he doesn't believe we wont ever have anymore debt. "There is always going to be bills to pay. We will never truly own our house because we will still have to pay land tax." This is what he says. I don't know how I will get him on board, but with God's help I will! Thank you for your ongoing support radio broadcasts and Live YouTube shows. Thank you for FPU. God Bless you and your whole team Dave Ramsey!!

Enjoying it!

Alicia from Bainbridge, GA

June 25, 2019

Great resources & support...the plan works.