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Financial Peace University

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Keep on Keeping on.

Doris from Davison, MI

May 18, 2019

I am still on my journey trying to get out of debt. I have paid off 2 credit cards(over 4,000.00) and cut them off. working on credit card#3. I also cancel and cut off my Macys, JC Penney and Home Depot cards that were paid off. Determination and discipline keeps me going. Thank you FPU. My next goal is to start a class in the Fall at my church.


Mikaila from Kenai, AK

May 18, 2019

I highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to get a handle on how to manage money. This class has given me the knowledge to have a peace of mind about money and how to use to better myself and others. I have the confidence to go forward and not worry about my future.

Program works

Chris from Edmond, OK

May 17, 2019

Do it.

great improvements

Becky from Magnolia, TX

May 17, 2019

Love the news videos! and the flex program!!

Ready for change

Rosina from Palm Coast, FL

May 17, 2019

This course was great! The tools are simple and so helpful!

Review for Financial Peace University

Wendy from Chandler, AZ

May 17, 2019

I think the program is great. I am learning much more the second time around. The information is very helpful. I am using the tools on the website to help with my budget each month. Keep up the great work.


Irmgard from Middleburg Hts, OH

May 17, 2019

The FPU Steps really worked. It was slow going at first; then once I saw how well following the steps worked... it motivated me. I'm out of debt and dont use credit cards.

Pretty Good

Cacey from Rawlins, WY

May 17, 2019

I love being able to track our bills using the snowball debt. But trying to get the emergency fund tracker to work is difficult. I am not sure how it calculates its totals, because what I add and what it shows as my total never matches up. However I love this program and it has helped us get back on track.


Ralph from Plainfield, IL

May 17, 2019

Shoud have, Would have, Could Have done this twenty Years ago...No Regrets, teaching our children in the way they should go. We will pay this lesson forward, Thank You Dave Ramsey

Surest Path to Winning

Mark from Quantico, VA

May 17, 2019

Following this plan is simple, not easy, but is the proven way to win with money. And winning with money lets you focus on other areas of your life and succeed there too!

Awesome discussion

Steven from Smyrna, TN

May 17, 2019

This forum is full of good people becoming better stewards.


Tha from McChord AFB, WA

May 16, 2019

My wife and I just completed FPU, the experience was amazing and absolutely unforgettable. We have been good with our finances before but now our level of financial understanding increased drastically. Our communication improved as well, we are on the same page with the budget and are month 2 in the system. We are learning as we go but I’m glad that I am on this financial course with my wife. God as blessed us, now we have to become good stewards of this income he has placed on us. Thanks Dave!

Awesome information and action!

Audrey from Gilbert, AZ

May 16, 2019

This was a life changing class. We now have much more financial accountability and the tools to reach our financial goals.

Great Information

Eric-Tawana from Upper Marlboro, MD

May 16, 2019

I wished I knew about this university 30 years ago. I am signing up my teen age son to take this class asap.

great course

Jerrod from Colorado Springs, CO

May 16, 2019

nothing but good things to say about this program

Love the class


May 16, 2019

Taking it again as a refresher

Excellent Course

Kelvin from McKinney, TX

May 16, 2019

Excellent course as Dave and team by using the word of GOD, common sense, coupled with discipline inspires you to succeed.


Trena from Austin, TX

May 16, 2019

Thank you so much for this forum. I have learned so much and it has really open my eyes to debt free living.

My group

Rebecca from Indianapolis, IN

May 16, 2019

Don was the best instructor and friend!!!!! Awesome job thank you so much!!!!!

GREAT For Recent Grads Too!!

Catie from Chicago, IL

May 16, 2019

As a recent graduate, I was floundering in the area of financial responsibility. I knew certain steps I had to take - pay off the loans, set up a budget, don't spend it all. However, I didn't have anyone to hold me financially accountable. FPU helped me see how to get my money in order and what to prioritize. It's a little scary sometimes to not be saving right now but when I keep seeing that debt number going down, I know it's worth it! I had great teachers that gave a lot of practical advice and tailored it to my experiences (single/renting/23 yo). I learned a lot about insurance and the different types, investing and what it looks like, financial freedom, and generosity. I enjoyed the different perspectives from Dave, Chris, and Rachel. I'm just so excited to finish all my baby steps!

Great Course!

Carla from Detroit, MI

May 16, 2019

Participating in FPU has been enlightening and a little scary! For once in my 56 years, I really looked at my finances. I did NOT like what I saw, but I know that I can turn things around using the Baby Steps. And that is what I intend to do! I recommend everyone take this course!

Reaching customer service for acct/billing questions

Anna Richards from College Station, TX

May 16, 2019

I have left messages and no one has gotten with me...was being charged for the Every Dollar, when should not have been (due to being in the class). I would really appreciate a credit back for those months. My cell # is: (507) 461-6316.

The best part is the PEOPLE

John from East Hartford, CT

May 15, 2019

Dave has said it many times on air, and it proved true. The reason to go to the class is the PEOPLE. The baby steps are tough but necessary. Your connection to the PEOPLE in your class will give you your best chance of success. Highly recommend.


Amy from Richmond, VA

May 15, 2019

This class has changed my marriage, my family and the direction of my life. Through the 9 week course, I learned what being responsible with money looks like and for once have a real plan to attain my financial dreams. I would 110% recommend this class to anyone and everyone! I can’t thank Dave Ramsey enough...and I’ll be coming to Nashville with my family of 5 very soon to shout to the world that we are debt free!

Wonderful class!!

Joshua&Jennifer from Waxahachie, TX

May 15, 2019

We’ve learned so much.