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Financial Peace University

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To the Point

Nicholas Myers from Blountstown, FL

January 29, 2020

Financial Peace University is to the point and very applicable; ESPECIALLY, for people who struggle with finances.

Life Changing

Wendy ceren from Yorkville, IL

January 29, 2020

It is a great class and the second time I have been through it. I am now debt free!


TH from Inland Empire, CA

January 29, 2020

Attending the workshops at my church for FPU has been a life saver. I had no idea where to begin. It caused me anxiety and sleepless nights thinking about the debt. Now I have a solid plan and welcoming FPU Community and also a great Coach staff to help me along the way when I feel a little discouraged. I would recommend taking the classes and trusting the process. It will be one of the best decisions in your life.

Getting Started

Luke & Sherri from Clovis, CA

January 29, 2020

Off to a good start, easy to follow, easy to get started. I already feel inspired!

Life changer

Brianne McKinsey from Santa Maria, CA

January 28, 2020

I am loving this course. I listen to Dave on his podcast but going through FPU is a completely experience. I am so motivated to change my life.


Diane from Lander, WY

January 28, 2020

We are leading our 16th class. We want from considering bankruptcy to 100% debt free in 5 years. Now having $$$$$$$ in retirement savings and taxable savings and peace and freedom. It works!!

Modested Beginnings

William from Rio Hondo, TX

January 28, 2020

As Rachel Cruz said Modest beginnings. The class started with four and one finished. That is one big win:)

Best decision ever!

Hilary and Eric Buell from Monroeville, PA

January 28, 2020

My husbands boss suggested we go through the FPU course & he even paid for it! Hubby was very skeptical @ first & I was cautiously hopeful, but then we started to really enjoy the classes & couldn’t wait to go each week. By the end of the course my “fine with renting all his life” hubby, said he wanted to buy a house, after we are out of debt! Budgeting is going well, & we are dreaming of a better future for us & a legacy for our son!

Loved FPU!!

Ericka from Cuba, MO

January 28, 2020

FPU has and is changing and saving our lives! It just blows my mind what you can do when you change everything you think about money!!! Thank you so much for your teaching:)

Everyone needs this

Deborah from Everett, WA

January 28, 2020

Not only is this a fabulous course but it is for everyone in debt or out of debt. Gives so much hope.


Delisa Whaley from Fredericksburg, VA

January 28, 2020

I totally love how all the FPU videos have been updated since I last took FPU in 2016! The website and materials are so easy to use! Im looking forward to utilizing all the resources on the site to help me on my Financial Journey

FPU Freedom & Control

Sarah from Picayune, MS

January 28, 2020

This course is life changing! The tools, resources and support system that it provides is a total game changer! You won’t leave the way you came!

Second Time

Diana from Los Angeles, CA

January 28, 2020

This is my second time going through the program. The first time I was doing great until I got laid off and I fell off the wagon. It has taken me 4 years to get back on. But this time I am so grateful, and am currently in Baby Step 2. This time I know I can do it! Thank you to Dave Ramsey and his team for such a wonderfully blessed, informative, and easy way to get out of debt. I love you guys.

program works

DeeJeff from Huntington, WV

January 28, 2020

this program really works if applied. It brings to light just how much money you are wasting and how much you could be saving. should be taught in middle and high school with basic math and the world would be a better place for it and our children smarter.

FPU - Life Changer

Maria from San Diego, CA

January 28, 2020

I took FPU at my church about three years ago. I was a little skeptical until the first 15 minutes of the class. After that I was all in, but felt like one time wasn't enough for me so I took another course in class right after. I introduced Dave to my husband who was on the road as a truck driver most of the time, so he took the course on-line and some classes in person on the days when he was back home. At that time it had been a little over 4 years since we moved to the USA. Even though we thought we did well being careful with our money, we had a bunch of credit cards which we purposefully opened to build our credit score, and our phones were financed. We learned basic principles and followed them, paid off our debts within 3-5 months and since then have been working hard on building up our savings and staying out of debt. FPU was a life changer for us. I still listen to Dave Ramsey daily and teach our children his principles. Thank you for what you're doing, Dave!

The Best Thing

Kendra from killeen, TX

January 28, 2020

We couldn't pay for our daughters diapers and formula when someone told us there was a better way to live our lives. We took FPU and found out that we could not just afford to take care of our child but also to payoff 40,000$ in 3 years. We have about 40,000 more and paid cash to have our 2nd baby. Thank you Dave Ramsey for making this so easy for us to do!

Great Experience

Alyssa from Jacksonville, FL

January 28, 2020

I have learned so much from this program. Would recommend to anyone looking to change their money habits.

Life Changer

Alex from Yuba City, CA

January 28, 2020

In the past I had gotten rid of debt, and saved a nice "emergency" fund but we were not working on a budget, eventually we started eating away at our "emergency fund". This program showed us how to budget, and since then, we have never been over budget. We save and buy with cash. We were able to pay off our car loan within months of starting the program and changed our mentality of using credit, and how much nicer it is paying cash and not worrying of monthly payments (even if we have the cash available). I've recommended this program to everyone that is need of financial freedom and wants to hear. The program is of professional quality, laid out clearly and is also entertaining as well as informative. We are now working on our retirement/kids college funds and paying off our house. Thanks for sharing the knowledge, you have changed my family's life forever. God Bless you.

Financial Peace University

Ashley from Pleasant Hill, IA

January 28, 2020

It was a great class. I enjoyed learning how to save money and what to start on.

Eye opening

Chris Screws from Vidor, TX

January 28, 2020

Such an amazing time and wow have I been doing it My wife and I are pumped up about getting our financial peace back and keeping it!!!

FPU Review

Melissa from Grants Pass, OR

January 27, 2020

I love the content of FPU! It was our second time through and it was a great way to get back on track. I was disappointed with the putting together of it at our church though. There was no move to get people together for accountability or good discussion really. They were weird about turning in budgets too. I don't expect the facilitators to be millionaires but I did have an expectation that they would be out of debt since they have been teaching FPU for 10+ years. After the first few weeks we just watched the videos at home on our own. This is no fault of DR or his material of course. They just weren't great facilitators.

Life changing

Brittany from New Hanover, NJ

January 27, 2020

The information you will learn in this class is invaluable. I wish I had only known this stuff a long time ago. What you learn in here really works! It has changed my family and my children’s future for the better!


MARK from Knoxville, TN

January 27, 2020

The class is very informative. I highly recommend it!

Best choice Made

Margaret from Denver, CO

January 27, 2020

Best decision ive ever made..


Kyle from El Mirage, AZ

January 27, 2020