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Financial Peace University

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May 7, 2019

Great class! Love the coordinators! Truly inspiring!

Best Budgeting App!

Beth H from Alpharetta, GA

May 6, 2019

Love this app and so happy we did FPU. EveryDollar really helps you control where the money is going each month. We are so excited to have knocked out our student loans, car loans and up next and finally is our credit card. Once you taste the sweet debt free life there is no going back. Thank you all at Ramsey Solutions for putting this together!

Awesome!!! The Game Plan Works!

Tim from Bettendorf, IA

May 6, 2019

Great Game Plan! Explained easy, meets you where your at.


Mark from Lubbock, TX

May 6, 2019


Great Program

Brad from Lincoln, NE

May 6, 2019

This is a great program for those that struggle with spending and building a budget.

Thank You

Tori from Plainfield, IL

May 6, 2019

So happy to have taken this class and learned everything I have. I am only in Baby Step 1 but I am so motivated!!! So excited to debt snowball.

Changed my outlook

Michelle from Nampa, ID

May 6, 2019

Going through FPU with my husband has changed our lives. I was the free spirit spender and he the nerd. Money talks were always tense at our house. He gets paid weekly so we have our monthly budget meeting and then a weekly touch up meeting. We had a few bumps in the road at the beginning but now we are knocking out debt!

Solid Course

Calvin from Choctaw, OK

May 6, 2019

Enjoyed the course, found information very helpful. Only real regret was that it would have been more beneficial to me if I had gone through it much earlier in life.

Thankful and blessed

Julie from Georgetown, SC

May 6, 2019

Due to a difficult schedule, this was the first chance I have had to participate, and boy am I thankful. God's timing is perfect. As a single mom with young children and older children-one with a severe medical condition, the teachings have provided overwhelming knowledge and comfort that I can do this. My youngest walked around for weeks saying "I hate Dave Ramsey" because we stopped going out to eat, but has now come around with lots of communication about finances and our futures. We will be working on Smart Kids in the weeks to come. I am also sharing my newfound knowledge with my older adult children in the hopes they will incorporate these lessons in daily life. I am blessed to be snowballing my HOUSE while planning retirement and college funds. I cried when I realized I can and will do this.

Transformed: From hopeless to Joyful in 9 weeks!

Gary from Holland, MI

May 6, 2019

Week 1 atmosphere: people were quiet, and most had no written budget and weren't sure if they could make it to the next paycheck without running out of money. Week 9 Atmosphere: 23 people celebrating their successes with money. Everyone working the steps. Everyone had their $1,000. Everyone filled with joy and hope for their future. This was my first FPU Class to attend and to coordinate. My wife and I were working the steps before and feeling pretty good about it. Now we've made some corrections and feeling FANTASTIC! Thank you God! and Thank you Dave and your whole team for this rewarding opportunity!

Financial Peace University

Paul and Lisa from Elmhurst Twp, PA

May 6, 2019

FPU was an answered Prayer! We were/are inundated with Medical bills and have paid a bunch off prior to FPU but with no real plan or structure to it. Now we know what we owe, how we will work on it, and where we will go from their. While we wish we had discovered FPU earlier we are grateful for the functionality it returned to our financial life and are thrilled our 16 year old will be exposed to it at such an early age to achieve maximum benefit. I would recommend it to anyone rich or poor, in debt a lot or a little or with no debt at all !! Thanks so much to our FPU coordinators for sharing their knowledge and their personal journeys. THANKS DAVE. We are not better than we ought to be yet, but we ARE as good as we should be and will soon be as good as we could be ….. and then we will work on being better than we ought to be....and for now that's inspiring enough!! We're just two Gazelle's working through step 2 heading across the Savanah towards step 3!!

One of our best decisions ever!

Kerri from Carmel, IN

May 6, 2019

My husband and I have never been able to budget. It was such a hard concept for us, and it would overwhelm me just trying to find a starting point. My mom bought us FPU and we were excited to start. The class is a must! The materials are great, but if we didn't take the class, we would be in the exact same spot - not budgeting and in debt. We're 3 months in, and have more debt paid off now than we have in the 8 years we've been married. It feels refreshing to have a plan of attack. We actually talk about our future plans, and are so excited by the things we know we will be able to do now. We've never been on a honeymoon, and this will be #1 on our list when we are debt-free.

Suprisingly great

James D. McIntosh Jr. from Campbellsville, KY

May 6, 2019

Going into this class, I was doubtful. There is a lot of fluff out there that it tends to make me pessimistic. However, this class was real, helpful, and encouraging. In a Christian manner, Dave admits how difficult it will be, but also encourages you along the way and lets you know it can be done and has been done many times. He and his team break everything down in an understandable way (well, most of the time at least). Some steps seem obvious and I did them to some degree, but I did not see them or do them in the same useful way presented by Dave and his team.

It'll change your life!

NATHAN from Fort Collins, CO

May 5, 2019

I didn't know how financially illiterate I was until I took this class. It's very simple commonsense advice, that the majority of us all somehow missed before they let us out into the real world. The presentation is easy to understand, breaking it up into bite-size pieces, and keeping you motivated along the way. This class will serve you, and you will get the feeling that everyone behind it genuinely wants you to succeed...a sensation most unusual in the money "space." One of my favorite aspects of FPU is that there are no exclusions. Perhaps you're on a fixed income, or perhaps you make decent money and wonder where it all goes? Maybe you're bankrupt, or a millionaire. This class will apply to you, help you, and support you on your way to peace.

Do Dave's program and peace will soon follow

Rolando Garcia from Austin, TX

May 5, 2019

For months I battled against myself before accepting that I needed help, and had been irresponsible with money and my judgement had been so deficient. Dave set a framework in which I could forgive myself for being so foolish, and set tangible steps to clean up my mess. Thank you Dave! God bless.

Great Class

Alton and Jackie from Washington, DC

May 5, 2019

We are so proud to have completed Financial Peace University. Our group was awesome and our facilitator, Jessica Skaggs was excellent. We are on our way to complete financial freedom and can't wait to share what we've learned with everyone that we know and love. Thank you Dave!!!

Learned lots!

Morgan from Madison, WI

May 5, 2019

I really enjoyed this class. There was a lot that I didn't know about finances. I learned so much with this class. It gave me the motivation to actually fix some of the things I was doing not quite as well as I could. It also kept me entertained with humor and explained things in a way that was easy to understand.

Life changing

Denisse Adams from Las Vegas, NV

May 5, 2019

Help us in our life decision, and everything about life.

Getting our life on Track.

Arianna from Greensburg, PA

May 5, 2019

I loved Financial Peace University.

Spending & Saving

Vickie from Hiram, GA

May 5, 2019

The FPU program has made me more aware of my spending habits and made me think more about saving for retirement. I would recommend it to anyone looking for financial guidance!

Great help

Amy Bryan from Danville, VA

May 5, 2019

I have been trying to pay off debt for years and everything I tried wasn't working but when church did this as a whole church it allowed me to finally take the next step to being financially free. So far I have paid off 5 credit cards in 5 months. It has been awesome and I'm finally getting rid of credit cards that I don't need.

On My Way!

Vicki from Liberal, KS

May 4, 2019

Love all the information, one just needs to hear this from someone else!

Love love love it!

Serena from Rossville, GA

May 4, 2019

What a blessing this course was for me & my husband. My only regret is that I didn’t do this 15 or so years ago. But now I’m looking forward to equipping me kids with this in the years to come.

Good to get focused

Curtis from Aledo, TX

May 4, 2019

It was good to get us focused on what we needed to be focused on - paying off debt. It feels great to only owe on our house now!

FPU Community

Shannon Bennett from Lakeland, FL

May 4, 2019

I had great coordinators each time I took FPU. I have taken it 3 times just for the support and encouragement. I am a single person with a lot of student loan debt which is very depressing at times. I've paid off $12,000 in 1 year and still have $170,000 to go with student loans. I want to help others become debt free and this is one way of doing it, leading FPU Flex course online. I also pass out Dave's books and the books from the rest of the Ramsey team to my students at college and single moms who need help or newlywed gifts(The best kind of marriage counseling!).