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Financial Peace University

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What FPU means to me

J & L from Sugar Hill, GA

May 3, 2019

FPU is something that grew out of my wife's drive to keep our finances in check. She basically did things from a practical perspective but never had a plan. After reading Total Money Makeover we learned more and I even started to get more understanding. Fast forward a few years and our church was looking for FPU facilitators. They allowed us to facilitate as we learned. In other words we attended the first class we led. Fortunately it was in a large group setting so we had plenty of support. The bottom-line is that we were sold out for FPU! We became FPU junkies. We can't get enough of Dave and his Baby Steps. We have led several classes since that first time. We stream the Dave Ramsey Show online for tips and motivation. We use the EveryDollar app to keep track of our budget no matter where we are. And now we are debt free Everyday Millionaires. Thank you Jesus!! Thank you Dave!!

I am in control!

Trish from Royal Oak, MI

May 3, 2019

I was seriously mistaken when I thought I did not need Dave Ramsey. I am a young, single woman with a good income and only a small car debt. Even the basic steps and thought process of this training has completely transformed my financial outlook. I now have a great financial base to help me plan for my future. To be honest, I was afraid to analyze my finances and now I am excited and satisfied to balance my budget each month. Thank you Dave and the whole team for making this a "fun" process!


Justin from Athens, GA

May 3, 2019

I am so thankful Financial Peace! It took my parents a few years to finally get me to see just how impactful it can be. As a recent college graduate with way too much college debt, Financial Peace has changed the way I look at my spending and has also encouraged me to tackle my debt instead of letting it tackle me. If you're unsure about how life-changing Finacial Peace is, I encourage you to sit through the first session and see just how much of a difference it can make.

Great Resource!

Kevin from Jacksonville, FL

May 3, 2019

Having been a Dave listener for years and doing 'Dave-ish' that whole time I took the plunge and payed for FPU, it has me motivated and I was able to save my baby step one from my tax return. On top of that from February to April I was able to pay off around $1,500 of my debt a month! It really opens your eyes to the myths and challenges of living debt free and has me gazelle intense!

Very Pleased

Andrea Kay MS from Ashland City, TN

May 3, 2019

Our FPU facilitators created a wonderful supportive learning and growing environment for the nine-weeks of classroom instruction. The program, including the book and video - along with the website support, is top of the line informative and encouraging! I think everyone should participate in this program, it should be a required subject in all high school curriculum. Thank you to Dave Ramsey and team, Leah & Tom, and all the participants who willing encourage others by sharing their personal stories!

Life Changing

Robbie from Newnan, GA

May 3, 2019

Being introduced to Dave Ramsey and FPU has been a total life changer for our family. We always had dreams about our retirement now we will make those dreams a reality.

FPU is awesome

Daniel from Spokane, WA

May 3, 2019

FPU gives you the tools to change your family tree, not only financially, but in every aspect of your life.

Has Changed Our Lives

Josh from Columbus, OH

May 3, 2019

My wife and I gifted FPY to each other for Christmas in 2018. Because we have two small children, the at-home option made the most sense, so we did that. It has changed our lives, and our marriage. We are working together to accomplish our goals and optimistic about the future. We have debt lines covering all sectors, but the student loan debt was really crippling our ability to build wealth. Our big why is to ensure our daughters (1 and 3) never have to worry about student loan debt, and are educated about how to save, spend, and invest wisely. Thank you, Dave, and your team for changing our family tree!

A Life That is Forever Changed

Jonathan from Columbus, IN

May 3, 2019

This course has been nothing but amazing for me. I vividly remember toward the end of 2018 crying from the amount of financial stress I was in. I remember growing up seeing my mother live and provide for my two older brothers and I on a paycheck to paycheck basis. I grew up thinking that was the normal. After just 2 lessons of FPU I saw the light of no longer living that way. FPU/Dave Ramsey has changed my life in my right now season and I'm so excited to see where life goes from here.


Brandon from Indianapolis, IN

May 3, 2019

I can't recommend FPU enough! It will change your life and it will truly bring peace to your finances.

Starting Fresh

Kathy from Denver, CO

May 3, 2019

Love this program!! It's allowed my husband and I to get on the same page about money. The budget gives me the freedom to spend where needed without buyers guilt. The class is so supportive and helpful. The Every Dollar app is easy to use and being able to import transactions is so handy. I know a little about managing money, but this programs fills the gaps and shows me a better way that I wouldn't have known otherwise. Thank you!

Not only did this change my finances, but our marriage too.

Chris Waddell from Jacksonville, AR

May 2, 2019

Approximately 5 years ago we took FPU. We built a budget and did step 1 quickly, but then slowed down...took our time to do step 2. Recently we've had our second opportunity to lead FPU class at church. My wife and I have been married almost 32 years. Our marriage and life has been changed by doing what Dave and his team has taught us through FPU. We lead the class now because we know first hand that this isn't just about our finances, but about how we handle what God has entrusted us with. We believe this program changes you. It makes you want to dig in and be successful in our relationship with God, if you're married, your spouse, and with your faith. I would and do encourage anyone who might be considering this class or heard of it and are still on the fence to take it. Stick to the class and stick to what you learn. It will change you forever.

FPU at holy family in Orlando Florida

Janie from Orlando, FL

May 2, 2019

I have wanted to take financial peace University for several years, and I’m glad I finally did. Even though I am not in debt I feel that I learned a great deal from this course, and the group discussion was very helpful.

Keeping Focused

Thomas from Lancaster, CA

May 2, 2019

I take FPU regularly. It keeps me on task to meet my goals. Though emergencies pop up quite often, I have no consumer debt. Therefore, saving is much easier. The workbook is simple to follow, the steps are clear and doable. Don't pay attention to the negative press, especially in a recent publication. It works. I've tried a lot of so-called advice, but FPU delivers if you work it.

excellent principles in becoming debt free

Tiffany D Bolinder from ANCHORAGE, AK

May 2, 2019

I am so glad I had an opportunity to take this course. I even had my daughter join me, in hopes she's smart enough to never fall into the trap of debt. We are climbing out rapidly and I'm very excited for the future.

Loved Coordinating, but a few suggestions ...

Jenni from Logan, UT

May 2, 2019

I absolutely loved coordinating the FPU class for my first time. FPU had impact I never anticipated on the people in our class. Miracles and healing happened. I did feel, though that the Insurance Lesson jammed too much information into one short lesson and the videos left too little time for discussion--which is why next time I lead the class in the fall, I am going to try the flex method. Thank you for changing so many lives!

Very Helpful

Jon from Norman, OK

May 2, 2019

This material was what my wife and I needed to get started paying off our debt and has been very inspirational along the way.

FPU Changed our life and our finances!

Stephen O from Indianapolis, IN

May 2, 2019

My wife and I attended FPU for the first time last year. And as it happened, I was actually leading it for my church. We were convicted of the error of our financial ways in the very first class, and made the decision to become debt free and start living responsibly. We had about $60,000 in total debt, of which a little over half was a financed car which we had bought brand new a couple years before. We kick-started our debt-free journey by selling the car, and then over the next 9 or 10 months worked with Gazelle intensity to pay off the remainder of our debts. By God's grace we are now debt free, have a nearly fully-funded emergency fund, and are planning our savings for a down-payment on our first house. God has been blessing all through the process and bringing people into our lives to cheer us on and encourage us. I feel so strongly about others hearing the debt-free message of FPU that I will be leading my 2nd class this summer! Thank you Dave and team! FPU has changed our lives.

This should be obvious

Michelle from Columbus, OH

May 2, 2019

This should be obvious! We live in a culture though that tells us to buy whatever we want, and do it on credit if you don't have the money right now- it's normal to have debt. It's incredibly freeing to step outside the cultural norm and realize that it's stressful to be under a yoke of debt and it feels so good to pay down that debt while still giving cheerfully to the Lord! Thanks Dave and co for standing out and giving us the tools to take back our finances!

A blessing in several layers

September from INDIANAPOLIS, IN

May 1, 2019

Not only did this course help us find our new church community, but it strengthened our marriage and gave us a foundation to grow and dream on.

Yes yes yes

Deborah from Norman, OK

May 1, 2019

I absolutely love all the internet and advice given through this program! I get so overwhelmed and get anxiety trying to figure it all out on my own! Financial.... Peace of mind!!!

amazing class and programs!

Cathleen G. from Nampa, ID

May 1, 2019

I have really enjoyed watching my debt snowball make an impact on my emotions! Seeing the balances go down gives me hope! there are still some questions i have that are not addressed in the class like how do you save for multiple items when you own our vehicles and your house is older. How do you prepare when you know the new heating system is going to be 8K! and your cars are old and break down... how do you snowball and make an impact and save for the things you know are coming when you are already up to your eyeballs in debt! This class is so helpful and has truly made a difference in keeping on tract for retirement! i would absolutely recommend this class and the programs to EVERYONE in debt to learn not to ever believe the lie you have to have it now!

Great class. Would be better if...

Kelly from Florence, SC

May 1, 2019

We learned a lot from the class and have continued to use the budget. It would be nice if you could still access the debt snowball calculator without being charged. It might take some people more than a year to pay off debt.

An Excellent Way to Better Your Life!!

Joshua from Midwest City, OK

May 1, 2019

This class has given us a great deal of help in getting our finances in order. Too long we went living paycheck to paycheck. Enough was enough. We're on a path to financial peace!

Great class, but....

Robert from Fredericksburg, VA

May 1, 2019

I actually learned quite a bit from taking the FPU class, and it was all helpful. However, I found myself getting quite frustrated as after 4 months I've barely made any progress in saving my $1000, and still can't seem to get my savings on track. I felt like the weekly sessions were going to quick, and offered no real advice how to make these changes when you are living on minimal income. It's a great tool if you can financially do it, but it about broke me to pay for the class.