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Financial Peace University

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Andrea from Rapid City, SD

February 27, 2019

We are learning so much about being intentional with our money. I always thought a budget would be restrictive but with this system have found freedom!

Great Resource!!

Sean F. Smillie from Henderson, NV

February 27, 2019

This has been a wonderful experience for my wife and I! Thank you Dave!

So entertaining and packed full of great stuff!

Sue from Manchester, IA

February 27, 2019

Dave has just the right balance of loving you well and kicking you in the butt to shake you out of your comfort zone. Love his direct style. I feel like the debt snowball lesson went way too fast. But we covered it in class in more detail. For lesson 2, I did the discussion points with the class before the plasectomy so the group could talk through the myths and dreams more before jumping in with the scissors. They really supported each other.

Breath of fresh air after financial derailment.

Mary from Gainesville, GA

February 27, 2019

Started this Jan with my church group and so much has changed for the better, its been tough to retrain the brain but the snowball is rolling. Cant wait to be officially Debt Free. Thanks Dave!

Total Game Changer!!

Randi from Vancouver, WA

February 27, 2019

My husband and I were listening to the pod cast and were both headed in the right direction. I decided to enroll in FPU to accelerate our momentum and boy did it! During the class we paid off almost 20k in debit!!! I love being among others in the same boat and getting the energy from the videos. It forced us to do homework and look at things much closer than if we just did it on our own. We paid it forward and are sending our friends through the course :)


Shekila berry from sycamore, IL

February 27, 2019

Its a life changer

❤ FPU & Dave Ramsey

Sarah Turner from Wichita, KS

February 27, 2019

FPU is great! Baby step 2 and gazelle intense! I've read the Total Money Makeover & am reading Everyday Millionaires. Good common sense ways to get out of debt and become wealthy.

FPU Round Two!

Jessica from Elk River, MN

February 27, 2019

This is my second time taking the FPU class. First as a married woman with two kids, now as a single mom of two kids. I needed a refresher after starting over and buying my own home and credit cards started creeping up. This class has helped me pay those off and prioritize so I can reach my financial peace goals and set an example for my children.


Clarence Zimmerman from Dundee, NY

February 27, 2019

My Wife and I took the course and we loved it. Way to go.

Slowly Getting there!

Family of Edgecomb from Russiaville, IN

February 27, 2019

This software and teachings has really helped our family into getting the budget set up properly and cashflow some murphy hits. Living like no one else so we can live and give like no one else.

It's Working!

Evan from Scranton, IA

February 27, 2019

Thank you.


Pam from Willmar, MN

February 27, 2019

I'm still struggling some but when I follow it I actually feel better about where I'm at financially! Thank you!

GREAT program

Melissa from Saugerties, NY

February 27, 2019

This program has changed my LIFE. I view not only my finances differently but ever aspect of my life!

Perfect Foundation for Behavioral Change

Michael and Jennifer from Columbia, MO

February 27, 2019

Our discussion leader Sheila was very encouraging and helpful. She coached us along and encouraged discussion about questions and concerns. She really made the difference as my wife and I began to see and understand the root problem - us. Change was hard to do at first but everything Dave was teaching made so much sense. We have begun the necessary process by following the baby step program. Don't get me wrong. Old habits die hard. But we really want to change now that we understand the basic principles of budgeting and giving every dollar a purpose. This is so liberating and we think is exactly what God wants for all of his children. Thank you Dave!

Best thing i have ever done was take FPU

Candace from Inglewood, CA

February 27, 2019

It was the best gift i ever received and my teachers Dulce and David were excellent instructors. I would recommend anyone to take this class. Awesome is all i can say. I wish that i had this information long before my fifties.

The Best financial advice hands down

Glenda Caceres from Fairfax, VA

February 27, 2019

I enjoyed the lessons (easy to follow) and the reading homework (relevant and excellent insightful info). My wife and I have finally agree about our financial goals and become in sync with future goals. This course is more than just financial information, it is also a marital therapy and counseling.

habits that go with my instincts

Alison Wright from WINCHESTER, VA

February 27, 2019

My husband & I both grew up with parents who still miss manage money. No one was able to teach us good habits. Luckily our natural instincts didn't allow us to stray far, but we had no idea what to do with what we had. We have struggled, but have remained a team always. I came to this class in the process of getting on stable ground again after my husband had unexpectedly lost his job. We are lucky that we grew closer and supported each other through that time, but also knew changes needed to be made as we slowly became stable again. We also knew that we wanted to be able to teach our new daughter good habits, so that she would struggle less than us in her future. During this class I learned neccesary skills, but I also had serveral moments where I realized my natural instincts were good! And I found this to be incredibly encouraging. Our new habits have continued to pay off as we were able to make it through a car being totaled by a deer and currently preparing for baby number 2!

Love it!

James and Audrey from Cole Camp, MO

February 27, 2019

I tried to get my husband to take this class several years ago, and he sort of listened to the cds, but never took it seriously. Now, our church offered it and it was his idea to take the class. We now have a game plan to be completely out of debt in three years and to be millionaires when we retire. Thanks Dave!

It’s great.

KATHLEEN from Chicago, IL

February 27, 2019

I really enjoy learning and working on my future.

Generally Good, possibly too rigid

Anna MI Dwyer from Royal Oak, MI

February 27, 2019

For people who come in without debt and with a good understanding of saving, it's excellent although possibly too rigid. For others who need high structure to prevent from overspending, it's great.

Budget...Under Construction

Melanie from SUFFOLK, VA

February 27, 2019

I am now, personally "under construction" and it is WONDERFUL! I started watching YouTube videos on budgeting around October 2018 and without fail people were directing me to Dave Ramsey. So I narrowed my search to Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University and my life was changed. Ok, I know I sound dramatic, but it really has changed everything. We now have a budget, and an End Date for our Debt. We never had an intentional focus or direction for our money - like the tides, it came in and went out. I have amassed stupid debt (65,000) and various other debt but, with FPU, I am no longer wandering aimlessly and I can see the finish line. Well, I can't actually see it yet, but I know it is there. I can reach it in 2 years. Thanks for helping me build a future, for me and my family.

My Journey

Susan Frankey from North Canton, OH

February 27, 2019

It is intimidating to look at my financial outlook and try to fix my wrongs. But with the guidance and support of FPU I see a glimmer of light at the end of my tunnel.

Life Changing!!!

Trevor from Cambridge, OH

February 27, 2019

Financial Peace University has not only given my wife and I financial freedom but it has changed our entire mindset on our finances and our financial habits. We now have a confidence that we will reach our goals and put our family in position to thrive. Living without worries of the many financial stresses that we had before is a blessing. We can successfully get every penny out of our average incomes and are able to live the lifestyle we want to live without a ton of sacrifice. All because of what we learned in our financial peace class about budgeting and tracking where our money is going. I would suggest taking this course to anyone I come into contact with. Truly life changing.

Great Progam

Mistie from Jones, AL

February 27, 2019

I give this 5 stars all the way. I've only been in the program since mid January and I love it.

Love the videos!

Carolyn from Chelsea, MI

February 27, 2019

Dave is a hoot and a great motivator and makes learning about handling money so much fun.