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Financial Peace University

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Financial Peace


June 9, 2019

Great class, with tons of great information. So glad that I decided to take this class !!

Inspiring, Educational, Helpful

Lou and Teresa from New Knoxville, OH

June 9, 2019

We are approaching retirement age and haven’t been in debt but maybe 2 years throughout our marriage. We took this course “to learn how to help others”! We were pleasantly surprised to realize we did not know as much as we thought. This is an excellent course to educate you on how to handle your finances and expect positive results. The information is so helpful to understand why to do what. We watched it online and over a period of a year, which is the pace we could handle for our lifestyle at the time. This actually proved really well for us, as we had time to incorporate each step well before moving forward. Thank you Dave and company for your labor of love and work of believing to produce this class. We absolutely loved it and will recommend it to others.

Class was very helpful

Clarice Smith from Chattanooga, TN

June 9, 2019

I learned a lot in my first Dave Ramsey Financial Peace Course. I never really talked about money openly growing up and I realized my spouse and I didn't discuss it as well. Looking forward to taking more courses and see our debt cancelled and completely paid off in full.

The Legacy Journey

Stacy from Colorado Springs, CO

June 8, 2019

So I bought FPU to help some of my family members and I wanted to watch all the videos too, even though I have been working the steps already just from reading The Total Money Makeover. The FPU classes are awesome and truly helpful to lead people out of the financial stress into a bright future. But I found the Legacy Journey videos and watched those as well. Wow! These videos and the messages Dave presents changed my life. I had already been feeling that I wanted to give and help others, but watching these videos just gave me a whole new perspective on the topic and I am so thankful to have learned as much as I did. We've been working on our debt free journey for almost a year and a half and right now have enough breathing room that we can incorporate giving as well. God's blessing of giving us the ability to help others is the best blessing of all. Thank you for all you do!

It's helping

Carolyn from Lexington, KY

June 8, 2019

I've really not been able to pull-together everything in my mind because of anxiety over finances, and never really learning how to keep it all straight. It may take me 4 or 5 months to understand but I can tell that I'm understanding. It's taking me a long time to go through things, but each month it gets a little easier. I'm starting to understand the app a little better too. I will be in Financial Peace University for a long time, and I'm not only okay with it but happy about it! I'm excited to learn about insurance and investing too! Wish I'd started when I still had money in the bank and before I made some bad loan decisions, but I'm working on getting it straight now! I wish I didn't' have to do this alone, but in a way I'm okay with that too. May be 2024 before I'm debt free but I'm glad to be with like-minded people in the classes and all of the resources! Thank you Dave and Everyone on the Team! Sincerely, Carolyn

Great information

Emory Brown from Buffalo, NY

June 8, 2019

I thank God

Experiencing Financial Peace as a Coordinator

Pamela from San Diego, CA

June 8, 2019

FPU as a coordinator helps me both partner with the participants and offer real life testimonies of each step along the way. I love to encourage those who are embracing the principles and I lovingly pray for those who haven't 'gotten' it yet. Being on the 'other side of the table' helped me to continually embody and live out the principles, some of which are against culture. I would love to lead again and will partner with another co-coordinator for future classes. I am also planning to be a financial coach for our church's ministry and with the Ramsey program next year. Thanks again !


Melissa from Eau Claire, WI

June 8, 2019

I am thankful I found this and took the course. I am newly single and learning to work within a budget. I have set goals, learned a ton, and am motivated to make the changes I need to secure my future. I am on baby step two and working hard!

Overall, perfect intro to getting started

Joseph from Truckee, CA

June 8, 2019

Financial Peace provides the start tools you need to get your money and savings on track. I really appreciate the network, the classes, and the support. My only issue is that I think it needs ongoing sort of "continuing education" classes built in. I know the online forum is available but I'm not a completely online person and I would love a class or workshop maybe like 3 months in, 6 months and then 9 months, so there is more accountability and reminders, especially for the first year.


Craig from PBG, FL

June 8, 2019

The video updates are ok, was disappointed in the transitions and the less exposure with the audience. Its much harder for us when the leader is lecturing from a couch or a home. Dave, Rachel and Chris are energetic people that need the give and take from the audience.


Mark from Brighton, MI

June 8, 2019

Dave Ramsey is the choice for freedom. Financial freedom that is. Get ready to tackle all your debts and make a better life for yourself.

Fresh Air

Erin from Newport News, VA

June 7, 2019

Financial Peace University just gets better and better each time I go through it.

Budget Nerd

Katherine from Chicago, IL

June 7, 2019

I finally feel like I have support. I never knew I was a budget nerd. I love telling my money where to go. I know I have a long road a head of me, but I feel less anxious about how I'll travel it.

Debt Snowball

Ryan from Harlingen, TX

June 7, 2019

Debt Snowball is a great tool for calculating which debt needs to be paid and when.

Life changing course

Daryl from Tallahassee, FL

June 7, 2019

This course changed my life. Thank you so much and thank you for everything you are continuing to do to help us get out of debt and change our lives.

Got Us Going on Track

Stephen & Beverly from Midlothian, VA

June 7, 2019

Loved the videos and all the information we’ve learned! Really helped us, as a family, to be on the same page and get started getting rid of debt! We’re ready to be free!

Financial Peace is what you get

Tamara Wright from Reading, PA

June 6, 2019

As soon as I heard about the course I was in. Didn't care how much I had to pay I was taking the course. I was not let down. I had a few times where I was feeling defeated but I am sticking it out. I am still on Baby Step 1 but I now realize I can only do what I can only do. Someday I WILL be debt free.

Outstanding material .... life-changing

Paul from Orlando, FL

June 6, 2019

Material and information was phenomenal. Getting plugged into Dave's podcast has kept me motivated and my wife and I plan to lead FPU in the Fall 2019 to share this with others and stay accountable to the process.

Don't hide! Let them cheer for you!

James from Ankeny, IA

June 6, 2019

You'll laugh, cry, and probably want to hide a little because you'll feel like Dave and the crew will be talking to you; and about you. It's all good! When people who care about your success the way the Ramsey Solutions team does, its easy to take the small steps every day to accomplish your goals. They are great cheerleaders and will help you succeed!

Loving every minute!

John from Manvel, TX

June 6, 2019

Thanks FPU, for making life so much better. I can see and look forward to completing each and every step available. The resources are great and the EveryDollar app helps us stay on budget. Thanks Dave and team.

Helping families thrive one class at a time

Christina from Pittsburgh, PA

June 6, 2019

Just completed leading our fourth class helping families change their habits and views with debt. So excited even if only one family progresses to a new way of thinking. God blessed our family with this knowledge so we are thankful for our church leadership to be able to share with others! Stay gazelle intent!

things you learn

Nalee from Minneapolis, MN

June 6, 2019

I've learned a lot from FPU, things that you thought you knew but didn't know how to tackle it. FPU has given me the chance to organize debt and tackle them.

Great System

Stacy from Richmond, VA

June 6, 2019

I love everything about FPU! My teachers were excellent and their story has made me strive harder!

Life changing

Deb from Cary, NC

June 6, 2019

Great support. Journey to Financial Peace has begun.

Life Changing

Lizzy K. from Vineland, NJ

June 5, 2019

This program has completely changed my mindset on debt and confidence in changing my family tree.