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Financial Peace University

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A second look

Regina from Buffalo, NY

February 21, 2019

When I first started FPU this year I thought it not good that they only got a book, but after talking to my advisor Tyler Hunt. I learned how this program makes sense & save money. The resources are still available you just have to go on the website & get them if you're interested in them. I now understand & I think it's OUTSTANDING. I LOVE FPU it changed my life and the life of many others.

Easyest Budget Plan yet


February 21, 2019

This course made me accountable for my sending habits. A true eye opener, I didn't like what I was learning about myself at first. This course taught me how I could make the changes to live a better financial life. It's not easy but so worth it. I don't stress out over monthly/yearly bills because now I budget each month for them. Yes, there is always something that comes up unexpected but with the tools learned I can make better choices to resolve the issue. This course is a true blessing. Thank you Dave Ramsey for sharing your experiences to financial peace! God bless everyone involved in making this course possible.

Team Effort at Home

Jay and Teresa from Valparaiso, FL

February 21, 2019

FPU has been a great way to ensure my wife and I are working together on our financial plan! I’m the Nerd and she is the free spirit, but together it is a wonderful journey!!

Helpful and encouraging

Brittney from North Canton, OH

February 21, 2019

We have been privileged to be apart of a great supporting group. Within starting FPU the following week we had our 1k EF. It took a lot of sacrifice because spending made me feel happy. We are excited for our journey and are ready to kick our Debt to the curb and be weird. We have amazing group leaders. Stacie and Greg make sure we understand the videos and always stay after to answer any questions we may have. We have been super excited to get our life in order to live like no one so we can live and give like no one else. Thank you to Ramsey Solutions and Dave himself for a great program.

Vital to life

Anthony from Smithtown, NY

February 21, 2019

Unfortunately life involves using money, but it doesn't have to be a burden. Dave shows you how to use money and not let money use you! This course is vital to anyone who will come in contact with currency - don't miss it! :)

Changed my life and my thinking.

Tricia from Hilo, HI

February 21, 2019

A life changer. Family will never go back to struggling living paycheck to paycheck again. Only on baby step 2 but I’ve never felt so empowered with my finances. Took 3 side gigs and they are opening up doors for my future. This single mom is rocking it.


Stacy Savoca from Marysville, CA

February 21, 2019

The new materials fabulous but since they changed it has made it difficult to help with the next class.

New videos

Brian from Moncks Corner, SC

February 20, 2019

Love the new format, can't wait for the rest of the video's to be updated

Great Class

Monica from Richmond, VA

February 20, 2019

The class was very informative and helpful

Life Changer

Ralph from Tampa, FL

February 20, 2019

FPU does so much to have people become motivated and to show them how to get out of debt, build wealth, prepare for whatever life throws at them and to be generous. It made a believe of me and my students.

On the road to financial freedom

Carmelo from Brooksville, FL

February 20, 2019

Awesome program - can thanks enough to my church leaders from bringing this concept of teaching to our church. Is amazing how much in debt we are as individuals and as a group. By following this basic principle on bible teaching in how to manage your finance - my confident and attitude against money complete change my way on handling my finances. Thank you for the teaching and for equipment us to teach others the right way of handling and talking about MONEY.

Simply, Life Changing

Yonis & Aida from Alexandria, VA

February 20, 2019

My wife & I can;t begin to describe how these principals have not only positively affected our finances, but our marriage, our ministry, and even our perspective in our careers. Simply the greatest decision we ever made in our lives.

Life after Debt

Jason from Pittsburgh, PA

February 20, 2019

Dave Ramsey's FPU course has changed my life. He has given me hope again and able to dream again!


Amy from Casa Grande, AZ

February 20, 2019

I have never been taught how to responsibly handle my finances. This is a tool to help every person understand money, how to live with peace, and how to give. Thank you so much.

7 years of work!

Joseph W. from Baltimore, MD

February 20, 2019

We committed 7 years ago and have gotten to step 4. It has been an exciting Journey!

Great stuff

Dany from Castle Rock, CO

February 20, 2019

Very helpful


Wes from Bloomington, IL

February 20, 2019


Beginning life on the right foot

JARED from Lake Charles, LA

February 20, 2019

My wife (girlfriend at the time) and I both graduated college (in a marketable skill) with the shirts on our backs, a debt free, local, collegiate experience, and a lot of love and ambition in our hearts. You might have said we were following Dave’s book to a T. In actuality, we just both had a very healthy fear of the word debt. Thank God my father in-law strongly encouraged us to pick up this class as we were approaching our marriage date. I’ve always been a geek, so online finance courses in my pajamas sounded irresistible. Though not all the lessons were relavent immediately, looking back on them a year into this program I cannot overstate how vital they were to that 23 year old man. I’ve just finished aligning our IRAs to be maxed out, we are driving a paid for used family vehicle, and we are expecting a child with glee in our hearts knowing that we’ve already prepared financially for this child to enter our world. Thank you Dave for starting our marriage off with financial peace!


Cate from Birmingham, AL

February 20, 2019

It is great with the various Ramsey personalities included. An added portion course be from Christy Wright on starting a business too Love the course!

The best investment you can make for you future

Jason from Grove City, OH

February 20, 2019

This class was actually much less painless than I anticipated. My wife and I were able to final budget TOGETHER without fighting for the first time in our marriage. This is an invaluable tool that has set us up for success!


Raechelle Ottosen from Canby, OR

February 20, 2019

Thank you Dave and everyone at Ramsey Solutions! I'm debt free and working on Baby Step 3. Before I found Dave, I was relying on my credit card to get me through every month. It's amazing how much I was able to change my habits just by paying attention! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Wonderful class with like-minded people!

Aimee from Ringgold, GA

February 20, 2019

I really enjoyed this class and it has helped to get us on track. We paid off $13,000 in 2 months and we are well on our way to being debt free!!!

Awesome Experience

Joseph from Sahuarita, AZ

February 20, 2019

We have yet to complete the step by step process... but this is our focus point every month. Very good foundation and a user friendly platform to learn.

Good Stuff!


February 20, 2019

I have enjoyed this study. It feels good to have a possibility of finally getting on top of my finances instead of always being buried by them. I am excited and cant wait so see what God does with this. thank you

Gazzelle intense

Kaio and Nicole from Orange, CA

February 20, 2019

So my wife and I love this program. it is a step by step process to financial freedom. if we did not have this we would be normal. we tired of being normal and cant wait for the day we can scream WE DEBT FREEEE