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Financial Peace University

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Kelley from Okemos, MI

January 5, 2019

Loved this class!


Juanita from San Antonio, TX

January 5, 2019

Common sense reminders

FPU at FBCM Review

Bob from Tolland, CT

January 5, 2019

We have been long time Larry Burkett followers and have used his system for years. FPU gave us a different perspective. It has reinforced some ideas and gave us other new ones to try and think about. Thanks for the encouragement, reinforcement and perspective we have gained.

My life has changed

Ceranise from Katy, TX

January 5, 2019

Before taking FPU, I was heading towards making some major decisions that would have affected my life in many negative ways. Thank God, I discovered FPU just on time. Now, our life is on tract. We will be completely debt free by March 31, 2019. Glory be to God.

Best yet

Kandi from Caney, OK

January 5, 2019

I’ve only done the first lesson so far and I love it. I love the format and everything about it so far.

Great Course!

Dan from Hatboro, PA

January 5, 2019

Could not have asked for a better class! The instructors were great and understood the content extremely well which helped out group!

Great System!

Courtney M Riesen from Berne, IN

January 5, 2019

I've taken the classes before through my work and have decided to take them again, only this time my fiance will be joining me! I'm so excited to start and to never have to worry about money again! The steps are easy to follow, the site is easy to navigate, and this system makes it possible to reach your financial goals!

Financial Peace University in Kazakhstan

Almagul Nurkabayeva from Almaty, Kazakhstan (i falsely chose Alaska, because it doesn't accept the review), AK

January 5, 2019

the course is great! first time i was introduced to it by a colleague in 2011 while i was working at a christian school in the south korea, but i could attend only the first three lesson, because we moved back to kazakhstan. since that time i have always had fully funded emergency fund, paid off all debts and have had no debt anymore, because it changed my style of managing money. in september 2018 i taught those few principles that i could remember to my colleagues and they had great results. their husbands started to thank me. then other people started to ask me about it. our head pastor heard about it and assigned me to run a three month course of financial peace university to our congregation starting this february. now i am preparing for it and need your support please!


andrea from Detroit, MI

January 5, 2019

You guys rock I just got done with baby step 1 on January 4th and I feel like a brand new person. I have learned so much to listening to Dave and the other personalities and watching Financial Peace videos. I would recommend it to everyone wanting to change their life.


Bailey from Goshen, AL

January 4, 2019

Finished the online class. Getting prepped for coordinating a class.

Life changing!

Steven from Topeka, KS

January 4, 2019

My wife and I went through Financial Peace University when it was given to us as a wedding gift. We loved it at the time and have reviewed the lessons every so often since. We were able to cash flow my schooling, and are on the last debt of our snowball (student loans from a pre-FPU degree). We went from no budgeting and never knowing where our money was going to living a scorched earth lifestyle to pay for school and then to start our debt snowball. It's changed our lives, and we recommend FPU to everyone we talk to about money.


William & Summer from Savannah, GA

January 4, 2019

It has been almost a year when me and wife started financial peace and has been a tremendous blessing to us. We are working with a budget that has allowed us to pay off almost half our debt as well as strengthen our communication relationship on financial topics as well as in general. We have shared our experience with family & friends on how great it has been for us. The key is working together makes you stronger in all aspects. I believe the eye opener for us is to see how much money a month was being wasted! And I mean wasted with no explanation on where it went! If anyone has been second guessing on whether to do it, no more guessing you need to do it and take control of your financial situation and make it work for you and you not work for it!


Charlie from Bucyrus, MO

January 4, 2019

Excellent training that is well designed. No matter who you are this program has something to benefit you.

Difficult for those in poverty


January 4, 2019

It is a great concept & I definitely benefited from the class. I am taking what works for me & my life. $1000 in the bank ASAP when you have nothing to sell or little left over after rent, utilities, food, & transportation costs makes it difficult. I work with those in poverty & even above the poverty line & do there budget when they need assistance. My clients would struggle with some of this. They would also benefit from the budgeting workshops which I often explain & give them to try. I would like to continue but can't afford to pay for assess to it every year, especially when I can find many of the resources & concepts online for free. I am however interested in possibly becoming a FPU coordinator.

Needed a plan

Kristen from Suffolk, VA

January 4, 2019

I ignored Ramsey solutions for years thinking my irregular income wouldn't fit their plan. Glad I took FPU now I can do my debt free scream in only a few more Monthes!

Just What We Needed!!

Lisa from De Pere, WI

January 4, 2019

FPU made us think outside of the box and had us try ways we would never had thought of to get our finances in order. I was so inspired by Dave Ramsey and Chris Hogan that I decided to become a Financial Coach myself to bring the same hope and excitement to others!!

Well Designed Plan

Philip Potratz from Jackson, WI

January 4, 2019

The Financial Peace course gives you a simple to follow plan (7 baby steps) that if you have the motivation to do what it says will give you control over your money and make your life much less stressed.


Ellen from Maplewood, MN

January 4, 2019

FPU helped me to figure out a budget that works well for my family and given me the tools I need to tackle our debt and rest easier. Over the last year I've had less stress when it came to paying our bills on time and I expect it to get nothing but easier as we pay off our debts.


The Bullocks from Bridgeport, CT

January 4, 2019

I loved the class. The information that we learned will last us a lifetime!

It has given me peace

Angel from Addison, TX

January 3, 2019

Thank you for having the training available. The program can hold my hand and walk me through step by step that makes it possible and manageable for me. Thank you for giving my life back. God bless you more.

Overall Experiance = Life Changing

Joshua Kipp from Myrtle Beach, SC

January 3, 2019

The worldview on money and skills taught are worth every penny. I recommend this to anyone and everyone, rich or poor. The resources and other tools are excellent. Support groups and forms help clear most questions. Learn how to handle money and not let your money handle you with some of the most supportive community members I have ever seen. The one caveat, the transition between the old and new materials. The confusion and what seems like a larger push for profit off of the members over the materials and membership over the previous ministry like organization it used to be. However, watching the response to the people’s thoughts and comments I believe a balance between making a profit and keeping this a ministry type will come with some time. That is the only reason I took one star off the rating for now. Otherwise, this material is 100% worth the sub $150 you pay for the lessons learned! If you can’t afford the current price of $120 you ABSOLUTLY NEED TO GET THIS ASAP!

My Review

AJ from Lancaster, PA

January 3, 2019


Best thing to happen to me

Breanne from Nashville, TN

January 3, 2019

I have kinda been good with money. I was able to save it up to a point, then I would spend it in something that I really didn’t need. This program has taught me how to spend and save like no one else. I have to able to pay for emergencies that have come up that I couldn't without following the baby steps.

New format contains a lot of great testimonials

Rob from Mt Vernon, MO

January 3, 2019

I like the new format, it still has the same key basic stories but is packed with personal testimonials. We are hosting a FPU class at then end of Jan and already have 7 couples signed up. I can't wait to get the DVD and books. I'm rural so the streaming is a bit difficult to deal with. I do wish they would have kept the envelopes in the "kit".

Exceptional Quality!

Renae from Easton, MD

January 3, 2019

Love the new updated lessons. I can't wait to coordinate another class with this new content!