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Financial Peace University

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Easy steps

Laura from danville, VA

January 17, 2019

The baby steps are easy to follow and easy to explain to the group.

FPU first timers

Alana & Joel from Sacramento, CA

January 17, 2019

We enjoyed the group and coordinator immensely. I appreciate that theres a time frame for the class but it would be nice if there was time for more discussion after the videos. our coordinator made himself available after each session to answer questions and even help with our budget. We look forward to financial freedom!

Lesson 1 covers too much

Paul from Huntington Beach, CA

January 17, 2019

Lesson 1 does not give sufficient information to prepare a budget, and especially to use Everydollar. Suggest giving more training before throwing students into this activity.

eh, it's ok.


January 17, 2019

Probably does the job, but in my opinion it's not as engaging as the old materials where everything would be taught from the same stage.. Still interested to help others through Coordinating, but not anytime soon. Not when the old and the new is mixed. Was hoping for more out of the update. One Example: in Lesson 7 (at 4:00 min) Dave talks about how an average household income is $48k / year. That's kinda old news. I wish all of FPU was up to date.

one star

Scott from Stockton, CA

January 17, 2019

I liked the other program better the rollout is not very good. information is changing we go directly into the budget the last material gave you a good reason to do the budget.

I have always enjoyed FPU

Zachary from San Angelo, TX

January 17, 2019

I have gone through FPU and taught the classes. Love it!

Great Course

John from Bismarck, ND

January 17, 2019

I love the way that Dave lays everything out in a simple and easy to understand manor.

FPU alum for life?

Samuel from Cypress, TX

January 17, 2019

I was told that once I pay for the course I would have lifetime access to the resources (except EveryDollar) so I could come back and watch a video or print some forms if I needed to down the road. Now everything on the website says my membership is expired? It seems completely counter productive to pay an annual fee to help you save money.


Haley from San Antonio, TX

January 17, 2019

I’ve always been a financial failure and I didn’t want to do what my mom did. This course was a lifesaver for me and I wish I knew 30 yrs ago what I know now because I would be in a much better place but it’s all good. My advice? Start yesterday you won’t regret it!!

First session

CAC from Evans, GA

January 17, 2019

The first session was very informative.

LOVE the program

Matthew H from Northglenn, CO

January 16, 2019

My wife and I are super psyched to continue our baby steps. Our plan is to be debt free in two years!!! We are so excited to see what God has in store!


Carlos & Melissa from Sierra Vista, AZ

January 16, 2019

Knowledge is power and learning how, why, and when to do get on track for financial responsibility was great. Learning how money and biblical principles line up is the key to success.

Worth It!

Janice from Stillwater, OK

January 16, 2019

FPU is a game changer! We have been students and coordinators and every time we learn something new. If you or someone you know needs some help financially - START HERE!

I love it so much I bought both my kids the program.

Clara from vacaville, CA

January 16, 2019

I love it, from the beginning there is more then just a budget, there's a plan of what and how to do after you get out of debt, I've always been good about paying off debt, but then we would just get back in to it.

Gets You on the Right Track

Jason from Rolla, MO

January 16, 2019

God centered class that gives the principles and practical steps to attaining financial success. Does not guarantee prosperity, but prepares you to endure hardship and enjoy prosperity. Great for those preparing for marriage.

I must have listened to to many Dave Podcasts...

Bruce from Dallas, TX

January 16, 2019

I am on my 4th time through the class. (3 in person 1 online) To keep it simple, the steps work if you follow them. The snowball works faster than you expect! Im on step 3B! 1-As the program morphs and changes into the new versions it has embraced more technology, but feels like the inclusion is at the expense of the inperson class experience. 2-The inclusion of the online community of broke people giving other broke people financial advice to get out of debt directly contradicts the core FPU principal to only listen to financial advice from wealthy and debt free people and ignore the advice of broke people and your broke brother in law. 3-I am still wondering why it was decided that a person with no children(At the time of Book) was chosen to author the book about teaching your children about finances. It again violated core FPU principals. 4-As Dave Says "It's my opinion and I'm an expert at my opinion. and its okay if you disagree. Your Just wrong" LOL

Peace of mind

Jose and Nancy from Cypress, TX

January 16, 2019

Greatly enjoyed going through FPU with our church group. We liked it so much I'm going through it again on my own in hopes to better understand everything covered thus far.

Loved it!!

Michael Jernigan from palm harbor, FL

January 16, 2019

We both enjoyed the program and are well on our way to debt free!!


Kimberly from Battle Creek, MI

January 16, 2019

Love the look of the new content. The information is the same and still works! Thanks Dave!

Dave Ramsey's Complete Guide To Money

Lynne from Winchester, VA

January 16, 2019

Awesome book! Very practical and helpful. Would highly recommend it. We used it in our Financial Peace Class and it went right along with the videos that were shown in our class. Every time I have taken the class, have learned and applied new things. This time I am going to work on controlling my money and not allowing it to control me! I have been able to pay off a lot of debt using Dave's Baby Steps. My Fiance took this last class with me and it nice to have someone to work on the Babysteps with. We would like to have our debt paid off before we get married. Both of us are behind in our retirement savings, so we will be excited when we get to that Babystep.

Overall Amazing

Grace from washington, DC

January 16, 2019

I am eternally grateful for this course! I was able to pay off $48k in 14 months with the encouragement and understanding I gained from this course. I had no background knowledge of finances and walked out of school with a lot of debt. Thankfully, I am out of debt and have a better understanding of money and how to be financially smart in the future. I speak so highly of this course and recommend it to everyone - especially recent college graduates!

Biblical Truth, Great Program.

Jean Richard from Milwaukee, WI

January 16, 2019

My wife and I attended the FPU 3 years ago, and 38 months later we're debt free except for the house which we should pay off in the next 24 months. FPU is the one financial program we could find that teaches biblical principles of handling money. Our family tree has been changed forever by using these biblical money principles. We're very grateful for FPU. Now we're debt free, we're able to coordinate a FPU group at our church in Milwaukee, WI. Our children are looking forward for our debt free scream, mostly for the trip down to Tennessee I think...! Also now we're able to give more than we've been given before. There were a recent sudden death in my family in Haiti, we were able to pay in full for the entire funeral of my nephew. You can only imagine the burden we were able to take away from my family. As coordinator, now my wife and I are looking forward to help many more people in town to lift the burden of debt off of their shoulders. Thank you Dave.


Staci from Forest Hills, KY

January 16, 2019

I have just started FPU and have to say that I am inspired about my finances - something I never thought I would utter! My finances have been overwhelming and tackling my debt just seemed pointless. I had the attitude of "it's just going to be me, why bother." Well, that is a terrible attitude to have because it's admitting defeat and accepting a life of living paycheck to paycheck. With FPU, I feel like I'm learning more about myself and my finances. I hope to take the lessons I learn here and not only apply them to my life, but to those around me.

Motivated for SUCCESS

Jeff from Pekin, IL

January 16, 2019

We LOVED it! It has opened our eyes and we are excited about getting serious about our money!!

Life Changing Course!

Jeremy from Roanoke, TX

January 16, 2019

Take the step to change your life in a positive direction. This course has changed the way our family communicates about money. We are excited to share in the blessings we've been given to help people see their God-given purpose.