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Financial Peace University

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Karen from BARTLETT, TN

October 16, 2018

Financial Peace University has given me the tools to make real changes to the way my finances are looking for my future and my family. I have never had the knowledge I have know. That is power.

Great work!

michael d colasacco from Evans, CO

October 16, 2018

This is great for everyone! either just starting out or have been around for a while and just need a little breathing room.

Financial Peace University

Jim R Oeltjen from Lincoln, NE

October 16, 2018

Was easy to follow but was challenging all the way. Being unemployed at this time I am looking forward to getting started, starting my life over right.

Life Changer!!


October 16, 2018

I grew up in a home never discussing finances. Lead me to a life of not knowing how to manage my own. Following FPU through the videos and books. Learning and really understanding the steps. I am now taking control and not living paycheck to paycheck. If you don't do this for you, do it for your family. It will give you so much more than just a a knowledge of how to get out of debt. It will teach how to really live life.

It's easier than you think

Daniel from Elmwood Park, IL

October 16, 2018

FPU teaches you the common sense way approach to money and all aspects of it. There is no catch on to how to be good with money. In a nutshell, if you don't have the money, you don't buy it. Bills take priority and then saving and so on. This is the big one... no more debt (other than your home) and no more credit cards and car notes. It's more simple than you think. Take this class, follow the steps and stop making excuses. It's a tiny investment for a lifetime of change.

Love it

Heather from Greeley, CO

October 16, 2018

I am having to take it a second time, the first time I was distracted by someone that was living with me. This time I am able to concentrate on what I need to do & change.

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Stephanie Faust from Ocala, FL

October 15, 2018

I deeply appreciate this course. I feel it has been life changing for me. My view of debt has completely changed. Have set new goals for myself. I wish I would have taken and applied all this many years ago. Everyone should take this course. I am thankful that Kerry Tygrett coordinated this course. He was a reflection of the heart of Dave Ramsey with his teachable, sincere, and caring heart. Thank You!

Changed our life for the better!

Emily from New Orleans, LA

October 15, 2018

My husband and I had not had any training on wealth management before. And although we did not have credit card debt and tried to live simply, we were still not taking control of our money, setting and keeping a budget, or attacking our student loans. Thanks to FPU, we have officially done all of these things and are thankful for the tools and practical steps we have gained to getting out of debt and learning to build wealth under God's kingdom principles. We are now $15,000 further out of debt and counting! Thanks SO much for helping change our lives for the better!

Life Changing

Kevin from Republic, MO

October 15, 2018

Financial Peace has spilled over into every area of our lives. Financials, communication, marriage, relationships, maturity, responsibility, career- All of it. We have grown closer while climbing out way out of the mess we created! We are blessed to share our story and the message of hope and help to others in our community with this program. It is worth the sacrifice, it is worth the hard work, and it is worth every minute.

Continuing Journey

William Friedrich from Black Mountain, NC

October 15, 2018

This is over 10 classes, so far, being a coordinator and it just keeps getting better and better. I'm really excited about the new materials. I have keep all my leadership materials and it's a real "Hoot" to see Dave's progression. Much thanks to Lisa, Russ, and Chris for making my journey much, much better. The time I spent going through counselor training make being a coordinator so much easier. I just love to see the "lights" come on when someone gets it.

Love this program

Mikhail from Federal way, WA

October 15, 2018

If i had met this program earlier i would have been so great with money. I always wanted a tried to be dept free but it was just going slow and not happening as great as this program.

Financial Peace University Class

Tatum from Toledo, OH

October 15, 2018

Loved the class content and people who taught it

Great Resources

Alicia from Houston, TX

October 15, 2018

Wonderful info, extremely helpful for working on a budget, savings and getting out of debt. I have a savings now in addition to a monthly budget, almost paid off 2 credit cards and my car. Great resources! I am so glad that I joined and took the class at my church. Cant wait to be debt free

A whole new world

Stacy from Auburn, GA

October 15, 2018

This has been so amazing. I really wish I would have had this class taught to me in high school it would have really helped. I have learned so much and in much more detail than I could have ever imagined. I'm so excited about my financial peace journey.

awesome experence

Roy from leavenworth, KS

October 14, 2018

this is the class everyone should take! the class teaches you the necessary parts of money life and how to manage it. definitely will send people through this class that need it.

Class #1

David Nason from Hermon, ME

October 14, 2018

Relatable information. Up to date and relevant.

Life Changing

Mimi from Austin, TX

October 14, 2018

Changed my life and WILL definitely change my son's!! Thank you so much!!

Blown Away

Stephanie from Bossier City, LA

October 14, 2018

We were coerced into FPU by some friends who knew we had no debt and knew we had recently signed up for the Legacy Journey at our church. After completing all 9 lessons in FPU, we are BLOWN AWAY by all the things we DIDN'T know about money! I personally have to go back and review some of the lessons to drill the information into my head. I wish we took this program 8 years ago when we first got married. FPU actually fills a hole in our marriage that I sensed was there, but didn't know was missing (not the God-shaped hole; we have Christ in our lives, lol). We are sharpening our financial sword now, thanks to this program!

Follow it! IT works!

Amanda from Amarillo, TX

October 14, 2018

I have taken this course two times now. I am fixing to take it for my third and final time. I'm ready to be debt free and not be a slave to any lender. It's been a 10 year journey and a career change, but I'm ready! Thank you Dave Ramsey for giving me the tools to start this journey.


David from zephyrhills, FL

October 14, 2018

What a great site. Easy to navigate.

Life Changing!

Bob from Arlington, TN

October 14, 2018

Outstanding! God's plan to live debt free

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Kenneth from Kearney, MO

October 14, 2018

This class was absolutely wonderful and powerful. I will be sending others in the future.

Awesome and Enlighting

Ricky from Columbia, SC

October 13, 2018

Financial Peace University is an awesome gift. My wife and I walked away enlighten and full with hope of living the kind of life we dreamed of during our retirement years. Thank you


Landon Colton Moody from Kinston, NC

October 13, 2018

Dave is amazing. My wife and I are 21 and 22. We have paid off most of our debt (student loans), and she hasn't even graduated yet. I have since turned 3 people on to the FPU plan, and even bought a few people the Total Money Makeover book. FPU allowed me to take a job that I enjoy over a job that pays more money. 5/5 stars.

Financial Peace University

Sherrie from Upstate, SC

October 13, 2018

Great information that is helping me to become debt free!!