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Financial Peace University

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An amazing program

Seth from Temple terrace, FL

June 13, 2019

Thank God for Dave Ramsey to show people the fundamental principles on how to live like no one else someone that you can live and give like no one else I recommend this program to anybody that's looking to get control of their finances

Awesome Experience

Derek from McDonough, GA

June 12, 2019

I have been blessed by this class and I plan on being free financially. Thank you father in heaven

Greatest Program Ever!!!!

Jason Anderson from Atlanta, GA

June 12, 2019

FPU has changed our lives. It has taught us to know what our money is doing and talking about money has been so easy for us and our overall communication has improved. We paid off $30k in 10 months. Thanks Dave!


Anita from Littleton, CO

June 12, 2019

Has helped me focus on getting out of debt and not taking on anymore. It has also helped me find good insurance and making sure I have an emergency fund.

Financial Peace University

Gary from North Adams, MA

June 12, 2019

FPU has been the best program for us to get out of debt! Since completing the class over a year ago, we have almost completed Baby Step 3! Can hardly wait to facilitate another class to show others that living debt free can be done!


Laura from Dallas, GA

June 12, 2019

This was the second time going through the class in the last 5 years, and the updated materials and videos were really GREAT.

I love it but...

Robert A younger from WARNER ROBINS, GA

June 12, 2019

The FPU program as a whole is a phenomenal program. It has helped me and my family immensely. we are learning to live like no one else so we can live like no one else. It is an incredibly powerful tool. My only complaint is the cost. It is a little pricey to gain access to all the basic tools specifically the debt snowball. If a person cold access the debt snowball and the budgeting tools it would be a five star no question.

No longer free access

vicki from Sarasota, FL

June 11, 2019

I purchased financial peace university two years ago and completed the course at a local church. I was told I would have unlimited free access to the materials online. I have been working on the steps since then, recently logged in to refresh on a few things. I am then told my membership has expired and I need to PAY to continue. This is wrong!

Changed our life and family tree

John from Wilmington, DE

June 11, 2019

We first heard about Dave Ramsey in 2009 when it first became offered at our church. We thought we had it all figured out and came into the class with no non-mortgage debt. We soon discovered we had a lot to learn but we developed a concrete plan for our money future in Financial Peace University. We had a car that was about to die and two college bound kids and a special needs son who will need care for the rest of his life. Dave and his team provided us a way to give, plan, save and invest. FPU gave us hope for the future. Today we are completely debt free and have not financed any cars despite being told by others, "you will always have a car payment." We continue to build wealth today so that we can be more generous and bring glory to God in the community around us. Two of our sons are now on their own completely debt free and building wealth as well.

Big changes from old to new

Randii from Sauk Rapids, MN

June 11, 2019

I took the class before the new videos were released, and taught the class now that there are new ones. I feel like there is less energy and excitement from Dave in the newer videos...I also feel like it can be hard to connect with Rachel when she talks about vacation, especially if youre on BS2. But the stories interwoven throughout I absolutely love, would be nice to have even more debt free screams or debt stories

Excellent tools

Lynetta from Roseville, CA

June 11, 2019

Great program and concepts. I felt some of the examples used in Ramsey's presentations were inflated, but they were appropriate and got the point across. Otherwise, fun and engaging. Now that classes are done and in being only on step 2, I have to remember the baby step concept, patience, and perseverance. Not always the easiest things for me, but glad i have the tools for a year. We'll see where i am at the end of the year! I have a good feeling i will be still on baby step 2 but hoping to be close to 3!

It's gonna change my life

Samantha from Brevard, NC

June 11, 2019

When I found out that my church offered FPU, I was like "oh that's awesome." I had no intention of signing up. I thought I was good. Then, God tugged on my heart. Several times at that. I finally gave in and signed up. I've realized that we are not living our best lives now. We are not financially stable and have $25000 of debt. Being a family of 5 on a small income, that's a lot of debt. I don't want to leave me kids burdened when we pass. I want to be able to make memories and enjoy our time. This program will change my life and it already has. In the two months of our class, we have a fully funded emergency fund and have paid $1500 towards our debt!! Thank you so much for changing people's lives!!

Forever Changed Us

Steven & Christina from Vancouver, WA

June 11, 2019

I love it and want to teach it to our children and family and friends. I can't imagine not using this forever. We are finally getting out of debt!!! We have a savings!!!


Laurie from Fort Worth, TX

June 11, 2019

My husband and I are so thankful for the FPU program. We have been able to honor God with our finances and become good stewards of the blessings He provides. Praise God!

Everyone needs to experience these classes.

Diane from Easton, PA

June 11, 2019

There is not a person on earth who has complete control of their finances. These classes help you to better handle your finances with easy to understand practices. Instead of competing with the Jones, how about doing things differently and having the best life you can have. That is what these courses can do for you and your family. I have taken the course and instructed the course. I fall off the financial wagon and get back on it with the lessons I have learned from these classes.

Great Experience

Angela from LAVEEN, AZ

June 11, 2019

Really enjoyed the class great information and presentation of the material. On my way to being debt free.

gives hope

Dan and Pam from Baltimore, MD

June 10, 2019

This program gives me hope we can lift ourselves out of debt.

Great Course, VERY motivating!

Daryl & Stephanie from Canton, OH

June 10, 2019

My husband and I have both found the FPU course to be extremely motivating and also has made us realize that paying off our debt in a reasonable amount of time is extremely doable! We are both SO glad we spent the money to take the full course and realize this has definitely been a wise investment of our money to learn such valuable information & tips to help get us on the right track. In addition the free tools you also have available for you to use with budgeting and the debt snowball calculator are just simply amazing!

Financial Peace Class

Erin from Fredericksburg, TX

June 10, 2019

My husband and I took the Financial Peace Class but did not learn much. There was only 3 in the class (including my husband and I). All that was done in that class was the play button pushed. There wasn't really any discussion about the weekly reviews. I will be taking the class again somewhere else

Great information, but budget software is poor.

Lisa from Charleston, WV

June 10, 2019

This is week 2 for me in FPU. I loved the group and our instructor. The videos are great. My only complaint is the Every Dollar Budget software. I find it very "user unfriendly" and time consuming. I often have to re-enter or edit the same data more than once. Since the budget is such a big part of the program, I had to give only 3/5 stars.

My Review

Christi from Cincinnati, OH

June 10, 2019

Just started..... loved the class. Learned a lot. Love Dave, Chris & Rachel....... hilarious & informative sessions & I now listen online at work during the week. Still trying to learn & utilize all the FPU tools online/with phone. Excited for financial peace & knowing I will actually have retirement! Thank you!

Amazing program

April from Glasgow, KY

June 9, 2019

This program has made me look at our finances in a new light. I'm not perfect in the program but I'm better than I was 6 months ago and I'll continue to improve as we walk this path the financial freedom

Great Class

Natalie from Columbus, OH

June 9, 2019

Our FPU class was life-changing. We loved our small group and felt blessed to be on this journey with a great group of people.

FPU Winter 2019

john arnold from atlanta, GA

June 9, 2019

All in all the basic message is spot on. My only comments are 1) some of the videos are too long. I realize these are videos of a live seminar but I think some editing to make these 30-45 minutes max. 2) I felt like lesson 9 should have been lesson 1! I would have liked to start with a video that gives an overview and vision as to where we are going. We were so quickly into baby steps 4-7 when most of the crowd was grappling with baby steps 1 & 2 and getting frustrated.

Tears of Joy

Kelsey from Fargo, ND

June 9, 2019

I have never felt as supported and on fire to kick my debt to the curb. This class helped to push me in the right direction to get myself out from under the burden of student loan debt and set up a better financial future for my future family.