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Financial Peace University

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Gettin Smart Fast

T from St. Paul, MN

September 13, 2019

Im lovin’ this and Im takin control of my life! I paid off my car today and now Im attacking my small business credit card debt. It took ALOT of podcasts of Dave ranting in that hillbilly know-it-all (he does know) way to believe that my small business debt was MY debt. My business priorities changed over night and I know I will pay it all off. Thank you Dave and all the Ramsey Rock Stars that have reached me with their plain truth and clear guidance.

I recommend it to everyone

Alexander from Chicago, IL

September 13, 2019

before I got married on 11/09/2018 I tried to purchase the FPU with a credit card, I LOVE Dave for not allowing his system to accept credit cards and bought the FPU with our wedding money. as newly weds me and my wife wanted to make sure we started our marriage off on the right foot. we started taking the course online 1st then after a few sessions my wife wanted to get more engaged with the program and meet like-minded individuals so we found a group close to us and it was perfect match. we just had our 1st child on 07/24/2019 if we hadn't started the FPU program we would've been in a financial crisis because my wife is still home from work on leave and she didn't qualify to receive a check from her job during her leave so we're working with only my income. we've paid of 8 debts as of 09/13/2019 we only have 5 more debts to go!

Best decision we ever made!!!

Stephanie from Layton, UT

September 13, 2019

Going through Financial Peace was the BEST decision that me and my husband made! It has not only helped us financially, it has strengthened our marriage. We are now 100% on the same page and we are well on our way to being millionaires :)! I would 1 million times over recommend taking Financial Peace!!!

Changed our lives

Danna from Cabot, AR

September 13, 2019

I can't get over how easy the program was to follow and we've seen debt demolished. It feels so good to get control over our finances.

Hindsight is 20 20

Alma from Indianapolis, IN

September 12, 2019

If only I would have started this plan before we were married. If only FPU would have been required as part of pre-marital counseling. Not looking back anymore - moving forward. I can't even begin to praise this program enough. It is saving our future.

Northshore FPU

Robert Brubacher from Cheboygan, MI

September 12, 2019

My class has not started yet however the preparations provided were nothing short of fantastic. the step by step and resources are really good. I have used local pastors meeting to spread the word along with the church facebook. I also have a interviews scheduled on the local radio station.

FPU Review

Jon from FPO, AR

September 12, 2019

Outstanding program for anyone on the fence of financial FREEDOM....

Great Class

JJ from Rockbridge, OH

September 11, 2019

Great Class


Samantha from Houston, TX

September 11, 2019

I took this class back in 2013. I learned so much from this program and honestly it's the only way to go when it comes to savings and getting out of debt.

I know what we can do with our money!

Megan from Abilene, TX

September 11, 2019

Being in this community and in this mindset has allowed my husband and me to be much wiser with our money!

Very Effective tool

James Parrett from Rising Sun, MD

September 11, 2019

This is a very effective tool to help get out of debt the right way. We are down from 10 to 4 credit cards and would be closer to done if we could stick to it and knuckle down a little better. Thank you Dave.

Praising God Daily

Willie from Chickasha, OK

September 11, 2019

FPU has literally changed my life and marriage. In 32 years of marriage, we had not been able to develop a budget. However, after FPU a budget has become our tool for monthly success and life. We're truly grateful for Dave and the team for sharing their experience, expertise, and edification which comes from the very Words of our Creator, Jehovah-Jireh. What a mighty God we serve! He has laid out the plan for financial management in HIS inerrant Word. Thank you all for letting God use you mightily to change lives by changing financial habits for the better.

Follow the plan

Susan from Colorado Springs, CO

September 10, 2019

Great program with common sense. Valuable lessons on financial truths.

FPU Fanatics!

Phillip from Las Cruces, NM

September 10, 2019

The class has changed our lives! We took the class before we got married and are now debt free and going on teaching our 3rd class. Every time we teach it we learn more and are able to help our community!

Have a purpose!

Monica Gilliam from Virginia Beach, VA

September 10, 2019

This class not only gives clarity of your purpose in finances but also as a spouse, parent, and a citizen! I highly recommend it. Thank you all from FPU!

Fantastic class!!

Lynn from Fort Myers, FL

September 10, 2019

Fantastic class! I highly recommend it for anyone wanting financial peace and wisdom in their life.

Best investment

Lisa from Rockledge, FL

September 10, 2019

I have struggled with finances for years. I decided after I was furloughed for over a month, I had to do something about it. I had thought about enrolling several times and my church offered it in March and I made the decision to stop the cycle. This class finally put all the pieces together for me and I am happy to report, I am almost complete with baby step 2!

Love It!

Andrew Pycke from Republic, MO

September 10, 2019

I am about to be a coordinator for the second time and I'm really geared up and ready to go! My wife and I did FPU in 2016 and it changed our lives. We have zero credit card debt and are fighting to finish the car and student loans. Our debt paying ability slowed down a bit when we had our son earlier this year, but our fire is still burning. We want him to be better financially prepared for life than we were. The next class I'm leading is starting up on September 16th and we're ready to change some lives!


Johana S Velasco from Miami, FL

September 10, 2019

The Bible principles teaching through FPU have changed our family tree. The peace that produces to live a life control by The Holy Spirit of God has no price. I will not change this peace for any material this world can offered.

Getting Back After It

Thomas from LaPlata, MD

September 10, 2019

Financial Peace University was a great experience. At the time my wife and I took it we were not financially stable and our income varied a lot. Now I am in a steady job. Although we are making substantially less money my "life stress" level has gone down and I have more time with my family. Since the money stress has gone back up we decided to re-engage in the practices of Dave Ramsey. We excitedly logged back onto FPU and it told us our membership has expired. I was under the impression that once we paid for the class we were members for life. Its an unpleasant surprise for the moment and a set back I was not prepared for. I will have to get some extra hours so we can afford the $100 to re-enroll. For now we will use the every dollar app to the best of our ability.

Excellent group

Jay and Sharonda from Henrico, VA

September 9, 2019

The FPU coordinators were wonderful. Our class was a small setting and at times it became a bit discouraging because of all of our debt but they encouraged us, pushed us and provided access to resources. I would recommend this class to everyone who finds themselves in debt.

New & Expanded Resources

Rachel from Tucson, AZ

September 9, 2019

Nice to see so many useful and updated tools & resources!

Financial peace university

Ann from Jacksonville, FL

September 9, 2019

This is a great program. It helped me understand how to begin the process of eliminating my debt. I didn’t know where to start and this helped. I am making great progress even though I did not have a large amount of extra money.

Best University Out There

Kevin from North St. Paul, MN

September 9, 2019

My church had a free preview of FPU and my wife & I instantly joined because we wanted to get out of debt. Dave and crew paved the path to financial peace and we are on our way to financial peace. I would recommend FPU to anyone!

Life changing

Alysha from Fontana, CA

September 9, 2019

I am in debt about $200,000 due to my student loans and an auto loan, and every paycheck goes to my debt. I felt trapped, and FPU is a true answer to prayer. I know longer feel trapped. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you!