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Financial Peace University

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luis maldonado from Susanville, CA

July 27, 2018

great class definitely needed for everyone trying to get out of debt.

Amazing and eye opening

Stacy from Phoenix, AZ

July 27, 2018

Best use of my time. I have learned so much and can’t wait to change my family tree.

Great Class!

Guy from Bentonville, AR

July 27, 2018

Mike did a great job making this class meaningful to us. I had gone to FPU as a single person and realized the best way to help explain it to my new wife was to retake the class. She saw the goal and got ON FIRE to pay off debt. Since finishing the class, we are already on Baby Step 3 and have financial goals together. It is great!

Game Changer

Jerry Ann & Theresa from Houston, TX

July 27, 2018

I am so proud that we completed the 9 weeks of Financial Peace University and we're still married! And the best news is we're working on our budget & irregular income each month and using the snowball plan and the projected payoff date is Dec'2019 or sooner as/when more cash comes into our hands we know exactly where to tell it to go! Thanks for great presentation & resources! They are definitely a game changer for us!

Relationship changing

Preston from Longview, WA

July 27, 2018

This is the most biblical sound course.

Peace of mind incoming

Wulfmann from Palmyra, VA

July 27, 2018

We feel like we're making some progress and will be able to be free of our debt.

Needed inspiration - Found it in class!

Spencer from Gresham, OR

July 27, 2018

My wife and I had been following the Baby Steps and Dave Ramsey, but we felt slightly in a funk and not as motivated as we wanted. We have never been so motivated after taking FPU. It was very inspiring to be working towards a goal together and to have other individuals encouraging us along the way. The info we learned about investing gave us tools to dream about our future and how things could look for us. HIGHLY RECOMMEND FOR YOUNG COUPLES!

Just the beginning

Monique Scott from ELGIN, SC

July 27, 2018

We have almost completed all of the videos in the 2 weeks since starting and have paid off $3000 in debt. We are looking forward to Financial Peace within the next 3 years. Staying focused and thankful for the direction that FPU gives.


Victoria from Sequim, WA

July 27, 2018

I learned so much about finances and things I was doing wrong because I didn’t understand insurance and investments. We are so thankful for FPU. As soon as we had out emergency fund my husband was injured at work and is unable to work. Thanks be to God for FPU.

Worth the Investment!

Weston from Selma, AL

July 27, 2018

My wife and I have led 3 FPU classes so far. This is a life-changing class that everyone should take. Definitely worth the investment!

Absolutely Wonderful!

Alissa from Sioux Falls, SD

July 27, 2018

Financial Peace University taught me so many things that I cannot wait to utilize! I cannot not wait to begin my snowball and saving for retirement. Many young people my age often forget to prepare for our future because it seems like such a long ways away. It is my hope to one day bless someone else with the gift of FPU, but for now, I will gladly share my knowledge with those who ask.

Dave Ramsey Course

Cheri J. Huffman from London, OH

July 27, 2018

I was very pleased with the course. Felt I learned a lot, but still on the fence about a couple of things.

Great teaching

Dominic from St. Louis Park, MN

July 26, 2018

This is a great program to help you get to where you want or need to be for you and your family as well as your legacy! Mr. Ramsey and his team makes this program easy to follow and understand. There is also many great resources on the FPU website to help you. I personally like the the EveryDollar app to help track your budget and keep you on track

Life Changing Class

Katie from NASHVILLE, TN

July 26, 2018

My fiance and I took FPU because there was too much month left at the end of the money! It has also been a great pre-marital counseling program, our communication has never been better. In 6 months we have "Turned around" $20k (savings, debt). We are on path to get rid of over $100k in debt in just over a year! None of this would be possible without the class and the resources we were exposed to through the class. I am so thankful that we found this at a relatively young age (27 and 31). Now there is no confusion about what our financial futures will look like. We have a path and a plan! Thank you to Dave, our coordinators, and everyone on our journey that has helped us!

Great information!

Mike from East lansing, MI

July 26, 2018

Loved hearing all the things they offered! Some things I knew, most I didn’t know, but learned a lot! Can’t wait to be financially free!


Amanda from Brookings, SD

July 26, 2018

I took the class about a year ago and LOVED it. I am a graduate student and have recently taken on more financial responsibility. FPU has helped me learn how to manage my money and feel more in control. Before taking the class I wasn't conscious of my spending and was sometimes reckless. I mention the class to my peers all the time when they are talking about financial things. Thank you for helping me be a better version of myself.


Crystal from San Clemente, CA

July 26, 2018

I am 27 years old and I was starting to feel hopeless with my future in regards to buying a home or even having kids. This class really gave me hope again and I feel motivated and look forward to completed my goals that I created through FPU.

Power of Alignment

Kaylan from Thornton, CO

July 26, 2018

Coordinating FPU helped my husband and I aligned even closer to the Baby Step plan! We are focused and determined to finish the race to win with money and change our family tree. All 7 of our children will get to experience the fruit of this class for years to come.

Great information!

Tiffany from Columbus, OH

July 26, 2018

Wish my family was on board. This could change our lives!

Financial Peace University

Kimberly from Fresno, CA

July 25, 2018

Taking FPU was very enlightening to how I have been spending money and how I need to spend my money. This really helped me to plan ahead for various bills as well as unexpected purchases. Thank you for helping me to feel like I can make it.

Life Changing

Angelica from Temecula, CA

July 25, 2018

This experience has changed my husband and my life forever. Best class ever. We’ve learned so much. I was budgeting for our family but I definitely couldnt figure out why it always felt like we didn’t have money. The 1st Things i discovered is it’s a team effort and we as a couple have to plan and budget together. After this class our eyes were open. We now have a clear plan for our marriage. It’s brought us closer. We are so grateful for this class. So excited for our future. We now recommend it to all our friends & family.


Phil from Cos, CO

July 25, 2018

.... a great class that helped my wife and I get on the same page financially! Thank you!


Cherelle PW from Winchester, CA

July 25, 2018

The course was amazing I am very motivated to share all I have learn. It has changed my life I am on the way to financial freedom. Wish I did it 5 years ago.

I'm So Grateful for Financial Peace


July 25, 2018

I'm so grateful to be involved in Financial Peace University and being on the path to becoming debt free. My prayer for financial discipline has been answered. I love the way Dave Ramsey teaches from a Biblical perspective. This is so helpful. Thank You!

Back on Track!

Beth from Abilene, TX

July 25, 2018

FPU gave me the tools and resources I needed to get debt free and back on track with my budget. I took the course in January and should be completely debt free by the end of August! So thankful for this class and the resources and support I got.