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Financial Peace University

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Summer camp staff rock FPU

Ben from Brackney, PA

February 1, 2019

We recently completed FPU as a full time camp staff, alongside our gap year students. It was a tremendous experience for our diverse crew ranging from 18-38 years old; college enrolled, fresh out of college and 20 years post college; new to full time ministry and decades in full time ministry; newly weds, singles and married closing in on 20 years; no financial plan, well established plans and starting their first financial plan. It was a great blessing and a wonderful bonding time for our team.


Anne from Liberty Twp, OH

February 1, 2019

Loved the class, thought i was doing well but turns out I have a lot of work todo.

FPU Changed Everything

Lexi from Phoenix, AZ

February 1, 2019

Following FPU will forever be one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. I will be debt free at the end of March this year, planning to cash-flow a wedding, and saving an emergency fun with my future (also debt-free) husband. My fiancé and I started FPU while we were dating back in May and have seen blessing after blessing in our debt free journey. We also have a good understanding of how we will handle money in our future. This is more than financial peace- this is spiritual and mental peace. Take. This. Course. And follow it! It will absolutely be worth it in the end.

Enjoyed the Videos, but in person was even better

DEdebtfree from NEWARK, DE

February 1, 2019

We originally purchased the kit and watched the videos on our own at home. We enjoyed them all and learned a lot. Later in the year, we decided to join a local group and attend the weekly meetings. It was even more fun to be part of the group as they mostly saw the BS for the first time.

Baby steps

Rebecca from Ambridge, PA

February 1, 2019

I’m really enjoying the class and going online to listen to the baby steps over again


ShelliQue Davis from DES MOINES, IA

February 1, 2019

I love the biblical techniques and knowledge we get from the FPU teachings!! Thanks Dave!! May God continue to bless you richly!!

Never Had Success!!!

Nancy Jean from Warner Robins, GA

February 1, 2019

What an awesome program and I have never had any success with handling my monies until NOW!!! Once I understood what was happening and it clicked I was off and running!!! Am I a pro at this, not yet because I am still working on this program and myself but I am not where I started and God has so much more in store for me!!!! Thank you, Dave Ramsey and FPU!!! Blessings!

Changed My Life!

Danielle from San Jose, CA

February 1, 2019

This program and class changed my life! I'm well on my way to defeating thousands and thousands of dollars in debt in a total of just 10 shorts months because of this program. Thank you to my incredible instructors for their mentorship and guidance and, of course, a HUGE thank you to Dave Ramsey for putting together and sharing a program as simple and straightforward as FPU! My eyes have been opened to the world of smart money management and my life will never be the same. I'm currently living like no one else, so later I can live like no one else!!! I'm so excited for my future. Just 6 months to go until I'm DEBT FREE!!! Thank you FPU!!!

This program will add value to any household or individual.

Sarah from Springfield, OH

February 1, 2019

I found FPU to be an excellent program. It was very well done, and helped me treat money with a more common sense and confidence. I recommend it to everyone.

Loved the class

Julie from Vacaville, CA

February 1, 2019

Learned a lot about things I was doing wrong and needing and wanting to fix them.

Wow, can't wait till I'm debt free

riley from Riverside, CA

February 1, 2019

Beyond excited to begin my debt free journey. I love the online videos and the opportunity to download free mp3 lessons to listen to in the car.

Loved the class

mandy Purvis from LA GRANGE, KY

February 1, 2019

I absolutely loved the class! My husband and I learned so much and are so grateful ❤️

EveryDollar App

Wes from Foley, AL

February 1, 2019

I've enjoyed going through the videos at our church, but find myself using the EveryDollar app the most. We still have trouble sticking to the budget, but this app helps show where are issues are with spending

Life Changing

Lisa from Rogers, AR

February 1, 2019

Everyone needs this program! This was our 2nd time to attend FPU and we learned a lot more than I remembered several years ago learning. Very relevant information. Very fun class!

Tough season

Leslie from Chicago, IL

February 1, 2019

Being a good steward of money has never been my forte. I have always practiced being a good steward in other areas of my life, except money, financial peace has forced me into exercising the same principles I practice in other areas of my life and adapt them to my bank account. Which in turn, will help me continue to be a blessing to others and continue to be a good steward all around. Now I see my finances as not just money, but also as something the Lord has given me to look after.

Life changing

Wendy from Vidalia, LA

February 1, 2019

this is a great step by step way to teach how to budget money

Best decision I've ever made.

Christina from Mico, TX

February 1, 2019

FPU has changed mine and my husbands lives. Even our marriage is better. Didn't realize how much more you can accomplish by working together.


Sarah from Searcy, AR

February 1, 2019

Working toward our steps. Have encouraged my family to get on board. Very thankful for the process and wish I could repeat a few more times. Feel there are a lot of continued resources.

Top notch

Todd from Arlington, TX

February 1, 2019

Couldn’t learn this anywhere else, unless you read the Bible carefully. If only you could get the government to want to get out of debt

Great Program


February 1, 2019

I have suggested this program to a countless number of my own clients.

Love FPU

Velena from Appleton, WI

February 1, 2019

You have changed my life! Thank you so much for creating financial peace university


Devora from Baltimore, MD

February 1, 2019

I enjoyed by time in FPU am looking forward to being debt Freeeeeee

The secret sauce is in the psychology of money!

Colin from Alexandria, MN

February 1, 2019

After being a big student of Robert Kiyosaki for 20 years, Dave was a great complement, delving much more into personal finance and the psychology of it all. I would highly recommend Dave as a great place to start!

Great Program!

Alyssa from Brentwood, TN

February 1, 2019

FPU is not only inspiring but empowering for all people to gain knowledge of how to be in control of their finances!

Financial Partners

Kristen from Phoenix, AZ

February 1, 2019

My husband and I took the Financial Peace University course together, and found it incredibly helpful! We have only been married for about three years, and didn’t really understand how to have the financial and budget conversations. Through the course, doors of conversation opened to help us get on the same page, and now we have already paid off his car and his school loans. We are working diligently on paying off my school loans, and then we will be debt-free! I can’t recommend this program enough. It’s been amazing for our marriage, and for our financial future.