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Financial Peace University

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Gives me hope

Shacoya from Tampa, FL

August 8, 2018

Financial Peace University gives me hope for better days to come. All things surrounding money and how to succeed with movie has been covered. I am thankful I decided to follow thru and set new standards for my children.


Crissy from Antioch, TN

August 8, 2018

My 1st time coordinating and I love this progam even more!!


Paige from Ann Arbor, MI

August 8, 2018

This course helped me and my husband change our lives for the better. We learned valuable tools that will help us throughout our lives.

Great information

Dan from Middletown, NY

August 8, 2018

Had a great experience taking this course, and learned a lot of helpful information.

Life CHANGING Course

Cisco from Coldwater, MI

August 8, 2018

We had heard of FPU and listened to Dave live years ago. But, we did not BELIEVE...until we actually reached the point where we HAD to do something different. This course and it's program is saving our marriage and our future. We wish we had "believed" in this before, but we are grateful for this opportunity now.

Life Changing Money Lessons

Kayla from Houston, TX

August 8, 2018

Taking FPU changed my entire perspective towards money and how it should be managed. I am still early on in the baby steps but I can see the finish line clearly and I feel so blessed to have stumbled upon this in my 20s versus later. Thank you Dave for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with the world! Thank you to Southbelt Church for offering this course and for the amazing and beautiful souls I had the pleasure of meeting throughout my class.

Best Decision!!

Marinda from Hamilton, OH

August 8, 2018

I absolutely loved taking this course, my husband and I received so much information and tips on helping us take control of our debt. We took this last fall and are planning on taking it again here in the next 2 months to help keep us motivated and help continue to push us to pay this debt off!! I recommend everyone take this, whether you're debt free or in debt, gives you great perspective either way.

Life Changing

Nicholas from Gainesville, VA

August 8, 2018

This program changed our outlook on life. Not only did it change our philosophy on money but gave us a whole new perspective on our marriage. We now work as a team, focused on the same goals of financial freedom, strenghening our love and commitment to each other, and the importance of giving back to our community. Thank you Dave Ramsey!

Thanks for your helpful knowledge

Tylesha from Plano, TX

August 8, 2018

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. Its one thing to be told “ be great” but its a completely different experience when a person is shown each step in building a foundation for Greatness. When I watch and listen to each lesson it is made to be so simple and now that ive began to apply each theory to my lifestyle i feel so excited about my short term and long term future. Thank you for your knowledge and being a great example of what servant leadership is.

Life changing

Glenae from Fresno, CA

August 8, 2018

This class opened my eyes to how poorly I was managing my money. I now plan how and where to spend it. My 12 year old daughter said that Dave Ramsey has brainwashed me...I said I know isn’t that great!!!

Tired of Being Stupid

Angela from Santa Clara, UT

August 8, 2018

Loved Brad and Tonya Statler! They were fun, very informative, non-judgmental, and so knowledgeable. They go above and beyond to help people in and out of their class. We are truly motivated to get out of debt and stay out of debt!

Love the class

Robin from Wake Forest, NC

August 8, 2018

Stephen was a great coordinator and coach. My wife and I learned so much and it was worth the time. Thank you Ramsey Solutions.


Roger and Mandy from Wheeler, TX

August 8, 2018

I found that a lot of the information was very helpful. Really good reality check.

Great Coordinators

Melissa from Raleigh, NC

August 8, 2018

I had great coordinators who were very kind and never made me feel out of place. I did not belong to the church where this was being held but I felt a part of this class. More about the FPU general curriculum: I felt most was relevant, a lot of it I didn't understand because I did not have to go through it myself yet(mortgaging for a house, starting to save for a child's college,) I am no one near those areas in my life so I need to focus more on getting down my debt and learning how to budget. If those were more closely focused on and the others were in another class I think it would've been more beneficial to me because I will forget the information about a mortgage and saving for a child's future when that time comes for me.

Life-altering (In a good way)!

Ken from Tallahassee, FL

August 8, 2018

FPU has provided us with the knowledge and ability to win TOGETHER with money. We went from trying, in vain, to out-earn our stupidity to setting ourselves up to retire with dignity AND be generous at the same time. I am now in the process of leading my 8th class and am building a network of financial leaders in the church.

Life savior

Rochelle from Murrieta, CA

August 8, 2018

This program should be in the High school curriculum


Kaylie from Shakopee, MN

August 7, 2018

Absolutely wonderful class! Life changing! Even gained a new church! More then just financial peace!


Zane from Omaha, NE

August 7, 2018


It works

Karena from Carrol, IL

August 7, 2018

We have come a long way in these 8 weeks. We have had some set backs but because we were gazelles in the beginning we were able to face them without using credit cards or taking our baby step 1. I look forward to work with my husband and becoming DEBT FREE

Loved FPU

Jessica H from Williamsburg, VA

August 7, 2018

Loved it so much that I decided to become a coordinator! Should be starting my first class soon!

Fantastic Financial Program

Darlene Turner from Rocklin, CA

August 7, 2018

This program should be taught in Middle & High School. Elementary with appropriate modifications. More valuable than "Core Education"

Great Motivator

Lis from Omaha, NE

August 7, 2018

Keeps you going!

Class One

Philecia from Edmond, OK

August 7, 2018

I attended one class at the church and never returned. I was the only African American in the class but the members of the church itself made me feel unacceptable and unwanted. I found a new one that started on Aug 5th and I plan to stay with this group.

Something for EVERYONE

Katie Snyder from Omaha, NE

August 7, 2018

Doesn't matter where you are in life (age, profession, financial instability/stability, retirement, student, etc)

So Many Benefits

Kevin from Waterford, WI

August 7, 2018

I love financial peace and have become a coordinator. I have instilled all the prinicipals to my own life, teach them to my kids, and am looking forward to coordinating another session.