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Financial Peace University

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Great stuff

Patti from Kennesaw, GA

January 26, 2019

Worth the time to learn about and implement. I would say that just with anything else, don't let this become an idol or a place of Pharisaical like pride. May God be the reason we do things - to honor Him, not the praise of man.

The Plan Is Working for Me

Brett from Scottsdale, AZ

January 26, 2019

You've enabled a 53 year old to finally create and commit to a budget. I'm finally paying off debt and not creating any new debt. Granted, I still apply for and use credit cards. I have 2 new ones that are paying me $500/ea, and I pay their balances weekly so I don't carry a balance month to month. All of my previously outstanding credit card debt is scheduled to be paid off within 16 month.

Life-Changing Journey

Amy J from Atlanta, GA

January 26, 2019

Such a life-changing journey in so many ways. Best thing that happened to us and our marriage! FPU gives you the simple knowledge needed to change your life forever and leave a legacy. Just takes discipline and sticking to the plan. Dave Ramsey is the best and has a plan that really works. We are now on BS3.

63 years dumb

Dub from Clarksville, VA

January 26, 2019

Great info and inspiration

Finally cleaning up our mess!

Courtney from Canton, NY

January 26, 2019

My fiance and I have been working 3-4 jobs per year and still to no avail were able to clean up our debt. We just moved and got new salaried positions where we make 4 times what we used to make with the 3-4 jobs. After taking this class, we have been able to finally come to an agreement (MONTHLY!) about our finances and are planning for the future. Great class and has truly motivated us to get going!

Best money we’ve ever spent

Shannon from Eustis, FL

January 26, 2019

At first my husband & I were unsure if we wanted to spend more money to take this course. Then after hearing about it in church, I was ready, but my husband was still a bit hesitant. However, after the very first class we were both on board 100%. Everything Dave talked about made sense & while it seemed so logical, we were not doing it on our own. We started following the baby steps & talking about our money all the time. It excites both of us to be on the same page & know that we both have the gazelle mentality when it comes to getting out of debt. In just 4 months we have paid off $6000 in debt & plan to continue until we are debt free. Thank you for offering this course & teaching us so much!


Steven from Apache Junction, AZ

January 26, 2019

My personal coach team was great. The both practiced dave's plan. I am planning on going threw the program again.

Changing our family tree

Kevin from Quincy, IL

January 26, 2019

Be prepared for this program to challenge you, take you outside of your comfort zone, and help you learn to delay pleasure so you can truly win. I am not able to find even one flaw in this program. I love that these principles are true, common sense principles, but they are simply shunned by the majority of Americans. I am excited to change my family tree!


Susan from Kingwood, TX

January 26, 2019

This is an awesome program. Love the updated material. As a coordinator we have seen this course change many lives. I'm so thankful I picked up Dave's book 12 years ago as it has also changed our lives. Financial Peace truly is attainable.

Life Changer

Dana from Leesport, PA

January 26, 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed this class and it has helped put me on a path I have not been on in 43 years. This past Wednesday I started helping to facilitate another group of individuals at our church on their journey through FPU. I am a single mother raising two boys. After sitting down last night as a family reviewing our budget, we decided to be very strict with our spending the next year. My Stretch goal is to be debt-free by March 2020 and my Realistic Goal is by the end of 2020. Right now I have $31,000 in debt I need to get paid off. We will be praying nightly for Gods guidance to help us be strong enough to stick to our budget.

Life preserver

Heather from Manheim, PA

January 26, 2019

When my husband and I started this class we were drowning in our debt & thought there was no way out. Dave Ramsey’s steps have given us hope and a plan. We know it takes longer to get out of debt than it took us to get in but we are confident in the steps we have been taught and are now hopeful for a better future with God at the helm of our financial ship

Life changing

Jennifer from Lawrenceburg, KY

January 26, 2019

So glad I took this course! It has changed everything.

Feeling Positive About Our Financial Future

Doug from South Lyon, MI

January 26, 2019

My wife and I went through FPU a few years back and now I am helping others by volunteering as an FPU coordinator. We are on Baby Step 6 and what a relief it is. If you want to learn how to handle money, Financial Peace University is the place to start.


Charles from Addison, NY

January 26, 2019

We have put off taking control of our finances for years; Ramsey lays it out so clearly - it has been so freeing to tell our money where to go! Should have done it years ago! Thank you!

Sound financial planning advise

Robin from OKC, OK

January 26, 2019

I finally took the class after wanting to for many years. I had already read most of the book so I already had steps 1 and 2 complete. I found the information on insurance and investing the most helpful. Definitely recommend taking the classes, but be prepared to do the work or it won't help you.

Early start

Jessica from Marion, TX

January 26, 2019

I am 22 years old beginnings my journey to a new life! I have the tools to do it now, thanks Dave Ramsy!

Peace with Financial Peace

Simone Moher from NEW YORK, NY

January 26, 2019

Financial Peace was very informative. It is a great first step / boost to starting your debt free journey. It feels good not to feel alone and have a sense of hope.


Joshua from Batavia, NY

January 25, 2019

My wife and I took the FPU course as a way to begin our new marriage on the same page financially, as a form of marital counseling, and as a general good measure. It really helped both of us. Being the numbers guy in our relationship she always looked at me as if I was a bit off, but after completing FPU she understood why I hated debt so much. It also helped me communicate my WHY to her as well. We both took the same course and got two totally different results from it. It will affect each participant differently and that is the greatest part about Dave’s simple program. Thanks to FPU and our incredibly hard work we We’re able to clear up over $33,000 of consumer debt and student loans in 4 months. We are currently debt free and I’m set to co-coordinate my first FPU class with my local church. I would recommend FPU for any newly married couple.

I believe This Is a Must learning Tool For All Ages

Jackie from Sacramento, CA

January 25, 2019

This class has change my attitude about all things related to money. I recommend this classes and the teaching of FPU to all people, regardless of economic status.

Great course for everyone

Rob from Sonora, CA

January 25, 2019

I love feeling the passion Dave brings every week. My family have flipped our views on how to handle money.


Daniel from Fargo, ND

January 25, 2019

My wife and I both agree, going through FPU together was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Being on the same page and not having to worry and stress about money is amazing.

Character builder

Jad from Waxahachie, TX

January 25, 2019

I love the biblical principles and values it brings to build character integrity in your life

Budgeting gives me LIFE

Kelley from Chicago, IL

January 25, 2019

I learned so much in the class. I was heading down a scary slope and was stressed daily. I am budgeting monthly.

Not for everyone

Marie from Sumner, WA

January 25, 2019

Dave teaches us to be really frugal with money. I am not sure if I completely agree on his philosophy.

Thought I knew it all

Ronald from Yuba City, CA

January 25, 2019

I started my total money makeover after reading the book in December 2016 and I listen to Dave Ramsey’s podcast for at least two hours every day I thought I knew all there was to know that Dave teaches. I really wanted to attend financial peace University but there wasn’t one starting anytime soon within an hour of my house so I worked with a local church and purchased the kit for them to host the class and I attended as a participant. Even though I considered myself a pretty hard-core Dave fan/follower every episode of financial peace University presented new information that I was not aware of even though I had read total money makeover and listen to his podcast is much as I do. I was never able to link my USAA checking account to the EveryDollar app for the premium feature but I’m not mad about that.