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Emily from Otsego, MN

January 15, 2021

While we are pretty conservative with our money, we found that we were living paycheck to paycheck. Financial Peace University helped us prioritize our spending, eliminate debt, save with gazelle intensity, and live more freely. We are so thankful for this opportunity!

It was great, but now outdated

Faith from Baton Rouge, LA

January 15, 2021

I went through the course a decade ago. It was very helpful. Back when I purchased FPU, one of the perks was the lifetime membership. However, now it shows my membership is expired and now I must purchase a subscription. That's not a lifetime membership, and went back on it's word. Untruthful.

Single Mom Fired Up

Lonnie from Sacramento, CA

January 14, 2021

This class gave me the support I needed to start being accountable to my budget. It helped me to get fired up to get a second job and start selling my things online. I didn’t think I could complete baby step 1 in the first month but by working with the coordinator and tightening up my budget, I found the money to make it happen. I’m now registered to go through it again to stay fired up and accountable.

financial peace is helping me

Trina from Murfreesboro, TN

January 14, 2021

I really enjoy financial peace and have learn alot from this class will like to take my time and go back and learn more

Great for those starting their journey

Christian from Ellisville, MO

January 14, 2021

My wife and I took this class while we were engaged and going through this made financial conversations easier for us. Us being on the same page has made our first few months much easier and we are currently on baby step 2 and we are excited to continue being intentional with our finances!

Great tool

Richard Swain from lander, WY

January 14, 2021

We have used this for the past year and has helped us get out of debt and we are now onto saving money to buy better dependable vehicles with cash and save to get a new house. It may take a while but we know it will result in less financial stress and produce more financial security.

Life Changing

Andrea from Lake Worth, FL

January 14, 2021

FPU, has helped my husband and I start changing our family tree. I was never good with money, in fact 90% of "our" debt is mine. But after learning that I NO LONGER have to be a slave to my debt, I made some changes. I've hit a bump or two on the road, but I am determined for real change and as a team we're tackling our debt one by one. We're working on a better future for ourselves, our children, our grandchildren, and to give outrageously. I already dream of all the single mom's and dad's we will be a blessing to. Thank you SO MUCH to the entire Ramsey team!!

Change our lives

ELISA from Thomasville, NC

January 14, 2021

This program changed how we think about money and will help us become debt free and stay that way

Money Well Spent!

Kimberly from Fayettesville, NC

January 13, 2021

Awesome information shared in this program. Great investment

Great class

Pam from Blanch, NC

January 13, 2021

Everyone needs these tools

Easy to follow

Jeffrey from Stevensville, MD

January 13, 2021

This is a very easy program to follow. My family and I had over $280K in debt, $200K of which was our home. We've since gotten rid of all of our credit card debt, paid off our cars, sold our boat (for a profit), and are slowly chipping away at our mortgage. By living within our budget, we've been able to save up considerably for the things we want and my family and I are now living with a HUGE weight off of our shoulders.

We Found Peace

Aimee from Portsmouth, VA

January 13, 2021

Working this program has brought us closer together as a couple. It has been hard work but so worth it! We are constantly learning but excited to one day live in Baby Step 7. We noonger feel the burden of debt but instead feel the excitement of financial freedom knowing we have a plan. Doing it God's way and giving to the church first has allowed us to be blessed in so many ways. There is always more than enough and we are amazed.

Excellent Course

Gigi from Chandler, AZ

January 13, 2021

This course was great, filled with great information and steps to take to start by debt free journey. The course and the class that I joined was also a real support group without judgement. It was the wake up call that I needed to change my life.

FPU - Review

Ronnesha from Statesboro, GA

January 13, 2021

Live changing course. It helped change my perspective on money. In addition, empowered me to go out and empower others.

It has been awhile

Colleen from West Deptford, NJ

January 12, 2021

I took the class last year it was really good. I was having trouble letting go of some money I had saved to pay down debt but I did it! I'm close to being debt free!

Best class ever

Eric from Poncha Springs, CO

January 12, 2021

Mr Ramsey I have followed for close to 20 years. I found your radio program when I lived in the KC area. I tried to do this program back then with an unsupportive spouse, which was a train wreck we went our separate ways and as they say the rest is history. The first opportunity that I got to take your class ,I jumped in with both feet. Thank you for designing a program for a moron like me.

Financial Peace literally saved my life.

Don from Ewa Beach, HI

January 12, 2021

I have a degree in Finance and I previously worked as an Investment Representative for a major financial firm. I put off taking this course because I thought I knew everything relating to finances. I was asked to replace one of our local coordinators and led the class. I learned so much more than I expected. After the lesson on Insurance, I completed the action steps to replace my life insurance with they type recommended by this class. During the application and blood test process, cancer was discovered. This class literally saved my life. If I had not taken this class and followed through with the actions steps after each lesson, I may not have discovered the cancer as early as I did. I am happy to report that I am currently cancer free. I highly recommend this class to everyone. It might just save your life too.

Best class I ever took!

Jo from Pensacola, FL

January 12, 2021

I began FPU after going through almost a year of cancer. Lost my health, lost my job, was sued, and almost lost my mind. At 53 and 57 my husband and I were starting over. Today, 7 years later, we are debt free except our home, that’s next. We have financial peace; an emergency fund, paid for vehicle, a monthly budget, and peace in our home. Without this plan our life would still be on track for chaos. The baby steps WORK. It is never too late to start - I am so thankful for learning a way to manage money, something I could never quite get. Thank you to Dave Ramsey and everyone at Ramsey Solutions - your plan is life changing, Our son finished college with hard work and scholarships and is living the debt free life while serving in the military. He saw the struggle, he will never (hopefully!) do stupid like we did before FPU. You have helped change the next generation!


Pete from Colby, KS

January 12, 2021

FPU helps us focus our goals and finances, we were on the right track (for the most part) before we took FPU. This 9 week class helped us focus and communicate about money. It was also a great motivation to stop slacking, keep the intensity to pay off debt, & stay on the right path.

Financial Discipline

Kyle from Tampa, FL

January 12, 2021

FPU was an amazing experience for me! It was eye opening to see that there is a way to live other than the way the world tells me I had to. It empowered me. For the first time I feel in control of my money instead of the other way around. Still a ways to go in Baby Step 2 thought. I am focused, but not finished.

Great Program

Eric from Campbell, MN

January 12, 2021

Based on the principles in Financial Peace, we have been able to pay off $8,000 in debt in only one year!

my class

Daphne Hagler from Chandler, TX

January 11, 2021

so informative

Very helpful

Nicole from Harrisburg, PA

January 11, 2021

Would highly recommend. Of course, a person has to be willing, willing to change, willing to hold themselves accountable. And, after 2 tries, I was ready. And pleased with my success and dedication and accountability.

Great program

David from Wellington, OH

January 10, 2021

We learned so much. Had have applied it to our lives. Thank you for a great program

Will you CHOOSE to change your life?

Jessica from Palm Coast, FL

January 10, 2021

By far the BEST decision I ever made, almost 10 years ago, was saying YES to attending a FPU class as a single mom who had recently been through a divorce. I was living on my own for the first time since HS. Fast forward, I am so excited to share how these principles have changed not only my life, but our two children's, new husband's and our legacy by becoming a coordinator! THIS class is why I didn't fall apart when we lost EVERYTHING to burglary and arson 4 years ago. It was being debt free from car loans, student loans, and credit cards plus having a savings and the correct insurance that prepared our family for the worst day in our lives. Thank you, Dave! God's guidance, love and grace got us through & at 37 years old, I was debt free with a remodeled home! Not to mention the $180K+, I've been able to invest in my 403b & HSA to help me lower my taxable income and prepare for retirement. Say YES to changing your life, join a FPU class!