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Financial Peace University

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SS from Blaine, MN

February 9, 2019

Little bit of a rough start getting our whole large group going, but I love FPU and highly recommend it to others.


Toni from Little Rock, AR

February 7, 2019

Honestly, most of the information was already on the podcast that has benefited me. There are some things that u will look at again when I get passed saving for my 3-6 months emergency fund but while I'm still working on paying the debt off, I have that. I just feel like right now, FPU doesn't benefit me until my next step

Aimed at people with credit cards.

Ann from China Grove, NC

February 4, 2019

I'd like to see a program that is for POOR FOLK with NO credit cards or outlandish bills. Mine seem silly beside the huge bills others have. BUt I still need the help and guidance. I'm on a fixed income, but did find a little par time job. But I'd like to hear what retirees with no retirement left can do to just pay monthly bills. Especially when there is "no fat to trim" from anything.


Mistie Clark from Grove City, OH

February 4, 2019

I really like this. Would like to see an integration between Debt Snowball and EveryDollar. But love the way Every Dollar connects to our bank!!

OK if in debt, but if not....?

Ruby from Lancaster, PA

February 1, 2019

If you are in debt, his plan is a good one to get out of debt. You must learn to stay out of debt. But if you were never in debt, just to switch to his plan, I don't know. You might gleem some things off his program and adjust your finances, but the cost. It's up to you. Me personally it was not worth the price. My biggest problems is debit cards. If that is compromised, the hacker has accessibility to all your bank accounts associated to that debit credit. Also, once the monies are gone from the bank, it is hard for the bank to get the monies back into your account. Most credit cards have limits if the number is compromised or stolen and only limited to that one account. (check you state laws detail of your responsiblies). But to get yourself out of debt, follow his plan. Use a credit card responsiblity, as soon as you use it, pay the bill as soon as you purchase the item. It comes our of your checking immediately.

No Financial Peace University Workbook

Troy from Grand Rapids, MI

January 30, 2019

I understand the Workbook for the Financial Peace University is on back order. I have started the classes and I am not able to work through the workbook with the class. Most likely I will have 4-5 weeks completed before I get the workbook. I don't feel I am getting the most effective training without the workbook!

Baby Step 3 / Partial Government Shutdown

Jennifer from Manassas, VA

January 27, 2019

Negative: First I would like to start off with saying it is ridiculous that membership expires. At many times over the last year, I would access my account to relearn something so I can move on to another step. Once we take the course we should ALWAYS have access, however that does not appear to be the case here. Positive: I took this course in January 2018 with my spouse. We completed Baby Step 1 and Baby Step2 and were incredibly close to completing Baby Step 3 when the 2018/2019 Partial government shutdown took place. Our family was directly affected. If it were not for the "almost" fully funded emergency fund we never would have survived the 35 days missing 2 paychecks. We lived off the emergency fund until they decided to reopen the government.

Lost with a budget

Tracy Howie from Quincy, FL

January 26, 2019

I'm very thankful I have this course to work through but I am still at a loss in making a budget. I need someone to actually go step by step with me. I don't feel I got the help I truly needed, but I'm trying and the days just keep passing by.

I was sad

Marta from Pennsburg, PA

January 25, 2019

Was working for me, right up to I no longer had access to the snowball calculator.


Nathan from Stevensville, MT

January 25, 2019

Not thrilled with path toward more digital for folks in an area that has little internet use.


Kayce from Daphne, AL

January 25, 2019

it was okay, things were not so easy as made out to be; even with maximum effort on my part.

Slow Baby Steps

Connie from Springfield, IL

January 24, 2019

Love learning how to keep track of where every dollar is going. Learning how to manage money.

Old lessons are better than the new ones

Tau Zeta from Houston, TX

January 21, 2019

The old lessons are much better than the new ones. The old lessons explained it better and provided more examples through bible scriptures.

Lesson 1 covers too much

Paul from Huntington Beach, CA

January 17, 2019

Lesson 1 does not give sufficient information to prepare a budget, and especially to use Everydollar. Suggest giving more training before throwing students into this activity.

eh, it's ok.


January 17, 2019

Probably does the job, but in my opinion it's not as engaging as the old materials where everything would be taught from the same stage.. Still interested to help others through Coordinating, but not anytime soon. Not when the old and the new is mixed. Was hoping for more out of the update. One Example: in Lesson 7 (at 4:00 min) Dave talks about how an average household income is $48k / year. That's kinda old news. I wish all of FPU was up to date.

FPU alum for life?

Samuel from Cypress, TX

January 17, 2019

I was told that once I pay for the course I would have lifetime access to the resources (except EveryDollar) so I could come back and watch a video or print some forms if I needed to down the road. Now everything on the website says my membership is expired? It seems completely counter productive to pay an annual fee to help you save money.

I must have listened to to many Dave Podcasts...

Bruce from Dallas, TX

January 16, 2019

I am on my 4th time through the class. (3 in person 1 online) To keep it simple, the steps work if you follow them. The snowball works faster than you expect! Im on step 3B! 1-As the program morphs and changes into the new versions it has embraced more technology, but feels like the inclusion is at the expense of the inperson class experience. 2-The inclusion of the online community of broke people giving other broke people financial advice to get out of debt directly contradicts the core FPU principal to only listen to financial advice from wealthy and debt free people and ignore the advice of broke people and your broke brother in law. 3-I am still wondering why it was decided that a person with no children(At the time of Book) was chosen to author the book about teaching your children about finances. It again violated core FPU principals. 4-As Dave Says "It's my opinion and I'm an expert at my opinion. and its okay if you disagree. Your Just wrong" LOL

Late Materials

Anthony from Rosemount, MN

January 16, 2019

I believe this is a great course that everyone should know the info presented in the class. The materials were not available before the class began, even after multiple times of being told the materials were in the mail, I did not receive my workbook for 3 weeks after I was first told it was on the way.

Miss the physical materials

Andrea from Groton, CT

January 15, 2019

The lessons are great, focused, purposeful and clear. Even without attending a local group, I have found that I am learning valuable lessons and gathering incredible motivation from the using the system. However, I wish that I could opt to receive the CD/DVD's that were in previous versions. I travel a lot and don't always have internet access when I feel like reviewing a lesson.


Cameron from Sidney, OH

January 12, 2019

Valuable resources available at the tip of your fingers.

First Lesson

Bob / Teresa from Independence, MO

January 10, 2019

We felt the lesson went a little too fast for the group. The budgeting process was very difficult for people not used to budgeting to grasp. We spent quite a while going over that after the video. We also felt the quick start budget and the zero based budget should be in two different lessons or more time spent on these aspects in the first lesson. The first baby step was fine, no problems there. We felt the lesson skipped around a lot and although the testimonies were great, we felt the time could have been better spent on the budget. Getting the group to obtain their access codes has been difficult. We finally figured it out but some online directions on what the group and coordinators need to do in order to get the activation code would be VERY helpful. We had a unique situation in that we collected all the money up front (had trouble in the past with people paying--we want skin in the game).

Leaving Repeat Students Out

Nelson from Kemmerer, WY

January 8, 2019

I used to have the ability to add people to the class who had older memberships. Most of my students will miss out on the online material due to not having the latest kit even though they bought a lifetime membership.

Difficult for those in poverty


January 4, 2019

It is a great concept & I definitely benefited from the class. I am taking what works for me & my life. $1000 in the bank ASAP when you have nothing to sell or little left over after rent, utilities, food, & transportation costs makes it difficult. I work with those in poverty & even above the poverty line & do there budget when they need assistance. My clients would struggle with some of this. They would also benefit from the budgeting workshops which I often explain & give them to try. I would like to continue but can't afford to pay for assess to it every year, especially when I can find many of the resources & concepts online for free. I am however interested in possibly becoming a FPU coordinator.

Love the look found some bugs

Brandi from Soldotna, AK

January 3, 2019

I am loving the look and new interactive features. Unfortunately, I have been unable to fully explore the Baby Step tracking as I could not update the amount in my emergency fund nor add a task. The system appeared to freeze each time.


Tamim from Vallejo, CA

December 28, 2018

Though the practical advice is valuable, the delivery lacks imagination and seems disingenuous.