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Financial Peace University

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New Material

Mary from Turlock, CA

June 14, 2019

I realize you had to update your dvd material, but my husband and I enjoyed the previous dvd set. We both felt the impact Dave personally makes due to his examples, humor, life experiences as well as scripture references are far more effective than this new set. The material and baby steps are whats more important of course, but we were disappointed. Just being honest. My husband and I have followed all the steps and are 100 percent debt free including our home, so of course we will always be fans!

No longer free access

vicki from Sarasota, FL

June 11, 2019

I purchased financial peace university two years ago and completed the course at a local church. I was told I would have unlimited free access to the materials online. I have been working on the steps since then, recently logged in to refresh on a few things. I am then told my membership has expired and I need to PAY to continue. This is wrong!

Great information, but budget software is poor.

Lisa from Charleston, WV

June 10, 2019

This is week 2 for me in FPU. I loved the group and our instructor. The videos are great. My only complaint is the Every Dollar Budget software. I find it very "user unfriendly" and time consuming. I often have to re-enter or edit the same data more than once. Since the budget is such a big part of the program, I had to give only 3/5 stars.


Craig from PBG, FL

June 8, 2019

The video updates are ok, was disappointed in the transitions and the less exposure with the audience. Its much harder for us when the leader is lecturing from a couch or a home. Dave, Rachel and Chris are energetic people that need the give and take from the audience.

Very Tuff

Steve from San Leandro, CA

May 28, 2019

I like most of the steps and wish I would of had a full time job during the steps. I am not restarting the steps since getting my new job. Hard to do this with my kids wanting everything but we are going month to month and hoping to snowball this debit we have.

Reaching customer service for acct/billing questions

Anna Richards from College Station, TX

May 16, 2019

I have left messages and no one has gotten with me...was being charged for the Every Dollar, when should not have been (due to being in the class). I would really appreciate a credit back for those months. My cell # is: (507) 461-6316.

Too Compressed

Keith Bowers from Versailles, KY

May 15, 2019

The pace feels harried now...makes people feel rushed. Now that many watch the videos at home, there's no reason to compress it for time.

EveryDollar App (Snowball)

Jo Ann from Phillipsburg, NJ

May 11, 2019

Class was good, but the App is not as friendly to use. Using the snowball, and won't let me put in any other dollar amount for my one bill accept $25.00. I paid off two bills and now adding to the one bill making a payment of $130/MO. It will not let me make the change, it zeros out all my other payments when I do.

Great class. Would be better if...

Kelly from Florence, SC

May 1, 2019

We learned a lot from the class and have continued to use the budget. It would be nice if you could still access the debt snowball calculator without being charged. It might take some people more than a year to pay off debt.

Miss the Original Layout

Alexandra from Galveston, TX

April 30, 2019

It could be because I have taken this class a few times already, but I definitely miss the old material and didn't feel like I got as much out of the new class videos. There was some of the old in there but there was a lot that I felt was repetitive and unnecessary. Last thing I want to note, is that when I paid to renew my membership, I wasn't made aware that there was new text so I print the pages as I went along, just would have been nice to know beforehand. If there are going to be changes, lets touch a lot more on college debt and real life examples, steps to get out of a large amount of it, and the lies that we convince ourselves when we avoid paying it.

Good Connection

Pareriki from Auckland, HI

April 26, 2019

We are going to rock at this.


Megan from Bakersfield, CA

April 25, 2019


Love the DVD - Videos.. but more needed?

Howie from Land O' Lakes, FL

April 20, 2019

I've been a fan for years. The Video are great. People love the balance during the FPU class. The challenge is not the videos but it takes people a long time to move between steps (compared to the # of videos). I think many people get stuck on BS2 and maybe forgot all the other Baby Steps. I become a coach to help people.

Great, but I can't print forms from your resources page

Nicole from Jacksonville, FL

April 20, 2019

I love the class and the website. However, I am unable to print any forms from your resources page. I know that the problem is not with my printer, as I am able to print from all other sites, except your site. I hope this problem is rectified soon. I prefer to write on paper versus on the computer.

Supporting Community

Scarlett from Colorado Springs, CO

April 12, 2019

I don't care for the emails (I turned off), I don't like that you can't delete your comment after you get a response (beware), the search doesn't work great; I found google to be more effective. All that being said, I don't have a ton of time to spend in the "community" and thus want quick answers, but if you do have the time, this is a great, supportive network.


cornell cullom from suwanee, GA

April 10, 2019


would prefer live classes to be live

Angela from Jupiter, FL

April 10, 2019

driving to a classroom to watch a video and have some interaction with folks in the class doesn't seem too different from staying home and watching the videos online, wish I would've known the class wasn't actually live


Gina from Fairfield, CA

April 9, 2019

just started the class so far good

I am tired of new curricula

Jimm from Princeton, WV

April 4, 2019

So, I have been coordinating FPU for 12 years and have never taught from a leader's kit twice. I did take a hiatus and am told the FPU curriculum didn't change for most of that and I missed out. Thing is the content has changed very little in 12 years, but for some reason the presentation changes constantly. Everytime that happens my church has to buy a new leaders kit. I see now the student kits consist of a workbook and a bunch of online stuff. Thing is, when we lost the envelope kit and the hard cover book the price didn't change. I am sorry, but this feels more and more like a racket and I am less and less likely to play the game.

Starting A Group

Pastor Carlos V. Cambre Sr. from Ewa Beach, HI

April 4, 2019

I had to input my new group 4 times before it finally stayed..

Good content, poor presentation

Denzel from Lancaster, PA

April 1, 2019

I think the FPU content, particularly in the videos, is great. The presentation...not so much. There were technical issues at times and the FPU leader was not particularly energizing. We did have a substitute instructor that was a energetic guy that kept everyone engaged. I think the videos are the best part and that's what people should focus on. FPU needs to allow more time for group conversations as well. The session is 90 minutes with a 60 minute video. At least 10-15 minutes each session was sort of wasted by starting late or by the instructor trying to garner some attention. All-in-all I would go for another round of FPU in hopes that it would be more inspiring the second time around.

Holy Redeemer

Kim Zook from Saint Mary's, OH

April 1, 2019

I felt that the calls at Holy Redeemer was to big and not very personabe or willing to help me in any way, answer questions or get with me to go over budget. I love financial piece itself but I feel like there needs to be more training with the people in charge. I have started a new one at St Paula in St Marys with Sought Spencer and his wide and just after 1 class I feel so touched and blessed by the help I am receiving personally and as a group. So FPU class rates high.. I feel like some people running it has to be tained more


Jessica from Lindenhurst, IL

March 19, 2019

I’ve taken this class before and I’m obviously at fault for not being successful. I will say that the previous classes were in different locations and taught by different levels of education however nothing will compare to the first class I received. There was something that motivated me more in that setting. Additionally. I don’t feel like the information was delivered accurately. Because I was renewing my membership I was unaware I would have to purchase a book separately. Had I known that I certainly would have. Instead I received an email stating “shipped to” thinking I would receive something in the mail. The best part about this class however is the every dollar app! I believe this tool and following up with the baby steps (all of them) not stooping and going right back int my old habits will help me to be successful this third and final time! I’m excited to see what God has in store!

System is complicated

Carolyn Griffin from Santa Clara, CA

March 18, 2019

So far the system has been very complicated and difficult to navigate.

Drowning but maybe seeing a life raft

Tomm from Lancaster, PA

March 12, 2019

I wish there was a phone number that we could and ask some personal questions. There is great info being given although it seems so far away from where we are at the present time. We are overwhelmed and the path seems blurry at best.