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Financial Peace University

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Life changing

Alysha from Fontana, CA

September 9, 2019

I am in debt about $200,000 due to my student loans and an auto loan, and every paycheck goes to my debt. I felt trapped, and FPU is a true answer to prayer. I know longer feel trapped. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you!

The plan that works for everyone!

Marvin from Charleston, WV

September 9, 2019

FPU is a proven plan that works for everyone. There is guidance and support the entire way. It's great to know that there are others like you that are on the same journey. I wish I'd have taken this class when we were younger. I am encouraging all those I know to give it a chance and see what it can do for them.


Yvonn from Richmond, CA

September 9, 2019

I learned so much from this course and he pave been paying down my debt for the last year thanks to financial peace. I can’t wait to be debt free.


Heather Wagter from lewisville, TX

September 9, 2019

Great eye opener to my flaws and how to get out of debt

Continue the plan

Lisa from Long Island, NY

September 9, 2019

I have taken the class once before at another site. I chose to take it again to fine tune my budget and to meet other like - minded people. John is humorous, respectful, insightful. He walks the walk. I have been on a cash system for a few years now. It's good to fellowship with others that plan on not living on credit cards and above their means. 99 dollars well spent. I dont regret a minute I spent in class. So important I took my college age son along and now he has amassed a years income in savings. A good start for a young adult with no student loans that are so prevalent. Sign up, give it a try if you are sick and tired of being broke.


Parker from Mandeville, LA

September 8, 2019

Will change your life!!

Changing Our Family Tree

Shad and Melissa from Pleasant Hill, IA

September 8, 2019

SOOO thankful for this class! It is changing our family tree!! The amount of peace we have just from learning & working the steps is UNBELIEVABLE, I can only even imagine the peace that WILL come from getting to baby step 7!! I honestly didn't think this would work for us but it is and we're making so much more progress than I ever thought we would! I would HIGHLY recommend the class!!

FPU was awesome

Angela from Fairdale, KY

September 8, 2019

I enjoyed the course and the class. Our coordinator was great and the discussions were very insightful.

I can't say enough!

Shelly from Anderson, SC

September 8, 2019

I can't say enough how much FPU has changed my financial situation, but more than that, my mindset on how God wants me to handle my finances in a way that honors Him! I have paid off over $8500 in debt in 5 months and am only getting started! Gazelle intensity is real!

Hope in the middle of my storm!

Valerie from Columbiana, OH

September 8, 2019

As the only person in the household who takes care of the finances, this was a God send! I no longer feel like I have to face my financial difficulties alone. Even when I make a mistake, I know that it can be fixed! Having support from fellow members is such a great part of the program as well! I would recommend this for anyone!


Verena from St. Louis, MO

September 8, 2019

Gave me some good information to help get my finances under control

Debt Free in Kentucky

John & Karley from Benton, KY

September 8, 2019

I bought Dave's book Total Money Makeover in October of 2017. My dog ate the cover off of it and I was very angry so I didn't end up reading it until August of 2018! Ha! I read the book and was all about being dave-ish. We had no budget but were paying down debt. We had moved and were getting involved in our new church when a young couple were going to start up FPU! We were excited. We are now on week 9 of 9 and I can honestly say we are feeling more financial freedom than we ever have! We have been able to start and stick to a budget. We are learning more and more about the important things such as insurance and retirement. Without this program we would still be lost with the important stuff and continuing to be dave-ish. We are excited to be able to give like no one else one day! With all that being said, a huge thank you to Dave Ramsey and his testimony.

Where are the old videos?

Janene from Lynden, WA

September 8, 2019

We miss the older videos where the Dave Really Breaks down the zero based budged, he has a uniquely motivating talent(not to be critical of Rachel), but the older video helps. Can we have it back?

Before FPU we were drifting just hoping for the best...

Jonathan from Austin, TX

September 8, 2019

We were really surprised by how much this group helped us get serous about our finances. I feel like we really didn't have a grasp of our finances, or a good plan for the future... like we were drifting just hoping for the best. Taking this class helped us take control of our financial future, to start planning, budgeting and paying down debt that was holding us back from financial freedom. We would recommend everyone take this class!

Different Perspective of our Future

Lucy Melendez from Camp Verde, AZ

September 8, 2019

It has been a year or so that my husband and I graduated from FPU. However, due to chronic illness our goals are going to take longer than we would like. This insightful learning experience though, has helped us not get into any more debt and budget properly while paying our current bills on time every month. Especially our never ending medical bills. We have hope that one day we will be debt free. Thank you so much Mr. Ramsey for sharing your knowledge with us. We love you!!

Paying Attention

Brian T Peterson from Woodland, WA

September 8, 2019

My wife and I absolutely have experienced a life change concerning our finances. A few years ago we started paying attention, and we got emotionally involved with meeting our money goals. We are currently over half way through baby step 3, and we can't wait for the next one. Dave's approach is simple, but you must stay the course in order to see the results. Praise God that we started Financial Peace because we are finally debt free and loving it. Thank you Dave! -Brian & Wendy Peterson

Life Changing

Heidi from Logan, UT

September 8, 2019

The new classes are so touching. We love sharing your message of HOPE. Thank you!

!Well Done

Aida Walls from South Bend, IN

September 8, 2019

It was very well done and much needed. I like the personal way to teach how to be good with our finances. Thank you for all your hard work both of you put into teaching us.


Cindi from Bedfrod, TX

September 7, 2019

It was a new way of thinking and driving ones money as opposed to being controlled by others. Or one can say the Biblical old way of handling money that has been forgotten so now it is a new way. It took a couple of months to figure out the budget and budget app, but now I am making progress towards my financial goals at a more rapid pace. Would definitely reccommend to anyone who uses credit.

Great course

Ann from Atlanta, GA

September 7, 2019

Well worth the investment

Best program EVER!

Daisy from San Antonio, TX

September 6, 2019

On our way to financial freedom! I want to be able to scream at the top of my lungs... WE’ER DEBT FREEEEEEE!

Life after the FPU classes end...

Sherry from Liverpool, NY

September 6, 2019

I first want to say I LOVE the messages and content of your program. I struggled to get to the classes (still working 2 jobs to pay bills) and have a spouse not really interested in investing in the program. The most valuable thing for me was the audio content! I listen to it in my car and have had my children listen to it with me. They look forward to hearing the stories and then we talk about how we as a family can work together to achieve the goals each baby step discusses. Having them help me has been wonderful... plus it makes for a pleasant car trip listening to the CDs. Thank you! :o)


Christopher Jung from Kansas City, MO

September 6, 2019

I thought the class was great! My wife and I have been doing the Dave plan for awhile so we are very familiar with the baby steps. With that said we thought it was an awesome class that still helped us on our journey, and we learned things through the nine weeks. Thanks!

Helping Others

laura wells from HOUSTON, TX

September 6, 2019

This is my 3rd time coordinating FPU at my church. I love helping others and this is a great way to help people become better manager's of God's resources. We always have an interesting mix of young and old, single and married, broke and not-so-broke. I feel forever blessed to coordinate these classes!


kelvin boone from newark, NJ

September 5, 2019

I was blessed to have been apart of Financial Peace University, very informative and helpful.