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Financial Peace University

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What an excellent course!

Tucker from Omaha, NE

June 5, 2019

I can truly say that this course has started me on a different path in my life. What I learned has given me the knowledge and confidence to shift my life in the right direction. I now know that I can and will be an everyday millionaire with dedication and hard work!

My First FPU Class

parrys from St. Charles, IL

June 5, 2019

Our FPU instructors Joe and Mel were absolutely awesome. They were approachable and super willing to help. The were just as excited to share their story with us, as well us help us along on our journey which made the class so much easier to continue on in. I am extremely grateful to have met the both of them as well as other in the class. The information and testimonials we saw made me more aware of my own situation and want to kick into gear with the gazelle intensity to get my debt cleared. Thank you Joe and Mel and Doug. And also DR Team

On our way

Donna from Houston, TX

June 5, 2019

We have benefited tremendously from this program. We r having real conversations about our money and it feels good to have a plan.

Love this system

Sharis and Greg from Shawnee, KS

June 5, 2019

We are enjoying this program and see great value in it for not only ourselves but also our children and someday our grand children

Game Changer

Cole from Amarillo, TX

June 5, 2019

This program changed our lives forever! Excellent course that I have recommended to everyone I come in contact with. I started listening to the Dave Ramsey show on the radio, then the Podcasts, then a friend recommended we buy the books and take the class, so we did it. The FPU class offers vital financial information that I believe most people are missing in life. I believe this program should be mandatory in every high school in America! We plan to attend an additional class soon, and hope to become facilitators some day.

Invaluable information

Sara from Nashville, TN

June 4, 2019

I absolutely loved going to FPU, and although I was already half way through baby step 2 before attending, going to the classes really helped to keep me "gazelle intense." The only downside was that, at 49, I was about 25 yrs older than everyone else in the group. So, I didn't find that there was anyone that could relate to my circumstances. No home owners, no divorcees, and many were still parentally supported. I felt good about being able to share my life experiences with this great group of young folks, but it would have been nice to have been able to relate to others in my financial situation. I would think it might be nice to have some groups designated as "pre-marital," "empty-nesters," etc... not that anyone couldn't join, but just to help to make sure your group is segmented to you needs.

Best Decision Ever

Pamela from Mesa, AZ

June 4, 2019

My husband and I signed up through our church we had already started some of the steps on our own. The class was amazing helped us to be on the same page and communicate regarding our finances. This was a huge change for us. Today we are debt free and so grateful.

Thank you LORD for sending Dave Ramsey

Denise Graves from Laveen, AZ

June 4, 2019

I prayed to GOD about our financials. I ask for help and I stated I' m leaving it in your hands. One day a friend of our stated about this program she was trying to have her family complete. But they would not do the classes. She stated it. you will become debt free. I said to Samantha sign us up for the class. It was a struggle at first. My husband and I didn't understand when we said I do meant we became ONE. The second class made us understand just what that meant. So first Thanking GOD for for listening and showing us the way and second Thank You Samantha Pigged and Dave for helping us become DEBT FREE. We will be on the show screaming We're DEBT FREE.

Agressive Saver

Vee from Auckland New Zealand, AR

June 4, 2019

I've always been responsible with money. I started my first savings account when I was five years old. I've always been able to pay off my debts. When my marriage broke down all I wanted was the house and its large mortgage. I was left with $20 per week to live on. So I found a second job. This was my life for 15 years. I was able to pay off the house and live comfortably. My problem was saving. I had very little debt but my savings were stagnant. When my friend Annie mentioned she'd come across a program which could help people get out of debt, that was all she said. I was in. Not because I had much debt but because I wanted to learn the process. That first lesson I already had my $1000 emergency fund. And I learnt about setting up a budget which I'd never ever bothered to do because I was resposible with money. OMG what a huge difference this has made to my savings. I'm on Step 7, but still have a mortgage which is only 16% of the equity of the house.


Cheryl from Elkmont, AL

June 4, 2019

Financial Peace is helping us get our life back on track.

Excellent Courses !!!

Shane from Granville, OH

June 4, 2019

I obtained my MBA several years ago, and rolled my eyes at the thought of a 'personal finance' course. However, I've gained so much from FPU ! It filtered into many aspects of my life. I've become somewhat of a 'Minimalist,' cutting out the unnecessary things and activities in my life, and focusing on the basic important aspects. Life has become a bit tougher for me in the past couple of years, but the principles taught in FPU give me some framework and guidance in my life. I highly recommend FPU to anyone and everyone, at every stage of life and income level ! Thank you so much for providing these life-improving skills !

Amazing Class

Hailey and Nick from Boise, ID

June 4, 2019

Everyone should take this course. It was great doing it with a group at our church. We had group discussions each time to share stories, ideas, and encouragement. Dave and his team are awesome! Videos were great.

Financial Peace University

ErinC from Savannah, GA

June 4, 2019

Helped me look at priorities.

Very Informative and worth every penny!

Suzi from Spokane, WA

June 4, 2019

Financial Peace University is full of useful knowledge that will help you get your house in order. We have great discussions that bring up all sorts of issues and get real advice and answers. We are so excited to be breaking the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck and learning how to build wealth and prepare for the future!

Life Changing

Steve from Franklin, GA

June 4, 2019

One year ago my wife and I took Financial peace. We had no Emergency fund, wasn't using a budget that accounted for every dollar at that time. We started using everything we learned in class. Fast forward to May 8th 2019. We were preparing to leave on vacation to visit our grandchildren who live in Colorado when I decided to check our bank account before getting on the plane. It was at that point I noticed someone had gained access to my bank account and was with drawing money. By the time I could get my debit card shut down they had taken over $2500.00 out of the account. Because of us following Dave's plan for the past year we were able to continue with our plans to see the grand kids and enjoy our vacation with out a financial impact. In the past we would have had to cancel our plans and stay home. The bank re-instated the funds to our account, but the process took about a week. Thank you Dave.

Life Changing

Cheryl from Phoenix, AZ

June 3, 2019

We are so impressed with FPU, it is presented so that anyone can understand and do the steps. We are older and had no plan for retirement and already on SSI. Our class ran 11 weeks due to Easter and Mothers Day. In that time we were able to pay off all of our debt. $33,000.00 that included paying off a car 3 years early. Debt Free Scream at the end of class 9 on 9/19/2019. $1,500 in savings now and so much money freed up our 3-6 months will be in savings before years end. We can't say enough good about our teachers and our church for offering the program. Our budget is solid. We have several friends that want to take the course after seeing how good we have done. Thank you Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University. We can now look forward to retirement.

Time well spent

Nancy from DeLand, FL

June 3, 2019

Financial Peace University is a must for everyone, no matter your circumstances. You will be challenged to think about things you've possibly never considered and in ways that are straightforward, not confusing. This course offers valuable information for young folks just starting out all the way to old folks who might need some inspiration. You can't go wrong. My daughters don't have debt but now, thinks to this class, they will hopefully be able to avoid it. Married folks will be challenged to really work together and it might seem uncomfortable but it will definitely be worthwhile. Older folks like me gain renewed hope for the future. Everyone wins.


D from Mankato, MN

June 3, 2019

FPU has been such a blessing in organizing my finances!

Smart Money talk or FPU, but not both

Matthew from San Diego, CA

June 3, 2019

I guess I kind of feel like I was sold this at the Smart Money deal at our church. The videos you can watch either online or in the group seem like the Smart Money talk I already attended, but with some added supplimental material. As we watched the video in the group setting (especially in the earlier steps) it was like you knew the punch lines to Dave's jokes because you already heard them. My girlfriend actaully stopped attending the classes because she also felt it was the same thing she already heard. I did find the materials in later lessons to be more informative, but unfortunately I'm not at those steps yet. Great program, but I'd suggest it or the Smart Money talk, not both.

On Track to Financial Freedom!

Anna and Eric from Flagstaff, AZ

June 3, 2019

My husband and I took this course about 3 months after we first got married. It really opened up a lot of conversations that we had touched on in pre-marital counseling and highlighted each of our financial strengths and weaknesses. If I could pick one thing to say about this course, it is how I love how it encourages us all to dream of the life we want and then pushes you out the door to go and make that dream a reality. My husband and I now have four jobs between us and we are trying to pay off $55,000 in student loan debt before December 31st, 2020. We are on fire and we know we have the support of each other and this community. Many thanks to FPU and we are hoping to have our own debt-free scream at home on January 1st, 2021!

Thanks Dave!

Ramzy from Jacksonville, FL

June 3, 2019

Happy to see the biblical foundation that Dave uses. The class was eye-opening and I learned numerous valuable life-changing routines with finances.


Monique Nolasco from El Paso, TX

June 3, 2019

This program is amazing!!!!! My husband and I have gone through it once as students, and twice as facilitators!!! This has really changed our lives and will continue to change our lives. With two kids we are changing our family timeline and showing them the correct way to handle money . Not like how our parents showed us. I recommended this program to everyone and have personally experience the changes it makes in peoples lives, with not just our experience but the people that have been in our groups.

A Godly man seeks the counsel of many.

Joseph Perricellia from Wisconsin Rapids, WI

June 3, 2019

It is refreshing to have a fellow Christian who is willing to demonstrate their faith in their business model without fear but with faith that God will bless if you are faithful. All of the materials and principles are rock solid and I am proud to share them with others. However, with that said, I am limited in small rural churches in a poorer part of the country due to the cost of materials/kits. The people in the worst financial shape can't afford the kit, and the church doesn't have the funds to sponsor them. Our church budget is often a "shoestring" budget. I wish the had a program for church boards to take to help with the church's budget.


Becca from Mount Carmel, TN

June 3, 2019

Loved it!

FPU South Africa

Juan from Johannesburg, South Africa, TX

June 3, 2019

We will be finishing the FPU course next week Saturday for the first time in our Church, here in Johannesburg South Africa! The testimonies that have come out so far is phenomenal! We have seen plasectomy on another level, some people moved their house to save on there rent and so many others have committed to selling as many items as possible to begin their financial peace journey! Many others have already hit baby step one and have made the commitment to become Gazelle focused towards getting out of debt within a year! We are extremely excited to run this course again before the end of the year as numerous people have already requested this and we are in the process of getting the Church's entire leadership team as well as the Elders to run through the course as well! This I believe will bring the breakthrough we need as a community to show people how we can take what the Bible says about money and make it practical in our lives and also show others how to do the same!