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Financial Peace University

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Invaluable information

Sara from Nashville, TN

June 4, 2019

I absolutely loved going to FPU, and although I was already half way through baby step 2 before attending, going to the classes really helped to keep me "gazelle intense." The only downside was that, at 49, I was about 25 yrs older than everyone else in the group. So, I didn't find that there was anyone that could relate to my circumstances. No home owners, no divorcees, and many were still parentally supported. I felt good about being able to share my life experiences with this great group of young folks, but it would have been nice to have been able to relate to others in my financial situation. I would think it might be nice to have some groups designated as "pre-marital," "empty-nesters," etc... not that anyone couldn't join, but just to help to make sure your group is segmented to you needs.

Excellent Courses !!!

Shane from Granville, OH

June 4, 2019

I obtained my MBA several years ago, and rolled my eyes at the thought of a 'personal finance' course. However, I've gained so much from FPU ! It filtered into many aspects of my life. I've become somewhat of a 'Minimalist,' cutting out the unnecessary things and activities in my life, and focusing on the basic important aspects. Life has become a bit tougher for me in the past couple of years, but the principles taught in FPU give me some framework and guidance in my life. I highly recommend FPU to anyone and everyone, at every stage of life and income level ! Thank you so much for providing these life-improving skills !

A Godly man seeks the counsel of many.

Joseph Perricellia from Wisconsin Rapids, WI

June 3, 2019

It is refreshing to have a fellow Christian who is willing to demonstrate their faith in their business model without fear but with faith that God will bless if you are faithful. All of the materials and principles are rock solid and I am proud to share them with others. However, with that said, I am limited in small rural churches in a poorer part of the country due to the cost of materials/kits. The people in the worst financial shape can't afford the kit, and the church doesn't have the funds to sponsor them. Our church budget is often a "shoestring" budget. I wish the had a program for church boards to take to help with the church's budget.

Good website

Gina from Colorado Springs, CO

June 2, 2019

Easy to use and find resources...could link the debt snowball section to EveryDollar and it would be even better!


Jackie & Larry from Paso Robles, CA

June 2, 2019

SO much more came with taking this class than I expected. I love the Christian base behind it. The friendships that have been made along the way of people in similar situations is just motivating and reassuring that we aren't alone. It led me to listen to DR when I'm able to on his live show, not to mention all the awesome facebook groups I've joined and reading the stories of many others! The class itself and the videos are very encouraging and to the point. I love how Dave doesn't "beat around the bush" but gets straight to the point and it really is a simple thing to do. I wish I had done this a long time ago and right out of high school. It's great because now I can also share with my kids what I've learned so they don't make the same mistakes we did! THANK YOU!

The classes

Jamie from Oxford, AL

June 1, 2019

Classes were good. If I have one problem it’s that when the classes end and you have read all the material it is hard to keep that motivation months down the road.

FPU was a useful resource in our total money makeover

Aaron and Kasi from Hornell, NY

May 31, 2019

Book was a useful resource. Group leader was knowledgeable and had first-hand experience with the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover. We preferred the in person class, over an online option. It was nice being around and communicating with folks who have similar financial goals. We have reduced our debt by over $60,000 in just 5 months! We feel empowered and in control of our finances for the first time in our marriage. We would highly recommend to others!


Amie from Jacksonville, FL

May 31, 2019

I really enjoyed the FPU group. I learned a lot of information and it was nice connecting with other people on the same financial journey.

Good Info

Trisha from Rapid River, MI

May 30, 2019

Financial Peace was a very informative course, it could have been less preachy though. Overall we learned a lot and enjoyed the course.

Thank you Dave


May 30, 2019

I took FPU last fall with my son. I am registered to take it again with my girlfriend in a few weeks. I am looking forward to using FPU resources when necessary. Thank you.

Financial Peace University

Lisa from Durham, CT

May 29, 2019

Enjoyed the class however the instructors did not follow the baby steps


Virginia from Bonsall, CA

May 29, 2019

I liked the class over all, but I do think the teachers have to be a bit more experienced when teaching these classes. Questions that were asked during the class showed how inexperienced our leaders were and would've liked a bit more knowledge. The classes, also, don't include scenarios in the area I live in (California) which as we all know, is more expensive to live in than other states. Maybe have more in class scenarios and work shops besides just watching videos so that we feel more motivated to start the program off right. I did find the material helpful and hope to be disciplined enough to go through the steps and be debt free.

Great Class but...

Paul from San Diego, CA

May 28, 2019

I felt that the program in general isn't exactly scalable to some when the come into the class. Case and point: I live in San Diego, CA, and as you well know, the housing situation out here is ridiculous. If there was some errata that was put out about tips or strategies beyond "don't spend more than you have coming in" that people in CA could work on to make owning their own house more than a pipedream, that would be very beneficial. I think it's a little disingenuous when Dave Ramsey says on the video that there are couples buying their houses in cash for just $150,000, when that amount of money can't even get you a dirt lot in my neck of the woods, especially when he goes on to say that owning your own house is a vital part of his plan. Bottom line: Something more to give those in our areas hope for a key component of his financial strategy would be appreciated.

Continuing to Progress

Jess from Lancaster, OH

May 27, 2019

Love that I can continue to go to Dave Ramsey classes. I have now gone to 3 and I still feel like I need a refresher every once in a while! I have continued to progress with my savings, paying debt and progressing through the baby steps. Thank you Dave for helping me so far! My only complaint is that you have to pay a monthly membership or a yearly membership. I want to continually work on my finances, but paying 99/year or 9.99/month ISN'T IN THE BUDGET.

No title

Erica from San Antonio, TX

May 27, 2019

I wasn't able to finish the class due to scheduling conflicts but the few that I attended were fine.

Excellent Beginning to the Journey

Amy from Blountville, TN

May 27, 2019

After 2 full years of toying the idea and checking out every Dave Ramsey book from the local libraries, we finally invested in taking the course. We learned so much. Simple to learn and follow, but requires tough discipline to actually make the changes. We have had some bumps in the road, but choosing to take each day as a new day. The class was excellent; crammed full of information. The most important thing to remember is the class is just the beginning of the lifelong journey. I wish we had FPU a long, long time ago.

Still Chugging Along ... oops derailed

ROB from Cottage Grove, MN

May 24, 2019

I'm still on track ... mostly. Due to some family emergencies and a car dying, i'm still mostly moving forward, even if I am only running on rail (not two). Honestly, Financial Peace is likely the only reason I'm able to keep it on one rail.

Financial Peace

Tami from rozet, WY

May 23, 2019

Love financial peace university. Glad to have a faith based program. Just wish we could have more motivation all year long.

Informative and transparent

Monique from Brooklyn, NY

May 23, 2019

I truly enjoyed participating in virtual FPU from Jan to March with Lauren LaDuke. Lauren was very knowledgeable, presented the information in a manner that was easily understandable and made herself available beyond the realms of the timeframe for class meetings. She did an awesome job! In addition, this format allowed many from varying geographical areas to learn from and understand each other’s experiences.

Bad app

Sam from Prineville, OR

May 22, 2019

The app is terrible. You put it what you think youll make and what you think bills will be. It doesnt ypdate for what you actually make or if you over spend. Itll just say you still have x amount to the budget even if youre in negative numbers. It does not help with you actually making a budget better than a piece of paper. The class was great. Very informative, wish I'd taken it sooner.

FPU is a blessing!

Kate Rivera-Noel from San Diego, CA

May 22, 2019

FPU has been a blessing in my life. Before joining, I was hopeless, stressed and just felt lousy about myself and the debt that was seemingly insurmountable. Since being in this class, I've learned so much. I've been keeping a budget and now working on my debt snowball. I realized this is something I can overcome! I've made a goal and as long as I keep up with this, I will be debt free in 5 years!!! Thank you!

Excellent Course

Tabitha from Ellenwood, GA

May 20, 2019

I really enjoyed the fpu class. It was good talking with others and learning new tips. It's good to know you're not alone and getting out of debt is possible.

Wished I had taken this course 40 years ago!

Cece from Westlake Village, CA

May 18, 2019

Calvary Community WLV did a bang up job of presenting, leading small groups and coaching help. I can't wait to find the time to go back. Since then I started a Roth IRA and submit the max every year. But with time, things do slip when it comes to budgeting. I think my original course came with unlimited revisits but now it's been changed to a subscription? I should be "grandfathered" in - so that's the only downside that I just discovered. : ( I still believe in this course and have given two of them away as wedding gifts. I hope you (Dave Ramsey/Financial Peace U) will consider that every time a customer gives it as a gift - they will be given a year (for free) to redo the course again. Thank you, ~ Cece Worrall Rubin Westlake Village, CA

Pretty Good

Cacey from Rawlins, WY

May 17, 2019

I love being able to track our bills using the snowball debt. But trying to get the emergency fund tracker to work is difficult. I am not sure how it calculates its totals, because what I add and what it shows as my total never matches up. However I love this program and it has helped us get back on track.


Victoria Turner from Blue Ridge, GA

May 15, 2019

I think it's great for those who don't know where to start. I'm a very analytical person and as I began, I realized I was on the right track and already knew alot of the material.