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Financial Peace University

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So much information!

Melanie from Bald Knob, AR

January 18, 2020

I love to just spend time reading and learning on the site.

Wonderful Information

Holly from South Bend, IN

January 18, 2020

This course is invaluable in learning how to pay off debt and become financial free.

Financial Peace

Brianna from Cedar Rapids, IA

January 18, 2020

Financial Peace, that's EXACTLY what this course has given me. I have nearly made it through all of my debt (started at about 40K) and am scheduled to pay it off here in two months. I'm 27 years old and am ready to start the first day of the rest of my life never being owned by a credit company again. It's a fantastic feeling and I can't thank you all enough! FPU rocks!

Life Changing

Carlos from Maitland, FL

January 18, 2020

Financial Peace is nothing short of life changing. Submit to something you have never done to receive something you have never received. Thank You Dave


Heidi from Elko, NV

January 18, 2020

Live it

Gods and Grandmas Way!

ERIC from New Hope, MN

January 18, 2020

About 1 year ago we started our debt free journey with about $97K mostly credit card debt, living maxed out credit card to maxed out credit card, pay check to pay check, wondering what credit card had enough balance to buy gas. Now, we've paid off just about $50K this first year with about $47K to go. Plan to be debt free except the house by around this time next year! We cut up all the credit cards the first night after class, (14 cards) have a budget now, our $1000 emergency fund and have been able to cash flow all our expenses including paying about $7000 cash for two cars, and new tires for both cars! Like a gazelle We closed 8 credit card accounts on January 2nd of the new year and will be closing another soon and should have another card paid off by the end of February. When we started we thought it would take us 4 years to get out of debt. What a feeling 1 year later to be half way there! “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” Zig Ziglar Love It! Thanks Dave!

Phenomenal and life changing

Chris and Jenna from Reading, PA

January 18, 2020

We have led the class three times and we are about to lead for our fourth. Each time, people pour into each other’s lives and give hope. It’s a blessing to be a part of this mission.

It has been 3 years!

Sean from Pyeongtaek, South Korea, OH

January 18, 2020

And we are debt free!

Online and In Person Support Perfect Combo

DMJ from Newnan, GA

January 18, 2020

I learned the online materials first and then attended the in person sessions at a local church. This combination provided me with the foundation of the paradigm of Financial Peace along with clarity on individual questions unique to our situation. The most important thing we got was personal support and encouragement from the group leader. We are in a much better place now than we were last year, and continuing to make progress.

Life Changing

Sarah from Waterloo, IA

January 17, 2020

Very thankful for what this program is doing for our family, changing the family tree!

Life Changing

Ranada from Metairie, LA

January 17, 2020

This class was worth every penny! I plan to go back through the course again.


Connor G. from Lewisville, TX

January 17, 2020

I am thankful that my Wife and I went through this class! Budgeting together has brought us deeper level of unity in our marriage that we didn't know was missing. God has been faithful in our finances, and we will PAY OFF our student loan debt! - This class was helpful in many ways, but the number one thing we learned was that we need to go gazelle on our debt to have true financial freedom.

So much great info

Marie from Warrensburg, MO

January 17, 2020

When you know better, you do better. So much information that we didn’t know, and didn’t know we needed to know! Great new perspective and way of thinking about money.

Life changing Class

Stephanie from Midland, TX

January 17, 2020

I have listened to Dave Ramsey for years and budgeted-ish! I took the class with my husband and it got us on the same page and now we are gazelle intense! This class has helped us focus on what's needed and important, as well as, helped us find a church home. We've even started helping and encouraging our friends to get on board, too!

Becoming a Gazelle!

Cherri from W. Greenwich, RI

January 17, 2020

I never realized what I could do financially when I was put on the spot about what I owed and how I was spending. Since going through FPU in April 2019 I have really paid attention to my spending and concentrated on paying off my small bills. I cut up 14 credit cards during the class, which was very eye opening to say the least, I didn't realize I had that many. Well in the last 9.5 months I have paid off a total of $18,140.83 in debt. I am not debt free yet but hope to be in 18-19 months and in that time I will be paying off my home as well. I had just purchased a new car right before starting the classes, so between the car and my home I still owe $28,000.00. If I could payoff $18,000.00 in just under 10 months I should be able to pay off the $28,000.00 that I still owe. So I want to say thank you to Dave Ramsey for making me become a gazelle.

Life Changing

Lydia from Upland, CA

January 17, 2020

My husband and I took the class for insight on our preparations for retirement. We got so much more information and direction than we had originally hoped for. We know better late than never is a good thought, but if we had this resource when we were younger....

We love FPU!

Anonymous from Fort Worth, TX

January 17, 2020

We took our first FPU class the day we got back from our honeymoon! It helped us pay off $50,000 worth of debt, and put away almost $75,000 (with the money we made from the sale of our home) for the birth of our first baby, new furniture and to help us build our first home together. We even used the FPU Resources to find an FPU realtor. She helped us find our dream home and has become a dear friend to us! After the baby came, the move, and now with baby #2 on the way, we've gotten a little distracted, so we're looking forward to getting back into the FPU game to get back on top again!

Bad and Good

Katharine from Dallas, TX

January 17, 2020

It was my second time going though the course. One time as a sophmore in college which I didn't change my habits and built up 100,000 dollars in student loans when I graduated. 2nd time was in my last semester of college where I had a job getting out as an engineer and the class was more applicable and I had better teachers!

Financial Peace Class

Tawna from Newport, NH

January 17, 2020

Wonderful people and great content! Highly recommend!


stephanie wright from Tulare, CA

January 17, 2020

Helped a lot

I love FPU

Billie Jeanne from acworth, GA

January 16, 2020

FPU offers 9 weeks of gradual growth. I was expecting financial changes, but FPU dug into all areas of my life and challenged me to become discipled and focused.


Lori Buchter from Visalia, CA

January 16, 2020

Still a great program, but miss the "Member Kits" that had more hands-on items for the students. Enjoy online access but can be difficult for those that are not computer literate.

Submit yourself..

Justin and Donna from Cypress, TX

January 16, 2020

After taking the class like 4 times we decided to become coordinators. FPU has helped me realize how important saving for my future as well as for my family. Thank you for all that you do Ramsey Solutions.

Every Dollar App

Lisa from Fairfield, CA

January 16, 2020

I love this app! It has helped us to identify where our money goes and how much money we can apply to our Emergency Fund in Step 3.


Corey & Traci from Wylie, TX

January 16, 2020

The class was awesome! It is a process but my family and I are willing to do the work if it means leaving a legacy and changing generations to come. God Bless the Ramsey Solutions Team!