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Financial Peace University

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Becca from Mount Carmel, TN

June 3, 2019

Loved it!

FPU South Africa

Juan from Johannesburg, South Africa, TX

June 3, 2019

We will be finishing the FPU course next week Saturday for the first time in our Church, here in Johannesburg South Africa! The testimonies that have come out so far is phenomenal! We have seen plasectomy on another level, some people moved their house to save on there rent and so many others have committed to selling as many items as possible to begin their financial peace journey! Many others have already hit baby step one and have made the commitment to become Gazelle focused towards getting out of debt within a year! We are extremely excited to run this course again before the end of the year as numerous people have already requested this and we are in the process of getting the Church's entire leadership team as well as the Elders to run through the course as well! This I believe will bring the breakthrough we need as a community to show people how we can take what the Bible says about money and make it practical in our lives and also show others how to do the same!


Miranda Mavrogeorge from Derry, NH

June 2, 2019

We love love love it!!!!!!

Awesome Experience

Akinyinka Olukunle Akinyele from Katy, TX

June 2, 2019

Reviewing EveryDollar system has made me understand more about our income/expense picture and now make decisions based on budget for the month.

Life Saving!!

Joshua from Portland, OR

June 2, 2019

It has been an amazing experience going through FPU. My wife and I have learned so much. We are excited for our future and for the first time in our lives we don't have to worry about it financially because no matter what happens we know how to get through it and we have God on our side. Wish they taught this in school. We will be recommending this to all our family and friends.

This Program Saves Marriages!

Wendi from Colorado Springs, CO

June 2, 2019

My husband and I have been married for almost six years now, and we have very different styles of dealing with money. I tried everything I could think of to get us on the same page when it comes to money, but nothing worked until I finally took the bull by the horns and signed us up for FPU. And now, for the first time in six years, we're actually working together on managing our finances. I no longer feel unheard, and he no longer feels henpecked. So, yes, this program works. I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone now. Once we get a little further along in the process, we may even sponsor a local course. I believe in it that much.

Eye Opening Experience!

Brenda Terry from Boise, ID

June 2, 2019

Sean and Sydney are Amazing people and friends. The class was fun, interesting, and I learned A LOT!! I Love that this program not only teaches you how to get out of debt and save. But also has a great team that will help with everything from investing to making out a will.

My First, But Not My Last!

Katie from Versailles, IN

June 2, 2019

This was my first time ever leading a financial peace class, and I had a BLAST! I am excited to do more in the future

Real Stories are Awesome

Brad from Aberdeen, SD

June 2, 2019

I really like the revised FPU videos. It is wonderful to hear the testimony of those having success with the Baby Steps.

Working purposefully to break the chains of debt

Stacy from Chicago, IL

June 2, 2019

The Every Dollar plan has been a fantastic tool to help our family too direct our dollars. It has helped us to take control of our spending as we work out way out of debt.

Best thing I ever learned!

Daniele from Deerfield Beach, FL

June 2, 2019

I wish I had found the baby steps years ago, but I am glad I have them in my life now. Thanks Ramsey Team for this amazing ministry and helping me and my family have a different and more positive outlook to financial future!


Alex C Puff from Northfield, OH

June 2, 2019



Brandon from Gaithersburg, MD

June 2, 2019

Reading The Total Money Makeover was a true GAME-CHANGER & BLESSING in every sense of those three words. Attending and completing Financial Peace University was the icing on my dearly departed Grandma' Louise's three-layer yellow cake with the chocolate icing. This may sound odd but I'm kind of happy Mr. Ramsey experienced his early bankruptcy - only because, unbeknownst to he and his family at the time, GOD would use it to BLESS him, his family and the millions of other families all across this GREAT land. I'm EXTREMELY thankful to Mr. Ramsey for not hiding his light under a bushel, hence The Lampo Group, LLC. It's evident Mr. Ramsey is as INTENTIONAL with the selection of scripture, company name and Baby Steps as he is with teaching others about personal finance and legacy-building. Mr. Ramsey and Ramsey Solutions, THANK YOU for CHANGING my family tree and allowing me to see things in myself and America I didn't see prior to a Total Money Makeover. #RESPECT!!!

Life Changing

Jennifer from Brooklyn Center, MN

June 1, 2019

Life changing. I learned a lot from the class and it has set me on a healthier path with money.


Tiffany from Richfield, MN

June 1, 2019

As a single Mom it had really helped me a lot. I'm on my way and excited!!

Life Changing

Ginger from Omaha, NE

June 1, 2019

This program is Life Changing. Recommend it for every person!

FPU Has Helped Me

Kathy from Boulder, CO

June 1, 2019

I am very bad at budgeting. I never new how (still working on getting better). Through FPU, I am understanding better about money, budgeting etc. I do have to keep going over, because of my spending demon. I never was taught how to handle money, was just told me to budget. I'm single, and was a big spender. Now I only have a little over $1,300 until I am debt free. With the encouragement from FPU, and easy to understand forms, I am going to make it. FPU has given me hope, when I felt like there wasn't any. I'm 58 and never had a good paying job, but from the help from FPU, again, I can and will do it. Thank you Dave, Rachel, Chris and everyone else at FPU.

United Church- Dennis Wood

Dennis from Lawrenceburg, TN

June 1, 2019

Very informative, engaging, challenging. Would definitely suggest to others. you won't regret it.

Life changing!

Erica from Prospect, PA

June 1, 2019

My husband and I received FPU as gift from his parents and funny enough, a relative of ours was teaching the class at one of the churches in our area.. Who knew our family had this all figured out and we were just learning about it! Everything we've learned through FPU has really changed our lives for the better. We are currently still working through the baby steps but, my husband and I get excited every time we get one step closer to our goals. It has also helped us really prepare and think about our future and all the possibilities we can create and how we can change our family tree. As its frequently said on the Dave Ramsey show, we "drank the kool aide" and we're on track to gain financial peace!


cassie from San Antonio, TX

June 1, 2019

It's hard to be consistent, when you want to do a lot of things in life that cost money. But this class has made me make small changes in my life, getting me to changing THE HABIT of spending. I did go off the grid and took a trip for my 40th Birthday, but I used cash and not credit cards to pay for the trip. That is for sure one thing I am proud of and have goals that are gonna take it up a notch. I enjoyed the lesson of the turtle and the rabbit, as it takes one step at a time. One step at a time to change the habits that put me in debt, will take me out of debt and I am confident in knowing that....


Sherry van from Chandler, AZ

May 31, 2019

Life changing, simple, easy to follow. Anyone can do this! Love this class! Thank you for creating it and sharing with us.

FPU is Amazing!

Steph from Greensboro, NC

May 31, 2019

I'm a recent college graduate and this is the best class to have taken. Every college grad should take this, it really should be a required class to graduate college in my personal opinion...Anyways, since taking the FPU class, I have actually started to look at money. Before, I would know how much I got paid and then just spend money however I wanted. I had goals, but they wouldn't be attained for quite a few years because I was spending too much money. Now, I look forward to creating my budget each month and my goals are within reach! This has also helped tremendously with tackling that student debt! I recommend this class to any and everyone I know (and would to those I don't know too)!

Worth the investment

Tamara K Todd from Lexington, SC

May 31, 2019

My husband was hesitant about a "get rich quick scheme." The first week of class changed my husband's mindset. FPU classes helped us feel like we had a family we could talk to and we were able to share creative ideas. I would recommend FPU to anyone and so would my hubby.

Working to get out of Debt

Dorria from San Antonio, TX

May 31, 2019

I am glad that I am doing FPU it has help to start managing my money better, It is worth the investment. I think everyone should go through it.

True but Hard

Eve from Santa Rosa, TX

May 31, 2019

No magic pill. Old time budget theory...don't spend more than you make. Group accountability and support help, plus online tools. The support from the class gave me strength to go to the cash basis instead of using my credit card. How revolutionary! It was hard to change my habits, but I am spending less. The most fantastic thing-I was able to quit a job I didn't like and return to a job I did like, but that paid less, because I felt like I could live on less. How great is that!! It was also great to see and hear of other people's successes. Thank you Financial Peace.