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Financial Peace University

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A great guidebook for having financial peace for LIFE!

Keri from East Petersburg, PA

October 5, 2019

I always thought we were managing our money decently. My husband and I don't have credit card debt and our cars are paid off. However, this class showed us where we could be managing our money better and where we needed to put more attention (retirement!!!).


Anita from Crofton, MD

October 5, 2019

The course is awesome. Dave and his team goes through life challenges as it relates to money. God’s money. I love the baby steps Dave gives people goals to become debt free.

Financial Peace University

Kirsten from Minot, ND

October 5, 2019

This has been a life changing experience for me so far. I purchased the online access and workbook in the Spring and am now making the time to attend an in person class at the Pursuit in Minot, ND and I’m so grateful and excited to change my life for the better and my family tree!

All the things

Jason Hagg from Piscataway, NJ

October 5, 2019

This site has all the things necessary to promote and lead a class. I love the ready made Instagram posts and the text provided. Totally duplicatable by any level of social media savvy coordinator. Financial Peace University changed our lives and I know will bless anyone taking the course.

Review after 1st time taking class

Michael from FWB, FL

October 5, 2019

Much of this is simple yet foundational. The hierarchy (baby step order) was very helpful in prioritization. Thank you for breaking things down in an understandable way.

Opened my eyes

Evonne & Danny from Canton, GA

October 5, 2019

Since I completed FPU in April I have been paid off almost $10k using the snowball practice.

Great Program

Moayad from Newport News, VA

October 5, 2019

My second time taking this. Ongoing process

Loved the videos!

Addison from Jackson, TN

October 5, 2019

I loved the videos and the work book. The lessons on insurance and investing went way too fast for me to soak it all in. I wish my particular class would have divided up and discussed more personal details. Is there a way to get access for more tips for the people leading the class?

Zero Budget - Game Changer

Lachelle from Jacksonville, IL

October 5, 2019

Learning to do a zero based budget in FPU has made a huge difference in my finances. Everyone can benefit from the information learned in this course.


Kathleen from Lenexa, KS

October 4, 2019

Program is excellent. Gives clear direction to help a person steer their finances in a way to gain stability and direction for the future. Love the encouragement and access to resources, also access to some great advisers. I do think it goes rather fast. People could use twice the time on different steps, especially if they are pertinent. Wish there was a way to custom it that way. Love the examples and the humor, and example to honor God with all you are and have.

best financial tool

rebecca huth from Appleton, WI

October 4, 2019

I learned alot from FPU. I am still working on budgeting and trying to have my husband understand that when we use the tools that fpu has for us, money saving becomes easier by the month.


Chris from Jackson, MI

October 4, 2019

Life changing! Excellent teaching tools/resources.

Would Recommend

CNC from Spokane, WA

October 4, 2019

I accidentally stumbled upon Dave Ramsey on You Tube about a year ago. My husband and I were hoping to take some sort of finance class, because we're close to 40 and had nothing set aside for retirement. Even though we don't have any debt, we decided to take FPU. We both learned quite a bit during the class and we're looking forward to fully funding our emergency fund and beginning the process of building wealth.

Love it!

Keith Harcombe from Tampa, FL

October 4, 2019

THis has been very helpful for us both. I just need to turn-up to the meeting.

I love Financial Peace, but not how expensive it is

Gabriela from San Antonio, TX

October 4, 2019

Financial Peace University was seriously a life saver for me. It was absolutely eye-opening and it really has changed my life. The only thing I struggle with is the fact that membership can be expensive. I feel like, especially for people who want to start, it can be really un-affordable if it's not a gift from someone else. We were blessed to have a family member gift this to us and we hope to do so for someone else someday, but not everyone has the support that we did.

Not practical

Cheryl from Martinsville, IN

October 4, 2019

Our problem at the onset of this program was insufficient cash flow, not debt. We hadn’t had a credit card in ages and we just got by. If we did this program Dave’s way, we would be age 65 before we started saving for retirement. That’s not going to work. The reality for some folks is that the struggle is real. The principals, for the most part, We agree with if you put them in place at a young age. Credit is deceptive in that it temporarily gives you a false sense of freedom that will leave you in chains the rest of your life. But all that insurance will make the Mafia richer and keep us in the poor house. We did learn better budgeting methods and it’s nice to have a reality check as to where we really are financially. Our outlook on life: live within our means, Lean heavy on the Lord for his provision and protection & work til we’re dead. Retirement is an illusion of this world. Our rest comes after we hear the words, Well done, good and faithful servants. Thank you Dave.


John from Brighton, TN

October 4, 2019

We started this journey in August and wished we had started 20 years ago. It has been a blessing so far.

Great Class

Brianna from Winston-salem, NC

October 4, 2019

This class was awesome! I learned so many new things to help lead my family on the path to financial freedom!

legacy journey

patricia from Lavaca, AR

October 4, 2019

awesome! Love this because of the biblical and practical teaching.

Life changing

Johanna from Orlando, FL

October 4, 2019

Financial Peace University is more than a class, it has becomes guidance towards a new style of living. I am very grateful for Dave Ramsey and his staff that educate people towards preventing the small errors that have high impact in our financial situation. Everyone should take this FPU.

The first time I took the FPU class

Annette from Bridgeport, CT

October 4, 2019

I didn't realize that this survey was in my in box. so I believe that you want me to survey my class from about 3 years ago. great class and great instructors. they are a married couple and classroom was bright and comfortable, audio and visual where in tact. I learned a lot but my husband was not completely on board. I on the other hand am not giving up. we do budget somewhat but i feel as though the 0 based budget is the way to go. so I have recently joined another class for refresher. And since I am involved in budgeting at home. I will be incorporating the principles that I have learned and continue to learn in the refresher course.


Karen from Louisville, KY

October 4, 2019

Absolutely wonderful class and presenter Mariah was so uplifting

The Best Program

Jeffrey W Lundstrom from Fernley, NV

October 3, 2019

If you don't have a plan, nothing will work. You can work OT, have side gigs, or many other things that make money. If you don't control your spending and get on a budget, none of them will help. I tried all the above for more than 20yrs and actually was debt free twice, for like a month. But didn't have an emergency fund, a budget or a plan and found myself in worse shape than before. I finally got sick and tired of being sick and tired. Unfortunately, my wife and I were forced to file bankruptcy due to a bad business partnership I had made before our marriage. But even after the bankruptcy, we still had her student loans of $100k. After doing our first budget, we got a $1800mo raise after realizing what we were spending on eating out and other spontaneous expenses. I am now deployed to Afghanistan for 9 months and my wife took a new position with a 40% raise. Because of FPU, we will be on Baby Step 4(b) when I get home and I will be teaching FPU to my soldiers during my deployment.

Great class

Jessica from Phoenix, AZ

October 3, 2019

This class has started the great journey of me and my spouse truly being on the same page with money. Our stress levels have gone down and we have long term financial goals now in mind. Thank you for this course!

Life changing

Tom from Lewisberry, PA

October 3, 2019

FPU is life changing ... if you work it. I have gained so much insight from the course, especially the Life Insurance portion. Realizing how much I have lost on Permanent Policies, vs Term Policies and the truth about the "Cash Value" was both eye opening and disheartening. If only I had embraced and followed these teachings 10 years ago. I have now led 2 Home Study groups of FPU for family and friends. I sponsored the first group of 10, and then asked at the end if they benefited from the program. If so, would they consider sponsoring a friend or family member of their own and "pay it forward". I'm thrilled to say, the 2nd group filled right up and has had almost 100% attendance. It really helped that I had each sponsor write a short encouraging message in the front of the study book prior to handing them to each new member. It looks promising that Lord willing, we will be hosting FPU 3 in early 2020.