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Financial Peace University

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Newbie to Financial Peace!

Kayla from Goshen, IN

April 8, 2019

While I will be at Baby Step 2 for awhile sine I am paying off my student debt, I really enjoyed learning about all of the other baby steps so that I am prepared for what comes next! Learning about paying off my debts has helped me to be more aware of my spending habits and where I can save. This summer I'll be making more money than I usually do so I am ready to be gazelle intense this summer with paying off my debt! This learning experience has also really poured into my passion for giving! I love being able to help charities and support those who are struggling, so I love that Dave really showed the importance of giving and not just being able to afford things in life!


Lizzie from Billings, MT

April 8, 2019

Great program. Highly recommend if you want to know how to be debt free and plan for life

Life changing

Tatpen from Atlanta, GA

April 8, 2019

Following these principles has helped me as a single woman to be able to stand on my own two feet without fear. Going through Financial Peace impacted me most by growing my confidence when making financial decisions. It's totally worth the cost and experience-- especially if you go "all in".

Financial Peace University Review

John and Patty Holeman from SATELLITE BCH, FL

April 8, 2019

We absolutely loved this class, we will be back as soon as our church has another one. Very informative class, gave us the tools and plan to get out of debt. Gave us guidance and information that we can and will use the rest of our lives. Completely change our way of thinking about money on so many different levels. thank you dave and his team for all you do.

A Prayer that was Answered

EVELYN from Oakland, CA

April 7, 2019

I have been searching for decades for a Godly way to handle my financial status I've been blessed with. I've bought many books and programs but when I walked into the class I knew FP was my answer to my prayers. Now I have passed it on to my children and Granddaughter who enjoys playing Act Your Wage game with her friends. I just want to say to ALL Blessing & Peace

It works!

Gerardo from Downey, CA

April 7, 2019

FPU should be standard in all school curriculum.

Financial Peace

Rita from Jefferson, OR

April 7, 2019

If you haven't gone through Financial Peace, You should! I only wished I had had it when I was 20 & just getting started! If you haven't, It's not too late! Great info!

New format

Kristi from Springfield, MO

April 7, 2019

I really like the new videos laying out the baby steps at the beginning. Love watching Rachel and Chris in the new segments. The only problem I had was getting the videos to play off my church's wifi. Not a Ramsey problem, but something to consider.


Dennise from Ep, TX

April 7, 2019

The program is easy to follow. Great program

Too many emails

Grace from Dubuque, IA

April 7, 2019

Though I enjoyed Financial Peace University, I received too many emails from them.


Tennis Guy from Columbus, GA

April 7, 2019

It has started us toward a new life of financial independence. The biggest decisions don't have to be financial in the future.

Awesome Class

Michele from Elizabethtown, PA

April 7, 2019

Wish I would have known everything I learned in Financial Peace University 30 years ago! I would & will recommend this class to family & friends.

Great experience

Jamie from Atlanta, GA

April 7, 2019

I completed the 9 week FPU at my church and saved $1,000 by week 8. Currently, I'm on Baby Step 2 and I feel stressed because my debt is $213,000 and I'm 45 years old. I'm not sure how long this will take to pay off, but I don't want to live with debt anymore nor do I want to leave this burden for my daughters to deal with. I have been recommending FPU to everyone because it has helped me and so many people set their lives up properly.

Summit Financial Peace

Eric and Theresa from Springfield, VA

April 7, 2019

This was a long time coming. With your program we are back on track with our finances. More than ever we see the light at the end of the tunnel. We have always accomplished a budget, but needed a budget boost. This class, and Jesus accomplished that. Thank you. At first the financial peace university budget tool was difficult to fill in and make work. However, with determination and the help of the Holy Spirit we prevailed. Now we continue to use it daily to ensure we are on track with what God has given us. We were always big givers, this class has opened our eyes to how much bigger we can give and look forward to the day we can do that! In God We Trust!--like a Gazelle

Awesome Class

Isaac and Sabrina from Laytonsville, MD

April 7, 2019

The class has truly open our eyes in ways we could have never thought of. Financial Peace is definitely a gift from God. Dave we thank you so much for showing the way. We are looking so forward until the day we can give like no one else.


Erika from Kenosha, WI

April 6, 2019

I'm so glad my husband and I wen through this when we did. We were hesitant to pay money to get out of debt, but it is so worth it! We are looking at money differently. Our marriage changed. There is no longer the tension of money between us because we are working together towards the same goal. We are slowly working towards that debt free date! We are changing our family tree.

I wouldn't have Financial Peace without FPU

Janalyn from Fayetteville, AR

April 6, 2019

If it wasn't for taking FPU while I was in college, I wouldn't have the peace I have over my finances. FPU gave me a plan for my finances, and I'm excited to eventually be an everyday millionaire.


Jacob from Georgetown, TX

April 6, 2019

Coming into this program, I wasn't sure what to expect. We were hooked from day one and we haven't looked back! I have never been the "nerd" when it came to our finances, but now I have seen the error of my ways and I am looking forward to making that trip to complete our debt free scream!

Life Changer

Rachel from Coon Rapids, MN

April 6, 2019

This class has changed my life and my husband's. My heart is changing to be more content and spend money God's way.

Everyone Needs This Class

Ron Brooks from Jackson, MI

April 6, 2019

I took this class several years ago and the updated version is better than ever.

We're loving the principles FPU is teaching

Christine and Damon from Millville, NJ

April 6, 2019

My husband and I have been married 5 years now and have been living by a budget but each doing our own budgets and maintaining separate accounts to cover our bills. We started FPU in February 2019 through our church, after realizing that we needed to be serious about finances. We are currently on Baby Step 2 and just two months in, have already paid off (and cut up) three credit cards with debts approximately $2000. The principles of FPU have been helping us to keep track of our money by using the envelope system and the Every Dollar budgeting system. We are plugging away at the snowball step, and learning new principles each week is opening our eyes to the things we did incorrectly with our finances, but most importantly what we need to do to get it right. Thank you, Dave Ramsey and FPU for helping us to get out/and stay out of debt.

Amplified Intensity

Jill from El Paso, TX

April 6, 2019

My husband and I have been using some of the FPU principles ever since we got married in May 2015, but going through the course in the fall of 2018 clarified the goals we should be heading toward and helped us develop a common language to talk about money. Thank you Ramsey team! We are looking forward to getting debt free this summer!

Financial Peace WaterSprings Church

Anne from Ammon (Idaho Falls), ID

April 6, 2019

We did not fit well into this class. We are senior citizens and the remainder of people in class or groups when we split up, were in their 30's and under. We already owned our home, raised our kids, etc. But we did have 5 credit cards we needed to pay off. Just never felt welcome or could add anything. We were very polite and listened to everyone. Thought I could go back on here and take the class again. I understood once you paid for class it was a life-long membership.

Oldfather family/Warsaw comminity church

Kimberly Oldfather from North Manchester, IN

April 6, 2019

We loved it. It was an experience like no other. We have been on a budget. we have saved 400 dollars of the 1000 and we are doing the debt snowball. According to the debt calculator we should be out of debt by next yr. We are blessed through this experience

Financial Peace University

Michele from Junction City, OR

April 6, 2019

This class was very informative and thought provoking. I liked the scripture references and how they made me think of what it is to be a steward of my finances. Learning to use the every dollar budget has been a challenge, but i am saving all receipts to see where my money goes and have ordered the envelope system to start using cash since i still overspend in some areas. I had the ability to pay off a credit card and close out others with no balance. I still have to close out another card but know that that is coming in the future. It was interesting to know my fico score was based on my debt load. What a disservice this is for people. I am looking forward to not being a statistic and staying that way. Thank you for all that you do to teach and train about money, increasing wealth and having a productive life.