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Financial Peace University

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FPU review

Darlene from Toms River, NJ

September 20, 2019

I enjoy the updated videos. I miss the Complete Money Book that was included in previous versions of the FPU kit.

Getting unstuck!

Maureen from Clemmons, NC

September 20, 2019

We have been working on our budget but felt like there had to be more to this than paying off debt. As the classes went by it became so apparent that there was a way to pay off debt with a PURPOSE! Financial Peace is definitely a program that I recommend - be aware of where your money goes - is it working for you? or are you working for it? If you feel stuck, this is a great program to start getting some ideas of what to do.

Getting us on track

Clem and Kathy from Broken Arrow, OK

September 20, 2019

We attended FPU twice. The second for a refresher after we were debt free. The program offers practical information and encouragement. The worksheets were very helpful. Our family legacy has been forever changed for the better!

First Mesa Baptist Church

Susan from Second Mesa, AZ

September 20, 2019

As a first time coordinator, I was happy to have a great Coordinator experience. I have 8 students, and 7 finished (3 couples and 2 individuals). The Coodinator Workbook was helpful and easy to use. The participants appreciated their workbooks. We had some great discussion. I know that 1 couple continued on the FPU plan and have been reporting to me and on their personal FB page their success.

Just do it!

Julie from Olathe, KS

September 19, 2019

It works. :)

Dave is Intense

Danielle from Asheville, NC

September 19, 2019

Dave Ramsey is so motivating and inspirational. His approach is straightforward - been there done that and it didn’t work. Here is what did, does and will work. Trust me.

Great course. Don't like losing access to online resources.

Rae from Anderson, IN

September 19, 2019

I enjoyed the course and found it very insightful. I was a great way to wrap my head around my own finances and how to get my finances back in good standing. However, as someone who's main goal is to get out of debt and not to spend extra money (only the necessities and debt snowball), I don't like that once the course is over, you no longer have access to the resources in your online portal after paying a hefty amount for the course. If the goal is to cut extra expenses to get to a place of financial freedom, why do we have to pay a annual or monthly fee to access the resources we had during the course and not lose them? Again, great info and course. Enjoyed meeting new people with the same goals, but I don't appreciate the added cost once the course is over if you're truly focused on eliminating your debt and extra spending.

Redbull for the Debt Snowball

Brigid Donohue from Omaha, NE

September 19, 2019

FPU was the kick start my boyfriend and I needed to attack our individual debts. We plan on getting married soon but I told him I did not want to bring debt into a marriage. We used each of our debts as an excuse for a little competition to see who could get out of debt sooner. My debt is student loans and his is a truck. It was so fun to take the course with my friend and her fiance. Thanks to FPU our relationship has been strengthened and we are now on the same page financially which makes me so hopeful for our future. We will be helping to fund our own wedding so getting out of debt was a big deal for us. We cannot say enough good things about FPU. Together during the class we paid off $15,200 - he paid of $9,800 and I paid off $5,400. We are so pumped and Gazelle intense about paying off our debts and saving our emergency funds! Thank you Dave and shout out to Allyson our FPU Coordinator.

Interesting, educational, encouraging

Roberta from Nashville, GA

September 19, 2019

I held my 1st class which started in May. It was a small class but I enjoyed it and looked forward to it each week.

New FPU Coordinator Perspective

Lizza Palmer from Austin, TX

September 19, 2019

I am impressed with how organized the tools to be a coordinator for FPU are. The website makes things easy to find, track activities, share and communicate with your group. I love the already created templated emails and how you can message your group based on attendance. Thank you for all the hard work, and functionality consideration this offers. Financial Peace University, I cannot recommend it enough and I encourage others to lead people to find financial freedom with the guidance, knowledge shared, and amazing resource this class provides.

Pre-Lesson #1

Alan from Lawton, OK

September 19, 2019

We had four testimonials from "graduates" of FPU and they all had different stories, but with a consistent theme of success and optimism. We used one of the promo videos that tied in perfectly. We spent the hour getting to know each other and reassuring everyone that the journey is just beginning, but emphasizing that anyone can do this if they just follow the plan.

Senior Savings

Juelya from Richmond, VA

September 19, 2019

Very informative, at my age of 70 some mistakes have had severe penalties and losses (IRA, 401 savings, life insurance, mortgage pay off, long term care, etc.) But the good news is that it's not too late to budget, save and spend wisely. I believe I can still continue to live in comfort and create a legacy for my family in the future. As a giver and a supporter I am greatful that God has led me to the Financial Peace workshop thanks

Older Singles

Dee from Temecula, CA

September 19, 2019

I enjoy the class. The facilitator is amazing and engages everyone. I notice on the radio show and in class there is a focus on young people building wealth, couples, etc. Yet, everyone in need of FPU is not married and looking to help there kids avoid debt. Many older singles are in debt and looking for ways to get free. I look forward to hearing more screams from older singles getting free. I hope to be one some day in the near future!

Changed my life!!

Charly from Atco, NJ

September 18, 2019

So glad we discovered the whole FPU program. Completely turned my life around. My wife and I are closer than ever; we're working the baby steps, and we are excited about our future. Thank you Dave Ramsey for you ministry.

Game Changer

Taylor from California, MO

September 18, 2019

This journey was a game changer for me. I learned how to budget and live within my means. I am now able to save more than I have before and the support has been amazing!

Needed it and love it.

Tim from Pocatello, ID

September 18, 2019

I am a spender. Even as I write this I am thinking of ways to spend money. Financial Peace has shown me that it's my attitude towards money and not lacking of earning it is the problem. My wife is a saver, when we were handling money separately we were always arguing about money. Now we are on the same page with money and our marriage is stronger because of it. Thank you Dave Ramsey


Rona from Rockwall, TX

September 18, 2019

The system works - sacrifice is absolutely essential but then rewarding when you reach your goal. I have helped other family member and friends walk the path and find a wonderful guide to getting out of debt managing money and building wealth. Thank you Dave Ramsey and partners for putting together a wonderful tool.

Pick and choose what works for you

William P. from Merrimack, NH

September 18, 2019

I was able to pay off all my debt, the foundation of FPU is solid but I do not believe it is all in or failure. See for me I was already throwing a lot of % towards my retirement (playing catchup) as well as investing in my kids college funds prior to attending FPU. I have learned to live without that money so the changes I made took place with those automatic deductions taken into consideration. I am debt free (less mortgage), 1/3rd to my 3-6 months savings, still putting away 14% + into retirement and funding kids college 529. I'm a smorgasbord of steps 3-5 and am ok with it. I also use my airline cc to purchase groceries only. I know this is frowned upon but my schedule is I pay for the groceries, load them into my truck and transfer $ from the bank to the cc while sitting in the parking lot. By doing this I pay 0 interest and it has allowed my to purchase 4 plane tickets for friends; 2 were for a church function. I find it worth it. Overall it works but everyone is different.

Loved it!

Heather from Kannapolis, NC

September 18, 2019

Already taking strides towards my debt and ready to see where my new knowledge leads me. Thank you!


Jhaye from Thibodaux, LA

September 17, 2019

This program has helped me and my family tremendously!!!

It Helps Alot

Shanna from Honolulu, HI

September 17, 2019

I took a FPU class in 2017 and it gave me a big eye opener. I am still working on it, but I have been paying off my debt. I had to honestly start over because I let my emotions take over. But I'm glad I got back on track.

Financial Peace University

Janis from State College, PA

September 17, 2019

Getting on track with finances and keeping organized, we now have a concrete plan to pay off debt.

Love it!

Chelsea from Minot, ND

September 17, 2019

This is my second time going through the class and first time being a FPU coordinator. I love and appreciate the newest version. I love the people's stories throughout. It's life-changing and I couldn't be more of a fan!

My future is bright because I made the decision to start FPU

Ashley from Edwardsville, IL

September 17, 2019

FPU has been a life changing decision. I have known about FPU for years but it wasn't until my sister and brother-in-law started their journey that I finally decided to be all in. In the beginning I thought this could never be me I am too far in debt to ever get out. However the class has changed my mind. I now know that I can do this as long as I follow the steps. One of the biggest factors in this is the excel document I use to chart my money. I am still working on my budget but I feel like this will be something that takes time to get it just right. I use to stress about the money and still do but now I can tell myself this is temporary and I am on a plan to get it fixed. Before I never had a plan and was robbing Peter to pay Paul. I am in the process of changing my family tree. My parents are now on this journey as well as my sister and her fiance are going to start join. I would tell anyone this is hard but doable and to take the time to invest in yourself and your family.

My Mother Loves you

Daniel Langfield from Aurora, CO

September 17, 2019

My Mother Loves this program.