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Financial Peace University

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Stephanie from Omak, WA

March 3, 2019

Thank you for all the help!

Leaving a Legacy

Brent from Katy, TX

March 3, 2019

Awesome course that has impacted our lives tremendously.


Christopher from Gainesville, GA

March 3, 2019

When we first took the course in 2017, we were just scratching the surface and didn't really have the focus and the drive to do it. Fast forward to now, we are back in the class, focused on our purpose, and gazelle intense. We have had ENOUGH with debt and we're doing something about it now!!!

baby steps 5

Rose Kenney from Philadelphia, PA

March 2, 2019

I found the classes very helpful as we enter into retirement.

Great course

Eric from King NC, NC

March 2, 2019

Great course. It is a little difficult finding the online material. I would suggest make it easier to locate. Thank you.

You won't be disappointed

Jason from Riverside, CA

March 2, 2019

This class was amazing. We had an awesome coordinator who led the class. Me and my wife learned how to communicate about money so much better. We also learned how we were way under-insured. From attending this class we learned how to be smarted about money and paid off $32,000 of credit card debt in fourteen months. I highly recommend anyone who is thinking of taking the class to attend.

Great for mindset, but FPU isn't a cure-all for everyone.

Michael from Manheim, PA

March 2, 2019

I enjoyed listening to Dave Ramsey and agree with the principles he teaches overall. What he teaches is nothing new, but for most people it is a solid resource, as they usually will never take the time to research the topics on their own. It is a good resource to get lots of information of varying areas of finance in a relatively small package. The only downside here is math. Overall, the fundamentals he describes will work for most people, but not every situation is the same. Always do the math, even on what Dave recommends, to make sure it's the smartest decision for you and your family.

Awesome Financial management program

Krysti from Chandler, AZ

March 2, 2019

I have learned so much and was able to gain a new perspective on money management and wealth building. Having the accountability of the class was the part that really made a difference and kept me focused!

Financial Peace University

Russ W. from Bakersfield, CA

March 2, 2019

WOW! We truly wish we had found this years ago. Better late than never. We are working the plan and the plan is working. We are recommending to friends and family every chance we get.


Jennifer from Grand Rapids, MI

March 2, 2019

I just want to say thank you for all you teach. This ministry has helped me so much with all aspects of my life. I continue to tell people about what it has done for me. Thank you for the very honest podcast also. You are all a blessing. Keep the faith. Jennifer

Powerful life changing information.

Ian T Merriman from Pickerington, OH

March 2, 2019

Outstanding program and tools for success. I've been incredibly successful in planning and becoming more successful with money. I'm teaching others now to show them how they can also be successful.

A new look at money

Oscar from Highlands Ranch, CO

March 2, 2019

Going thru Financial Peace University has given me the opportunity to take a new look at money, how I spend it, how I manage it, how I share it, how I enjoy it and how I can make it work for me. It has been a great journey that started in early January 2019 and by the end of this year we should be free of revolving debt and this is starting to feel so real that I can see it.


Emily from Collierville, TN

March 2, 2019

It seems simple, but it will make a drastic change. I am so excited to begin this journey.


Chris from Wichita, KS

March 2, 2019

Started June2019 Currently in Baby step 2 $30,000 paid off $78,000 left

Life changing

Christi from Woodbury, MN

March 2, 2019

This program has had the biggest impact on my life

Coordinating FPU Classes

Richard Lohr from FAIRFIELD, CA

March 2, 2019

Dear Dave Ramesy & Ramsey Solution Staff, on behalf of my wife, I wanted say a HUGE...thank you for the great changes to the 1st 4 videos. We think the addition of the personal testimonies are awesome. Also we get to see people's lives change when they grasp the Baby Steps and..."really do the hard things" get out of debt. Then they gain momentum towards changing their family tree and leaving a legacy. Now that is a blessing.


Goal oriented from Ilion, NY

March 2, 2019

I've made such great progress, even with life's major interruptions. Thank-you for all your encouragement and consistent guidelines to financial peace. Now, if only I could get my adult children to see how beneficial this simplified program would be in their lives, they think they are smarter than I am. There is so much relief gained by utilizing debt snowball and giving every dollar a job.

When it's time

Eric from Houston, TX

March 2, 2019

I appreciate all of the tools available and the group I've joined. A few years ago I went through a horrible custody battle / divorce. I ended up with custody of my son even after being laid off in 2008 which sort of says how bad things had become for the family. I was told to go file bankruptcy by my lawyer, they new they had squeezed all my pennies out and racked my credit cards up to pay there fees. I found the steps on-line and used the dept snow ball to pay off a $60k credit card dept on about a $90k salary in roughly 2.5 years. I didn't buy the course, didn't really have the tools and didn't understand the emotions involved. While on step 3 murphy came to visit my vehicle and I felt through some insecurities and fears I bought a new vehicle on a 5 year loan (using my step 3 emergency fund as a down payment, bad bad)...then the home air conditioner broke, before I knew it I was back to about $25k in debt. I've paid for the class, am almost finished with #2 again and ready to go!

Life Changing

Alvin from Houston, TX

March 1, 2019

Life Changing!! It's a true blessing for our family.

Life changing

Tim from MELISSA, TX

March 1, 2019

I hadn't tithed in years. Now, not only do I give, but I have enough money to handle bills, and get ahead. Plus I'm rediscovering the tools to be financially responsible that I once used. Further, I'm beginning to teach my kids how to do it as well.

I love FPU

Cynthia from Evans, CO

March 1, 2019

FPU online has been great to keep me motivated (I just need to sign on more often)! I am a couple months away from paying off my consumer debt!!!! :)


Maria and Albert Selby from McCullom lake, IL

March 1, 2019

very useful info we love it

Great program

Nico from Fontana, CA

March 1, 2019

We were spending a lot on eating out at lunch and dinners, that is under control and we have money in our account at the end of the month. Alleluia!

Gaining Momentum

Jeff from Lafayette, IN

March 1, 2019

It has been one year since my wife and I went through Financial Peace University. We achieved Baby step one right away and are just now paying off the fifth of our nine outstanding debts. The snowball is beginning to build and we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. What would have never happened, or taken years, is now within 12 months of being achieved. Praise God!

Very Informative

Lorrie from Austin, TX

March 1, 2019

Awesome groundwork for traversing the road to financial peace.