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Financial Peace University

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good class

Anthony L. Sigmon from Lexington, NC

December 28, 2019

i didn't attend all of the classes but it was a good group and a good instructor. the only suggestion I would have is to do less reading directly from the book and find a way to interact with the participants.


Michele from Dothan, AL

December 28, 2019

We have been using this program for a year now and have paid off 3 items (soon to be 4)’s a great feeling

New Class Materials

Victor from Forney, TX

December 28, 2019

This is the 2nd time I have Coordinated a class and I really love the new format.

Financial Pease

Jennfer from Brookfield, WI

December 28, 2019


Marriage Changer!

Rachel from Louisville, KY

December 28, 2019

My husband was very much against anything Dave Ramsey from his time as a car salesman. Years later, we were gifted with the FPU class and it has been so healing for our marriage and our family. We finally have a plan to kill our debt and look forward to retirement and giving generously! I highly recommend FPU to anyone getting married, single, nearing retirement, etc. It's for everyone!

Great experience

Jose from Bushkill, PA

December 28, 2019

This program was a life changing experience for me. The instructors were thorough, friendly and patient with class members. An over all great experience which has personally put me on the path to be debt free 16 months from now.

5 star

Maggie from San Antonio, TX

December 27, 2019

I love the Dave Ramsey been listening for awhile

FPU Class

Penny from York, PA

December 27, 2019

I thought the class was very informative and would recommend this class to anyone.

Life changing

Melissa from Haskell, TX

December 27, 2019

My husband and I took this course and have learned valuable tools to get out of debt. For us, this program has changed our spending habits and outlook on our finances for the better! We highly recommend this program!

Decent Program, Support to Be Desired

Tony from Jacksonville, TX

December 27, 2019

I emailed support about a work injury that caused me to miss my groups. I was going to take the rest online, but my membership expired, and I wasn't helped.

Everyone needs this class in their life!

Courtney from Kimberly, WI

December 27, 2019

I knew my husband and I needed to get a handle on our money and figure out where all of it was going. I also didn't realize how big of an impact this class would make in our life. Since taking the class we have paid off $17,228 in 5 months and are over half way to being debt free! The life lessons learned from this class go far beyond paying debt though and I am so thankful we made it a priority. We love living a budget based lifestyle with our goal to be debt free to start our journey to building wealth and we can't wait to be generous to others! Everyone needs to take this class whether you are married, single, in over your head in debt, or even think you have it all together because there is a valuable lesson for everyone in this class!

Gods Path

Sheri from Waukesha, WI

December 27, 2019

We have been set on a path together as a couple, with Dave's teachings, helping us learn how Gods path works. FPU has been a wonderful experience, and we have expressed to others our journey and how it can help them as well. Thanks for everything!

Changing our lives

MELISSA from Sugar Hill, GA

December 27, 2019

We have learning so much about getting out of debt and building wealth. We are on our way to changing our family history and it feels amazing. The support we received from our coach has been amazing. All of the tools included in the program are so helpful and things that we will incorporate into our lives going forward.

Great Program

Brittany from clinton, WA

December 27, 2019

At first we were so intimidated by changing everything about the way we spend and save. But, we now have gotten a hang of the budget and saying NO to ourselves. Thank you for simple step by step program to help us get debt free, we have a while to go but we are on our way!

Great Class

Ryan from Orlando, FL

December 27, 2019

The class was very informative, they did have some wrong things in the mortgage portion such as the minimum down on an FHA loan and the reasons behind the VA funding fee. Other than those I think it was spot on.


Bo from Austin, TX

December 27, 2019

Truly has changed my life!

Worth It

Cody Ray from York, PA

December 27, 2019

Even if you have a good handle on things already, it will be worth the money to learn this stuff and put it into practice. Thanks team for you wisdom.

Life Changing

Kristin from TX, TX

December 27, 2019

If only this was mandatory in high school before the choices of debt or cash begin! Life changing for no matter what stage of life! Takes so much stress off of yourself, marriage, etc because you know where your money goes/is going to go!

Snail's pace

Laura from Minneapolis, MN

December 27, 2019

I love FPU and stand by the lessons! I started in 2009 and got everything paid off in 2014. However, it is very difficult to change bad habits, and I've found myself in debt again. I love Dave's no-nonsense advice and that he walks the walk. I have a budget made and just need to stay vigilant. Much like a diet, the excitement for it comes and goes...this is not an instant gratification program, so I'm trying to be patient and keep listening to Dave Ramsey's advice!

These are the techniques to get out of debt.

Paul from Eureka, MO

December 27, 2019

My wife and I took the class about 5 years ago and I have taught the class twice. We have shared our success with family members, employees we work with or work for me. It's all about changing behavior on spending. I hear people tell me they wish they made more money and my response, it's not about how much money you make it's about how much money you spend. Changing spending habits and understanding where each dollar goes so you take control of your money.


Mark from Warner Robins, GA

December 27, 2019

FPU has inspired me to complete my journey. The feeling of being debt free, mortgage still to go, has allowed me to not only focus on my church giving but also paying it forward with my kids, both in college. The idea of being debt free has for the most part been elusive. Having a plan, a target, a goal, gives me motivation towards completion. Yes, FPU, has inspirational speakers. Yes, it can sound too good to be true at times. I’m 55 and have researched and did something’s right as well as wrong, but the information FPU has provided is the one-stop-shop on financial issues I’ve seen since entering the work force years ago. You have to be long term focused or you will short yourself. Thank you Dave and crew!

Great Program!

Richard Galbraith from Columbus, GA

December 27, 2019

I really enjoyed the Financial Peace University Program but unfortunately was not able to complete the last 2 courses in person, so watched on my own. I felt my instructor, Aaron, did a great job with the concepts using real-world examples. I look forward to taking a refresher sometime in the future.

Great Program!!!

Monshell from Gulfport, MS

December 27, 2019

I may not be where I want to be, but I loved this course. I am going to start it again this upcoming year to get back on track.


Lina from Chino Hills, CA

December 27, 2019

If only I would have known 10 years ago...but alas my debt free dreams will come true in the next 3 to 6 months!!!! Everyone should feel the freedom from debt. I sleep great at night and dont ever stress about my job or my boss. Thank you!!!

It all Makes Sense!

Dianna from Clinton, IA

December 27, 2019

There is so much good information. Some things were no-brainers and we just needed someone to say it out loud. There are so many insightful tips. Create a budget! Stick to the budget, change your spending habits and way of thinking about money. So, so happy to have taken this class!