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Financial Peace University

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Adam from Ramsey, MN

February 24, 2019

The class was amazing. Such practical and useful information. My wife and I wish we knew about it when we were younger.

FPU - new version


February 24, 2019

This new version is awesome! The group activities help ensure learning whereas the follow-up activities keep that process moving forward! Love it!

love it!

Glorine from saukville, WI

February 24, 2019

attending with my husband, because it opens communication.

Thank you

Jackie from Mesa, AZ

February 24, 2019

Thank you so much! In these past 8wks we have paid off 3 debts


Eric from Oklahoma City, OK

February 24, 2019

Thanks for the help!!

Love the new videos

JW from Melbourne, FL

February 24, 2019

What was an excellent class is now awesomely excellent with the real people testimonials and DR's team.

An Easy button to what you've always wanted to do with Money

Isaac from Raleigh, NC

February 24, 2019

I've read The Total Money makeover 5+ times, EntreLeader twice, and almost every other Dave Ramsey book on tape. However, this course was what I needed to make the final push to disciplined and correct motion with my families finances. When in a relationship with someone who has maybe only skimmed the material or listened to others tell them they need to do the things Dave is teaching. It can still be hard to be on the same page. This course was the final push to get both of us on the same page and make our unique skills and thoughts work together towards a more perfect financial path.

Getting Started as an older Single

Chris from Lake Elsinore, CA

February 24, 2019

I was introduced to Dave Ramsey by my oldest daughter. She moved back home with her husband after my divorced. I suggested they move in and save money for their 1st house. She talked so much I started listening. I was resistant, she gifted me PFU because her husband is still not on board. It took me about 6 mo. to open the package and another 6 mo. to read anything inside the box. In March my mom passed and that was my wake up, she left nothing, she had nothing, she was in Debt beyond what I could imagine. That was my wake up, I needed to get on board and FAST. Now that I have engaged in the FPU, I love it, feel I have a clear path to follow. I understand what needs to be done to leave my children and grandchildren by changing my legacy. Sadly the roles were reversed my daughter taught me what my mom should have taught me via Dave Ramsey. Now my other children are asking questions or using the techniques provided by FPU. I am ONE proud mom.

Love it!

Paige from Hamilton, TX

February 24, 2019

Great and easy to understand program. Helped to get us moving in the right direction.

Awesome Program!!

Clyde from Zachary, LA

February 24, 2019

Wish we had done this many years ago. With only 5-7 years til retirement, we are attacking like a gazelle. Thank you!!

Going Back to the Basics

Jocelyn from Atlanta, GA

February 24, 2019

Cash has always been my way of living after coming out of ccard and furniture acct loan debt 20 yrs ago. I went back school--now paying it & car off. The return to CASH only.

Learning to do it together

Mona from Pinson, AL

February 23, 2019

My husband and I are learning to do it together as a team.

Best Program for Gaining Financial Freedom!

Duane from Frisco, TX

February 23, 2019

What can I say about a program like FPU? After going through it 13 years ago, we now share it through coordinating classes twice a year. It has changed our lives and now we have seen hundreds of other lives changed because people were willing to take the step to “happen to their money” and experience a new way of living. In order to get a result you’ve never gotten, you have to do something you’ve never done... a quote I have heard Dave say many times, but still rings true with each saying. This is what FPU offers to those who are willing to step out and try something new or different... and the results will come!!!

For the Kingdom!

Allison R DeSmit from Chubbuck, ID

February 23, 2019

How I wish we had experienced Financial Peace University years ago. Though we did handle money well and we were never in debt, we also didn't have a plan that could have given us FREEDOM to use our blessings more wisely and purposefully for God's kingdom. Our frugality was a bondage; financial peace is liberating. Thank you to the Ramsey organization for the transformative work you offer to all who will listen.

It has changed my life!

Oscar from Duluth, GA

February 23, 2019

Last year not only did my wife and I attend FPU we lead our very first class. I had a blast leading it alone side my beautiful bride and we learned so much and are now working on baby step 2 getting really close to completing it and moving to baby step 3. Leading our second class starting tomorrow! Can not wait to see life change happen in this class!

Game Changer

Carl from Little Elm, TX

February 23, 2019

This class is a game changer. Regardless of the condition of your finances, there is something in it for you. Unfortunately a lot of schools do not teach this in the classroom leaving people to figure it out on their own. That is no way to manage life let alone your finances. Nothing in this class is earth shattering but it is great information that is communicated in an easy to understand format making it easier to implement.

A Wealth of Knowledge

Judy from Colorado Springs, CO

February 23, 2019

I learned so much during the nine weeks of PCU. I am working on my debt snowball and now have hope that I can live like no one else so I can live and give like no one else. I don't have to be like everyone else that is in debt.


Nicole from Forest Lake, MN

February 23, 2019

I’ve been diligently paying debts. And haven’t found myself stressing about unexpected costs. Having a sinking fund has helped. So simple and easy to understand.

New Lessons

Jeanette from Mount Airy, MD

February 23, 2019

I love this program. I am still struggling, but I have seen a little progress, which is a lot more than I was making on my own. When I first watched the lessons they were different ones. The new ones are okay, but they don't hold the same impact or connection for me that the fist, older video lessons had. Yes I have watched the lessons two or three times. I find that it helps a little to keep me on track. The resources ( debt snow ball calculator etc. ) are great.

So committed!

Margarita from Visalia, CA

February 23, 2019

Absolutely love the ideas and inspiration, it's so easy to follow! Just need to stay committed for this lifelong change!

Awesome class

Dawn and John from Reva, VA

February 23, 2019

The first time my husband and I took the class we were amazed at how the system works. Unfortunately we were not disciplined enough to continue. After a few other attempts we are now back at it with gazelle intensity. This system absolutely works!

Baby Step 2

Jennifer & Doug from Signal Mountain, TN

February 23, 2019

This is an excellent program for helping us prioritize what is important in our lives. It goes well beyond managing truly has a deeper meaning. We have paid off $35,000 in 7 months. We still have a long way to go, but we have a plan that is working!

Great Course Too Late

Bruce Ruth from Harrisburg, PA

February 23, 2019

As retirees (72 & 70) with some savings, a pension and 2 social security deposits, we have $60K annually. We have relatively good health. Financially, no mortgage but a home equity loan and two hefty credit card debts. It was an enormous stress on Bruce and debt was rising, not falling. We now have a plan for being debt free in 7 years. Baby step 4 is unnecessary- already retired. Baby step 5 is unnecessary- children already through college and doing well. (Dave Ramsay followers before we were) Baby step 7 is limited as our age gives few years to benefit from compounding interest. We are unable to use tax deferred plans as we are in the age bracket that we must draw out of the plans, not put into them. As for giving, as a career minister, Bruce served churches at 1/3 average salary of average minister his entire career. In addition both always gave generously- time, talents and money. Now we pay ourselves and save for end of life costs and burial costs.

What you need to hear

Patrick from Rochester, NY

February 23, 2019

Dave Ramsey breaks financial peace down in a way that is accessible to anyone. I am going to re-enroll every year until I reach Baby Step 7!


Pam from Paducah, KY

February 23, 2019

It’s nice to take the class in person. Our coaches were great! We’re getting back on track to being debt free!!