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Financial Peace University

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Josh & Carolyn Wilson from Mesa, AZ

December 18, 2019

We really enjoyed our experience with financial peace. our instructor Raguel was wonderful and upbeat, despite seeing her class dwindle! we stayed strong because we are motivated to be debt free and change our families legacy. very grateful for the life tips and looking forward to being debt free; hopefully within a year.


Dianna from Conestoga, PA

December 18, 2019

This program is easy to understand. I wish I would have know about this 30years ago. I love this stuff. FPU should be a requirement of every high school student. It should be introduced in elementary and middle school too.

The Motivation I Needed

C Smith from Caddo Parish, LA

December 18, 2019

It was an awesome experience that came right on time!

New Prospective

Courtland Hubbard from Dallas, TX

December 18, 2019

I've gained an entirely on money and working toward financial peace and I have Mr Ramsey to thank!


Sheryl from Tampa, FL

December 18, 2019

Praise God!! Each month I can see our debts shrinking and it feels great. Living what we learn in FPU and following the Baby Steps has motivated us and we are excited about 2020. YEAH!!!

Keep chopping wood!

Carlos Ledezma from Fresno, CA

December 18, 2019

FPU is a great way to help people get understanding what is happening with their money. Why there is more month then money!

Great information

RS from Morrison, CO

December 18, 2019

Great information, Not very motivating within the group i was in. Ended up completing the rest of the class online.


Kristen from Exeter, CA

December 18, 2019

Thank you financial peace for giving my husband and I the tools to start paying off our debt. We are 3 months into this and have 20,000 of our debt paid down. We have gazelle intensity and cannot wait to be debt free.

Could not recommend it enough!

Rachel from Hopatcong, NJ

December 18, 2019

Great principles to help you get started on your financial journey. Wish they had something like this in high school or even college to keep you on track throughout your journey. Loved being able to share ideas with members of the team and having access to the Dave Ramsey Team whenever I felt unsure about a situation. DO IT NOW!!!

Thankful for FPU

Theresa Brown from Mechanicsville, VA

December 18, 2019

Thank you for this course. It has helped me immensely. I enjoyed each lesson, the discussions, coaches and all the resources. I really appreciated the insight and direction. Thank you again!

FPU review

David from Fayetteville, AR

December 18, 2019

It's awesome!! Loved the new videos!

My experience

Mary from Odessa, TX

December 18, 2019

I coordinated FPU class and I enjoyed it so much. I love helping people. I am an accountant and I thought I had everything figured it out, I was wrong. I love the guidance I received from Dave Ramsey and the Ramsey network. I keep working hard toward my financial goals. Thank you for all the help and support :-)

Great Class

Melissa Ross from Yorktown, VA

December 17, 2019

Learned so much!

Debt Freedom-Here we come!

BobMac from Nashville, TN

December 17, 2019

FPU has been wonderful guide to me and my family to strive towards Debt Free country. It has equipped us with the foundational tools we need to hit the ground running. We will reach our goal and ya will hear our debt-free screams around the world in 5.5 years And $670K less from now! #FocusAndNotFinished

Changes Lives

Brandon from Houston, TX

December 17, 2019

So many people love the intesity and genuinness of Dave and his team. Thank you for this solid biblical approach to handeling money.

Finished the course

Christie from Davenport, IA

December 17, 2019

Helped me think of our money in a different way and I am now able to communicate and organize our priorities much better


David Williamson from Canyon Country, CA

December 17, 2019

I enjoyed the classes. However, I do like the 13 week version more because the depth covered in the video. I realize the coordinator can enhance the discussion but would have like Dave Ramsey to take that role and allow the coordinator to respond with in-depth questions.

2nd edition FPU

Joel from Minneapolis, MN

December 17, 2019

FPU is an awesome class that I highly recommend. Having said that, I don’t like the 2nd edition as good as previous editions. 2nd edition has lesson 9 entitled “Outrageous Generosity”

Best decision EVER!

Clay from Fredericksburg, VA

December 17, 2019

I was a bit apprehensive at first. But once Dave had talked us through the process and actually showed us how this method works, the process was a no-brainer. I can confidently say we are attacking our debt with "Gazelle Intensity."

FPU - Guidance that Makes Sense and is Fun

Tiffany from Arlington, TX

December 17, 2019

I have followed Dave and the team for many years, but had never taken FPU until now. I was already following the principals, and was in baby step 4-6. By going through the class, I was able to tighten the budget even more, found some frivolous auto-drafts out of my checking account that I ended up canceling, and feel much better about my financial future. The class elaborates and provides discussion opportunities with classmates and facilitators which were a big help. They were able to help significantly. We even had a class garage sale and I sold so much stuff the animals thought they were next. I highly recommend FPU and can picture myself taking a refresher course or even becoming a facilitator over the next few years.


Loronda from Arab, AL

December 17, 2019

There is indeed something peaceful about having no debt and being able to be generous to others. I am glad my husband and I took this journey together and we're able to use what God has blessed us with to be a blessing to others. Thank you for all you do. The plan works well as long as you're willing to do what's necessary to be different.

I've become stress and worry free

Jen from Collegeville, PA

December 17, 2019

I loved this class and looked forward to it each week. I'm working on my baby steps, I have a plan and I can vision that plan in action and I can see myself becoming better then I should be. I can't thank everyone enough for hold these classes and helping me with personal issues also. I have recommended this class to a few of my friends and even my friends teenage children. I wish I know this years ago. I felt like I had no way out of debt being a single mom and excepted my life as normal, but it isn't and I am creating a better life for myself.

FPU really helps you focus on your goals

Jon from Milwaukee, WI

December 17, 2019

I read the Total Money Makeover and wanted to learn more about the Baby Steps so I signed up for a nearby FPU class. The class reinforced the stuff in Total Money Makeover but being able to talk about the steps with other people also following the program really helped put a different perspective on things. The online tools you get with FPU is also very helpful showing you the progress you're making.

Excellent Course

Ashley from Ceres, CA

December 17, 2019

I learned so much from watching the videos. I look at how I spend, I’m teaching my children to make changes, and I can finally see changes in my ability to save and give!! I loved the course and I’m happy I took it!

We loved the program!!!

JoLynn and Stephen from Auburn, NY

December 16, 2019

I'm JoLynn and my husband Stephen and I are super excited about completing FPU but we are not finished yet. We still have a lot of work to do but we are now "gazelle intense" and are ready to crush out the rest of our debt. We learned so much during the past 9 weeks, we are actually even sharing the experiences with our friends so we guess you could say we are building our very own cheerleaders. We would like to say thank you to our coaches Sue and Bryan for all the help in class and outside of class. We also would like to thank Dave for this amazing course that you came up with. We look forward to tackling through our journey and can't wait to meet Dave and the gang in Nashville when we do our Debt Free Scream. God Bless