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Financial Peace University

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Samuel from Forks, WA

October 4, 2018

easier than going on a diet!!! it is amazing how much info they give you!! I would recombined to everyone!!! actually I am recommending to everyone!!!

Great, relatable information!

Val from Wylie, TX

October 4, 2018

We found this class relatable to everyday financial problems.

Life Changing

Pam from Charlotte, NC

October 4, 2018

Be open, put in the work, and watch your entire life change!

Don't wait, sign up now

Matthew from Albert Lea, MN

October 4, 2018

Well worth the time & money!

Excellent class

Sarah from Omaha, NE

October 4, 2018

Learned a lot. Retaking it soon

Great Experience

Jared Phillips from Round Rock, TX

October 4, 2018

This class and system changed our life!

Facilitating FPU is rewarding

Anita from Charlotte, NC

October 3, 2018

It is amazing to work with other people and see the light bulb go off as they go through the sessions. I enjoy helping them to figure out their cash flow plan and budget. Looking forward to seeing the longer term results.


David from Byron, GA

October 3, 2018

Awesome info to help you with all your financial problems.

First time FPUer, long time listener

Greg and Deb from Ocala, FL

October 3, 2018

I like the website, would be better if there was a way to have the newest at the top, instead of the oldest. Sometimes it seems like threads are dead per se and then brought back to like whereas on other forums, if they are a day old, they are pretty much over with. Seems like a lot of people would like the envelopes included rather than having to send for them. I am not sure about every class, but about half of our class is not really computer savvy, so they will go unclaimed, not because they don't want them but because they are not computer literate. I would assume that at $2, it is probably a break even or close to it on shipping, but not sure about that. At any rate, it would give people all the tools they need to get started if they were included. JMHO. Obviously, what you are doing works, these are just my observations. Thanks!

I love FPU

Bailey from Las vegas, NV

October 3, 2018

My husband and I started FPU and our Dave journey in January, and we are hooked! We don’t do anything unless it’s in our budget and finally our money is working for us. We are both absolutely obsessed with the podcasts (my husband hums the jingle and says the intro line all the time). We couldn’t be more thankful and blessed to have come across this material and Dave’s wisdom. Thank you Ramsey Solutions. All of you, Dave Ramsey, Rachael Cruz, Chris Hogan, Kelley Daniels, George Kamel, and all the ones we’ve missed. George is a blast to see at live events I can’t wait to attend another one. And we always love to hear “stay on the line and Kelly will...” even though we’ve never seen her. It’s all around joy in our house to listen to Dave Ramsey show and soak in all the information and that really reflects on Ramsey Solutions as a whole. My deployed husband listens to the podcasts even more now, even at the gym! Thanks again, and God Bless.

Incredibly Helpful & Life Changing!

STEPHANIE from Fayetteville, AR

October 3, 2018

The principles taught in this program provide a way of living life to the fullest without the weight of burdensome debt! Love the easy to follow, helpful tools. For the first time in a long time, we actually have money left in the budget for fun stuff!

personal info

Nancy Rosemond from Mareitta, GA

October 3, 2018

It was a great experience

This should be taught at every church and in high school!

Angela from Detroit, MI

October 3, 2018

Living like no one else is not easy but this course is really helping me to understand the benefits of handling money according to God's plan. I love it. Thanks

God's gift to us!

Daniel I Tellez from Hagerman, ID

October 3, 2018

An amazing tool to help us and guide us but also to help others in their financial journey. Thank you Dave Ramsey and Team, you guys are awesome.

Great plan!

Kathleen from Sacramento, CA

October 3, 2018

Really like the simple yet disciplined approach to getting out of debt and building wealth. A very good program that makes a difference you can quickly see and feel.


joseph f. mowery from Lancaster, PA

October 3, 2018

understanding the pay off debt was new to me . thanks for the new info

Awesome in one word

Marco A Torres from New Rochelle, NY

October 3, 2018

Coordinating this class was a great experience which had not only helped the students but me and my wife as coordinators of the class

Life Changing

Sarah from Green Bay, WI

October 3, 2018

FPU is an amazing resource for those who just can't seem to get out of the rut of saving a little and then spending it all. This is an especially great class for anyone with credit cards, debt, or trouble over basically everyone! Highly recommend!!

Financial Peace

Wayne from Wayne, PA

October 3, 2018

Great Course, I plan to take it multiple times, there is a lot of information I want to learn. Most of all I plan to use this course to change my life and my family's future. Thank you!

Mindset change

Alyssa from Highland Park, NJ

October 3, 2018

After taking this course it really put into perspective how I spend my money and where it is that I need to cut back. Very happy to have taken this class! My mind is set on bigger goals!

Working the plan!

Marlene from Gwinn, MI

October 3, 2018

I’m excited to say, I have been working the plan since July. My spending/saving behaviors are changing. My husband has only watched one video with me. My kids have also watched one video. I am hopeful they will come around and participate more fully. I feel more disciplined towards my thinking&feeling about handing money for God. I’m embarking on. FPU coaching experience at our church.

Thank You

Juanita from Vienna, VA

October 2, 2018

I am so grateful to be able to share this journey of getting out of debt and living and GIVING like no one else. It is amazing how many people do not know that debt is not a way of life, in fact it is not living and this course is a great teacher.

More knowledge for marketing scums!

Mandy Jepsen from Pleasant Grove, UT

October 2, 2018

More than anything, I realized out of this course was looking at an advertisement and de-bunking their tactic. Something I was not aware of before I took FPU.


Norma from St rose, LA

October 2, 2018

It has change my life. I'm debt free and will finish paying for my house in 4 years. I would like to keep my resources for longer than a year though.

Focused, but scared

Alexandria from Indianapolis, IN

October 2, 2018

The class is great because it breaks everything down step by step. The Baby Steps are so important! We are truly focused on getting out of debt, but the mountain seems so large! We are dreaming of being out of debt and able to invest in ourselves and our children's futures. Even though we are in it, we are still worried. I am excited to start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I think the hardest part of living our journey and not looking at where other people are in their journey. We will make it! We are already heading in the right direction. We just have to do it scared.