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Financial Peace University

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New Coordinator

Whit from Mineral Wells, WV

November 21, 2018

This is my first go at Coordinator of FPU at our church. I've recently took over as Finance Chair, and am always looking for new ways to engage the congregation. My wife and I took the class back on 2014, we know the power of our budget, and still on the path to becoming debt free. So excited to see a transformation at the end of the 9 weeks!

When life changing experience changes your legacy

Zorina M. from Windsor, CT

November 21, 2018

My husband and I started this program 9 weeks ago. I thought it would be a simple bible study about our finances. Little did I know that we would be on a journey to better our debt situation and building healthier and long term habits that we can live by and share with others. We look forward to building a legacy of being debt free, to impart that teaching to our child & live like no other. Can't wait to take this class again, I hope to have a few of my friends join me the next time and overall it was a great experience.

We love it!

Zarabel from Cocoa, FL

November 21, 2018

Course has changed our lives! Thank you and God bless!

changes... work in progress

Oakley from Cedar Rapids, IA

November 20, 2018

Dave has am amazing tale on refreshing what you thought was right. I have a local support group that helps. This can work but you have to want to make the change

FPU changed my life

stephen from carlsbad, CA

November 20, 2018

going to FPU helped me prepare and getting ready for the future and helped me start saving and save and learn how to do it I recommend these classes!

Common sense made easy

Elizabeth from Tulsa, OK

November 20, 2018

I'm sharing all this information with my friends because sometimes you need to hear common sense out loud from a professional to really understand it.

New life

Gissel from Pembroke pines, FL

November 20, 2018

As soon as we heard our church was conducting this class we sing up for it. As a newly married couple we haven't had the opportunity to have financial education and this classes are definitely an awesome way for us to direction our lives. We are about to have a baby and now we can understand how to pass this knowledge to the next generation. Our hearts are full of gratitude with the FPU program. Know we can see the light, with one income and a baby on the way we definitely were in so much need of direction. The classes were awesome since is better to learn from other people experiences and questions. Our leader was so helpful and always willing to provide extra time and extra information for every single one of our doubts. We are also using the app that has been our steering wheel in the whole process of discipline ourselves in relation with our income and expenses. We also use the online tools available such as the extra videos and extra resources.

So down to earth and simple thinking

Lisa from Galva, KS

November 20, 2018

I love how no matter how bad you are in debt, Dave gives you hope over and over again. Such great ways to get out of debt the right way. So excited after each video.

Great Guidance

Gardner from Knoxville, TN

November 20, 2018

With FPU complete, this will allow us to find Financial Peace with a plan. Loved the course with the Biblical guidance. Clear and precise method on how to accomplish a meaningful way to live life, no punches were pulled, clearly stated this is not easy and it wouldn't happen over night! Baby Steps!!

Financial Peace University

S.H. from Greenwich, CT

November 20, 2018

This is THE most AMAZINGLY helpful and informative teaching resource for personal finance! I cannot stop spreading the news of how impressive this tool is. I gift this often for graduation, engagement, wedding, birthday, Christmas and to stay-at-home mom's, home schooling parents and single parents. It is a true gift of hope and inspiration that we need in this world to help the lower and middle class income makers get ahead and begin to feel overwhelming peace of mind that their life has a path to freedom and joy once again. Like everyone says I wish I had known about this when I had graduated high school. I would have been in a better place financially had I been exposed to this earlier in my adulthood. Everyone should do their part in passing along this knowledge to others! The world would truly be filled with more happiness.

Spending and the Behaviors Behind it

Adrienne from Friendswood, TX

November 20, 2018

Upon taking this course, I learned about why I spend the way that I do and how to make appropriate behavioral changes that will lead to more saved money and eventually leave me debt free. I am thankful for all the useful advice from the instructors. This course would not have been the same without them

Good wisdom on money.

Alex from Callao, MO

November 20, 2018

Dave has done an excellent job at teaching people how to save money and be good stewards of money. He combines a Biblical and worldly approach. This class is great for churches and also to people who do not go to church. America needs to save and spend money according to Dave's way. It would do a lot of good for our country.

Life Changing!

Kristen from Belford, NJ

November 20, 2018

Everyone should take this course. Young or Old... doesn't matter. Put Biblical steps into place and get a plan!

Life Changing!

Tonya from Huntington Beach, CA

November 20, 2018

This program works. It’s not easy, but when you’re sick of living in debt changes need to be made. Budgeting isn’t fun, but very necessary for success. Once you get used to it, it’s not so bad. Using cash works! I hate the feeling of it leaving my hands. I also love putting my money to work and assigning it a purpose. I actually feel like I have more of it now. I’m still working on my debt snowball, but now at gazelle speed.

FPU 2018

Savannah from Jamestown, TN

November 20, 2018

This class has helped me start off my adult financial life with a bang! Being 21 and knowing where to start and how best to invest my money will open up a lot of doors later in life. I know that, with the tools Dave taught, I can have financial peace and the ability to give like no one else with hard work and gazelle intensity! Thank you Dave and thanks to my class coordinators for giving me the information to live a cash-only, debt free, (money)stress free life.

Love the materials and videos

Robert from Butler, PA

November 20, 2018

Thanks to Dave we now have our insurances in order as well as our starter emergency fund. We have also paid off $28,000 in debt with only $4,000 more to go then on to our fully funded emergency fund and buying a house. This past week we were without power for 84 hours and because we have Renter's insurance it became an inconvenience instead of a disaster. Because we had the emergency fund we knew that we would be able to make it through the situation without worrying about our fiances! Thank you Dave!

FPU Class Profile

SCOTT from Asheville, NC

November 20, 2018

I had a very intimate small class this time with 5 families. However, it was very productive, informative and applicable to today. Most families grasped the concept of the class and appeared to engage and take responsibility for their financial futures. However, some thought they can still have credit cards as long as they didn't have a balance each month. I encouraged them that they needed to "feel" the pain of letting cash go instead of swiping a card. Also, I'm looking forward to the "New and Improved" material to come out in January 2019. Nevertheless, we had a great small class and made a difference in various lives! Looking forward to leading and hosting another class next Fall.

It's Works

Christina from Converse, LA

November 20, 2018

I have really enjoyed my time with Financial Peace University. I have learned a lot about my finances and how to pay my debt off. The most important lesson that I learned it that God loves me no matter what and that this is his money and I'm just taking care of it. I just want to thank Bro. Jimmy Tennery for leading us in this lesson. Great teacher! Thank you Dave Ramsey and your team for making it so even I can understand.

Class is 100% worth taking!

Rachel from Appleton, WI

November 20, 2018

I just finished my first FPU class. I loved everything about it! I recently graduated college and am starting to make money regularly. I never knew much about how to budget or how to manage my finances. Now I feel much confident in my money choices, can start my future out right, and be accountable for my money. I have baby step one finished and Im attacking baby step two right now!! I would recommend this class to everyone!

Keeping it Simple

Suzanne from Atlanta, GA

November 20, 2018

course is very simple to follow. Great to do with friends!

Strengthening our marriage

Leia from Sandersville, GA

November 20, 2018

Following this program is strengthening our marriage. I think my husband would agree that the best thing about Financial Peace University is that now we actually communicate about money. Before FPU, we avoided the subject at all costs! Now we communicate better in general. Establishing and working together on shared goals has revived a spirit of unity in our marriage.

Great Start

Kenneth from Sugar Land, TX

November 19, 2018

This is giving my wife and me a great start on getting our life together. Thank you for the uncommon, Common Sense! Wish we learned this earlier.


Flore Jesuca from Boca Raton, FL

November 19, 2018


What we needed!

Theresa & Orrie from Cartersville, GA

November 19, 2018

So glad to have had the opportunity to take the class and Brian was a great facilitator.


Leroy E Davis III from Beaver Falls, PA

November 19, 2018

The class was very helpful and tought me how to budget my money