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Financial Peace University

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Amazing instructor and experience!

Alex from Englewood, NJ

December 29, 2018

FPU was a wonderful experience! Our instructor, Paul Platek, has a tremendous gift for motivating us and keeping us on track. He is also the embodiment of the fact that getting out of debt and living a debt free life can be achieved! Our classmates were all supportive and we cheered each other on each week. Finally, we got on the same page as a couple.

What happened to lifetime membership?

Caleb from Fort Benning, GA

December 29, 2018

When we signed up for FPU, it was a great experience, and we frequently refer to the videos, suddenly my "lifetime membership" expired and I am now required to pay $99 to access everything again.

FPU class

Jason from Marshall, IL

December 29, 2018

Awesome! Wish we would have done it years ago. We have paid off close to $5000 in debt over the last 4 months, and are keeping each other who participated in the class accountable.

Great Class

Leah from Ottawa, IL

December 29, 2018

I’ve been an avid listener to the podcast, but this class kicked us into gear! Just signed up to take the re-vamped course to help us kick out remaining debt out in 2019!

Real-life tools

Susan from Pittsburgh, PA

December 29, 2018

This class offers real life tools to help you live within your means. If you are honest and realistic about what you have to spend, and you work the system, I can see how this will change your life. Wish I had found it when I was much younger.

This class is named appropriately.

Brian and Karen from Lawrenceville, GA

December 29, 2018

"Peace" is the key word here! It is so good to know that after taking this class and becoming debt free, we no longer worry when emergencies occur!

Dave Ransey class

Patricia from Salem, NH

December 29, 2018

I enjoy the website very much.

Knowing I can do it!

Victoria from Fresno, CA

December 29, 2018

Financial Peace has completely changed my way of thinking about my finances. It has given me the tools that I need to be debt free and to make better choices for my family and my children. Now it is up to me! I know I can do this!! Thank you Lord for allowing me the opportunity to learn how to manage YOUR money!

financial peace for sure

Cobrin from Bozeman, MT

December 28, 2018

My husband and I have learned alot from financial peace university from picking the right insurances to budgeting properly it has saved us from going deep into debt.


TAUNYA from Jefferson, WI

December 28, 2018

My husband Jim & I loved the classes. We see the light at the end of the tunnel and we're glad to know it's not another train coming our way. We see that all our expenses, including our Mortgages can be completely paid off in about 7.5 years. That's just in time for us to think about retiring too. God is good all the time, no matter how bad we may blow out a budget! God's grace is sufficient.

Loved the Class!

Nina Johnson from Bowie, MD

December 28, 2018

Great class. The interaction and support was better than expected. I am going to miss the class but am glad to be on my way to financial peace.

New Format

Terry from Suttons Bay, MI

December 28, 2018

Love the new format. The flow is much better and much more user friendly. Including Rachel and Chris gives the audience a different perspective from a different personality. Can't wait to put them in action.


Karen from Albertville, MN

December 28, 2018

We are so glad we took this class as a family with two of my children. we are reviewing again and sharpening the saw on the process. continuing to learn and do better. thank you for it all!

Life-Changing Content, so much so, I did it again!

Jesus Brown from Riverside, CA

December 28, 2018

My wife originally did it with me, but in the middle of financial peace class I got a new job that did not allow me to be fully present for all sessions. I was able to listen to the audio during commutes and it was amazing! Now that I have the time I am getting to see the videos and be an active participant in the online content. I am so excited! Ramsey solutions sells an amazing product and educates America in a much needed area. My parents never taught me how to handle money, neither did anyone in the public school system. Thank you Dave Ramsey for helping me be a better person and work towards financial peace!

Habitat 4 Humanity + Financial Peace

Chasity Usher from Lafayette, IN

December 28, 2018

I enjoyed the course but did not like the instructor's ways of interacting with us.

Great, eye opener, life changing

JW from Milledgeville, GA

December 28, 2018

FPU is what I needed years ago before I retired. It is laid out so simple, I just regret not knowing about this process when I was still working. The only thing I would change is maybe looking for a class with a church that is more welcoming. Overall I am excited to be a part of the Ramsey experience. Looking forward to becoming debt free.

Waters Church Financial Peace University

Argenis from Randolph, MA

December 28, 2018

Overall, it was a great class that taught many lessons. It would have been greater (for me) if the videos would have been shorter. Perhaps 20-25 minutes top. Other than that, the information was great and the discussion within our group was awesome as well. Highly recommended it!

FPU at Oakpointe Church

Edyth from South Lyon, MI

December 28, 2018

Thanks so much for the opportunity to attend FPU. The coordinators at Oakpointe church were awesome and the lessons learned are very valuable. While we were attending I lost my 6 figure job after being employed for 20 years. So this was very difficult but attending the classes helped put things in perspective. My husband attended also and we were already close but this helped him become more involved in our finances.

Life changing!

Aymee Malena from New York, NY

December 28, 2018

I wish I would have taken this course years ago! This was life changing experience! It definitely changed my experience with money and the way I manage it. I will continue to take this course to refresh my memory and keep that gazelle momentum going. And will encourage others to take the course as well.

Life changing— Stress reducing

Kathryn from East Point, GA

December 28, 2018

I haven’t bounced a check in a year. I’ve paid off two cards and have stuck with a budget.

The Koroms

Tyler from Nicholson, GA

December 28, 2018

Great resource for getting and staying out of debt.

Great Program

Hannah from Bronx, NY

December 28, 2018

This was an amazing course and considering taking it again. Really helped me laser focus on what I need to do to ensure my future and CHANGE MY FAMILY TREE financially. Thanks so much Dave!

Being thoughtful makes all the difference.

Jodie from Bozeman, MT

December 28, 2018

During the last year as I worked through this program for the first time I learned to be very thoughtful of how I spent each dollar. It made a huge difference. I met my savings goals, paid off a third of my outstanding debt and still managed to participate in fun activities (more frugally). I spent WAY less than before I consciously made spending decisions. Thank you.


Tamim from Vallejo, CA

December 28, 2018

Though the practical advice is valuable, the delivery lacks imagination and seems disingenuous.

Life Changing


December 28, 2018

FPU has changed our marriage, life, and family. It has encouraged us to explore what God's word says about other things in our lives as well. We feel a contentment and peace we never knew was possible. God is so good to bring us to this place!!