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Financial Peace University

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Amazing, but EveryDollar is difficult

Nicholas from Kansas City, MO

December 14, 2019

The program has been an absolute blessing to us; the materials are exceptionally educational and inspiring. The only issue we have is with the EveryDollar software. It seems they cannot stay connected to some financial institutions, so missing transactions result. It worked well for the first year, and now seems to have issues. It gives a false sense of where you're at (which is the point of the software). I've been given the explanations as to why this is occurring (by EveryDollar), but we need the software to work as it's one of the only reasons we renew our FPU membership each year.

Fantastic class


December 14, 2019

The class was very helpful to get our spending back on track. We have recommended the class to others and continue to do so.

Eye opening and inspiring

Seth from West Monroe, LA

December 14, 2019

I learned so much about how to better manage my finances and how to start the journey to getting out of debt and building wealth. The last lesson about giving generously really inspired me as well.

Appreciate the community

Connie from Lowell, MA

December 14, 2019

I had been watching the videos and listening to podcasts before going to the FPU classes, so much I was familiar with, but I really enjoyed being able to be with a group so we could talk through sticky points, get clarification, and the best of all give and receive encouragement from my classmates and leaders. I can't wait until I too can do my debt free scream.

Content and Facilitation

Elaine from Roanoke, TX

December 14, 2019

The content was wonderful and quite useful. The facilitators we had were distracted most of the time. The session was on a Sunday morning at their church. The husband rarely participated and set a 'rushed' tone for the sessions he did attend. There was little to no small group vibe and little discussion time. My husband and I completed the last 5 sessions at home on our own. We did get value from the material and are about to pay off our home. Yes, we are already Everyday Millionaires! Yeah!!

February 2019 class

Toni from Orlando, FL

December 14, 2019

Great class! we've made so much progress on paying down debt and really paying attention to our budget/spending habits.

Best thing that ever happened to me

Lindsay Munoz from Denver, CO

December 14, 2019

I had no idea what I was getting to, I just showed up. I’ve learned so much & have become so motivated! I never dreamed of becoming a millionaire, but now I see my potential!


Crystal Staples from Bowie, MD

December 14, 2019

Due to work scheduled had to take classes online, but got all the info I needed to fix my finances.

Best $90 I've ever spent

Amy Eastman from Charleston, MO

December 14, 2019

I am a completely new person since taking fpu. My husband and I finally have hope for the future!

Rating is really a 3.5

Sandra from Lacey, WA

December 14, 2019

1. I was very frustrated through all the classes due to struggling to hear and focus on the video and the remainder of class over the very loud youth group?/music/base/etc on the other side of the divided room. I support their joy, etc, but I left with a serious headache several of the nights. 2. I think the class should be more interactive. I could've used a lot more coaching while figuring out my stuff, and could've learned from others' scenarios as well. Hearing the similar and various situations would be very helpful to me. 3. The in-room class length is too short. I think 2 hours would barely be sufficient. A side note-as a non church goer, it was difficult to get to know and connect with a possible accountability partner in the 1 1/2 hours time. 4. On the positive, I am thankful for the start and progress I've made, and VERY thankful I get to take the class again-repetition does help me! Here's hoping the second time really is the charm! Thank you

Financial Peace University

Jack from Chino, CA

December 13, 2019

I really enjoyed the course and found it to be helpful with managing my finances. I was able to pay off some bills. The instructor Brandy Usher was really knowledgeable and informative. I want to take additional courses or repeat the course again and become more active with the interactive group online. I love the snowball concept, saving and giving like no one else. Thanks Dave Ramsey and staff for everything. God Bless.

Very informative and inspiring

RUSHIKESH from Yardley, PA

December 13, 2019

Truly amazing contents delivered by experienced and deeply knowledgeable coaches. Dave, Chris and Rachel you are changing people's family tree by making the focused in the RIGHT direction. Salute to you all.

Action steps

GINA from Broken Arrow, OK

December 13, 2019

It’s very helpful to have action steps and a plan on how to manage our money and get out of debt! Then have a plan on how to invest.

Worth The Investment!

Sabrina from Tampa, FL

December 13, 2019

WOW. This knowledge has been a HUGE blessing to my husband and I. We completed the courses just before we were married and it really set us up to be financially wise for life. We had AMAZING coordinators and an experience that helped us to talk about and take care of our money in a Godly way.


Katiria from Smryna, TN

December 13, 2019

This class has really opened up our eyes to being normal and not having buyers beware. We also believed that we made good enough money to afford the things we wanted. 9 months before starting FPU we brought a car because we believed that, because we had just had a daughter we need a bigger car. This class really opened our eyes to how we as humans and stupid people can justify our buying of items. So thanks to our church for hosting and Dave and the team for teaching! We are all in now thanks.

Life Changing

Molly from Brunswick, ME

December 13, 2019

Changed my life!


Michelle from Stanfield, NC

December 13, 2019

Very informative! I wish that we done this a long time ago.

Well Built Program

Joe from JOPLIN, MO

December 13, 2019

I thoroughly enjoyed FPU at my local church. My wife and I were able to grasp the ideas, gained motivation and became better stewards of Gods money.

Life Changing

Marcus from Iowa Park, TX

December 13, 2019

Financial Peace has allowed me to take control of my finances and ultimately changed the course of my life. Instead of living paycheck to paycheck and stressing out on long months, I now have a plan for each month and just execute it. Each month becomes easier than the month before. I now can see that true financial freedom is in sight and my path is clear. I didn’t say it has always been easy but living before Financial Peace was never easy. I am so thankful that God allowed me to discover his plan for for our lives.


Tricia from Walden, VT

December 13, 2019

I have been a fan of Dave Ramsey and this FPU program for so long; valuable information for all especially young people to get on the right path now.

Love it!


December 13, 2019

Love the process and love how easy it is to understand

Financial Peace was fantastic

Chris from Knoxville, TN

December 13, 2019

My spouse and I finally have control of our money - 5 stars!

Nick is the best!

Anni Fischer from Saint Michael, MN

December 13, 2019

This was the second time we tried to go through FPU, however this time was different. WE actually finished the course. Couldn't have done it without the help of Nick Christoff, our FPU coordinator. He was the best! He made each class fun and informative.


Henry and Dana from Bixby, OK

December 13, 2019

I'm so glad we took FPU it was a much needed wake up call! I can't wait until we can do our DEBT FREE scream!!


Brigita from Orange Park, FL

December 13, 2019

The Course gives straightforward steps to take and inspires you along the way to keep going. It is not easy to pay off debt but it is doable!