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Financial Peace University

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Financial Peace University

Dennis from Blanchard, OK

August 15, 2019

This is a life-changer if people will only try it, adhere to the principles taught in the course. Changing me and my wife in more ways, than can be explained. To God be the Glory and Honor, and to Dave Ramsey, who listened to what God instructed him to do and share with the rest of us.


Sione Ngalupepeloa Kefu from DANA POINT, CA

August 13, 2019

I did not finish it. It expired before I finished it.

cannot use, no help so far

Pam from Hummelstown, PA

August 6, 2019

bought in January. First step was an issue linking my bank. Not working. Asked for help and did not get help i needed to get first step started. Am trying 7 months later to get on this budget. Still can't link bank. Asking for tech help, I'll see if they can give me some answers so I can get my $'s worth.

cant make notification go away unless you write a review?

Daniel from Aurora, CO

August 3, 2019

Love FPU, don't love being forced to leave a review to remove the notification icon on my account. I'm fine with you deleting this comment because I DO love FPU.


Jacqueline from Chicago, IL

July 25, 2019

When I purchased this product I was told this was a lifetime membership, which included attending any class for free within the United States, etc.. I didn't know it was an annual membership.


Diane & Kenneth from Arlington, TX

June 28, 2019

All companies should cease and desist from the CONSTANT begging for reviews. We haven't been on here long enough to give you one. We will when we have been. Sheesh.


Christina from Gainesville, FL

June 14, 2019

I paid for lifetime membership and when I went to get online, I was prompted to "Buy another membership". I have left voicemails as well as tried to all options to connect and cant get a human. What gives? I am very disappointed!!!

Needs to be simpler

Cathy Colbert from TRACY, CA

May 31, 2019

I have been trying for the last hour to work my transactions into my budget. I have been a long time member of Every Dollar, and I am trying to use it again. It has been frustrating at best to try and transfer my transactions into the budget.

Hard time with site coordination

Melissa from Ellabell, GA

April 27, 2019

We love Financial Peace and everything Dave teaches. However we have had the hardest time as coordinators, helping our class get access to the website. It has been a nightmare.


George and Rosa Nichols from San MArcos, CA

April 23, 2019

Plan is good; instructors were unrealistic and too young to have true knowledge of economy changes, etc.

Incredibly disappointed with the new SAS model

John from Aurora, CO

April 4, 2019

I work with my church as a table coach (and have done so every year since 2012) and like to keep apprised with what our group is going through and review each lesson. In the past I could do this accessing content as the class progressed to ensure I was adequately prepared. With the new model I am now forced to purchase a subscription service each time we do a class. I recognized that Ramsey Solutions is not a non-profit and that this is a for profit corporation, but to gouge those who help to facilitate the very profits you rely on is disingenuous. Not impressed.... at all.

Probably a good tool

Tiffany Sinicki from Pittsburgh, PA

April 1, 2019

But I haven’t used it. Trying to disable Auto-renew, but I can’t figure out how.

still not fixed

Rocky from belleville, IL

March 29, 2019

the logon site is still not fixed so that I can add the members.

Locked out

Brett from Hilliard, OH

March 25, 2019

Currently enrolled in the every dollar app but if I go to the website to access all the tools, it says I have no access and cannot utilize the tools I am paying for...

No videos!

Robin from Selma, AL

March 24, 2019

I am trying to rewatch the videos and it is a broken link!! Waste of $10 monthly renewal.

wasn't able to finish - due to leader not available-a death

monica 651-307-2579 from Lino Lakes, MN

March 21, 2019

not happy - couldn't finish due to leader

New Flex Program

Steve from Cleveland, OH

March 17, 2019

While it shortens the class time, I don't think the Flex program provides the interaction and depth of knowledge that the old program (where everyone watched the video together) provided. I would not recommend the Flex program.

wont let me finish course

Kathy Moorefield Dodson from Ringgold, VA

March 13, 2019

the lessons stopped before i could finish the course i was only on lesson 5

Course half over and still have not received FPU workbook!

Greg from Dallas, TX

March 13, 2019

Course half over and still have not received FPU workbook! How do I get a partial refund?

Little Disappointed

Marion from Columbus, OH

February 21, 2019

Disappointed with the fact that I spent money to join and attend the class and I have to repay. I feel like once you have paid all the tools should be there for you for life. Just a little disappointed regarding that. So I'm gonna try to figure out how to delete my profile and be done.


Kim from Lakeland, FL

February 8, 2019


This is my third try

Nita from somewhere, LA

February 4, 2019

This is just way too confusing. My banks don't connect anymore which is what made it worthwhile to pay the money for the extended edition. I can do the same thing with Mint that does connect.

one star

Scott from Stockton, CA

January 17, 2019

I liked the other program better the rollout is not very good. information is changing we go directly into the budget the last material gave you a good reason to do the budget.


Russ & Debs from VERO BEACH, FL

January 10, 2019


one star - feeling frustrated

Jeanette from Florence, KY

January 8, 2019

I purchased FPU on Sept 3 and understood that I had one year access. On Jan 3 the videos changed and no longer corresponded with my workbook. I have contacted support and they correct the problem by uploading the older videos to my account but the problem does not remain corrected. I watched the first two lessons on video. Lesson three and four I have had to use the audio link under the resource section. I don't feel I have received what I paid for. I'm excited about the curriculum, but feel I was sold a curriculum that was going obsolete. I'm frustrated listening to audio recordings rather than watching videos. Audio recordings do not allow me to see what Dave is demonstrating on stage. I feel the technical difficulties have slowed down the progress I wanted to make.