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Financial Peace University

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Sarah from Sioux Falls, SD

September 28, 2018

I do not like your stupid people that I had to deal with over the phone. When I explain my situation, I shouldn't get a bunch of calls when I say "not until august" or a message saying "You must not truly be interested". Believe me, I was interested, I just didn't need to waste my time on a stupid employee when I am trying to move and save money and figure out a new work situation.

To big

Kiara from Lynchburg, VA

September 27, 2018

Felt very impersonal. Felt like I was doing it on my own and needed better help with my budget. Teacher was nice but no time to help before or after. More just self promoting how well they have done paying off all their debt.

Stinking confused

Chad and Toni from Bakersfield, CA

September 18, 2018

I have no idea how to handle every dollar when a Friday is on the last day of the month like last month. I'm frustrated to tears. Since Friday is a paycheck day and the last day of the month I put that income on last month. However, now I have expenses coming out of this month. It'd be a lot easier if you could just tell us when the month actually starts because it's never on the first. It should start the previous pay day of the last month or end through the last pay period of the current month (which is really next month). I have no idea what the heck I'm doing and now my accts are seriously messed up! Please help.


M from Saint Charles, MO

August 18, 2018

Only attended one lesson in 2016.

never completed

Amy from knoxville, TN

August 18, 2018

I am taking a new class, did not complete the 2016 class

Class One

Philecia from Edmond, OK

August 7, 2018

I attended one class at the church and never returned. I was the only African American in the class but the members of the church itself made me feel unacceptable and unwanted. I found a new one that started on Aug 5th and I plan to stay with this group.

Accessing my payment info

Deborah from Spokane Valley, WA

August 2, 2018

I see no place I can cancel my auto subscription. I didn't sign up for auto renewal and can't find a way to remove it. I've been charged for 6 months I did not want to renew.

Subscription Expires!

No Bueno

July 17, 2018

What a funny way to make money out of someone that claims to help people.

Upset w change

Amilette from San Marcos, CA

July 12, 2018

I have completely changed my life and live by FPU and it's teachings. When I signed up I was promised a life-time membership and access to the tools and lessons. I recently got engaged and I told my fiance that I wouldn't marry him until we did the lessons together, only to find out that I now have to pay a $49 6-month subscription. What happened to Dave Ramsey and his word of a life-time subscription. Very disappointed.

There was no one there when I went to my first session

Guisselle from Budd Lake, NJ

July 11, 2018

Hi. I know it's been a few years, but I wanted to let you know that I never took my course because there was no one at the church on the day I went for my first session. I was very disappointed and tried reaching out to someone (sorry, it's been 3 years and can't remember who), but I never received a reply. I was very disappointed because I was really looking forward to it, but after a while I forgot about it. I'm letting you know right now, because I came back to change my password and see if I can buy some new materials :)