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Financial Peace University

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Money matters...

Rina from Cleveland, TN

October 20, 2018

I like the content and structure of the courses. What I don't like is having to renew the membership when I barely make rent.

Print option

Maurice Allen Price from Summerland Key, FL

October 11, 2018

Can you make a print friendly form of the budget; where it all comes out on one page. How about the ability to compare: Month-to-Month, Quarterly, and Annually.


paula from westerly, RI

October 11, 2018

i dont think it can help me. I need someone to sit with me one on one..It will help others but not me.

Financial Peace Review

Jeremy from Hobbs, NM

October 10, 2018

This class has been a great awakening for myself and my wife to recognize what we need to do to accomplish our goals. I feel the class moves a little too quickly into long term planning vs helping couples or individuals who have more emphasis on short term goals such as fixing credit scores to buy a home. I don’t feel like the class gives the best advice when someone is in my circumstance. However it’s a great way for my wife and I to communicate better and plan our savings and budget.

its ok

T from ok, OK

October 7, 2018


Getting out of debt

Nicole from Hartford CT, CT

September 10, 2018

It was great and I learn alot. Wish they was more hand on.

Financial Peace

Maria from Costa Mesa, CA

September 8, 2018

Concepts are helpful but biased too much to wealth building of wealthy middle class couples It would have been more helpful with many tips for singles that are struggling

Course idea

Robert from Carson city, NV

September 4, 2018

As a young healthcare professional with student loan debt I didnt really feel I fit in with my class, I was the youngest by far and fave much different obstacles than most in my class! Financial peace is great but it does not cater to what I need! A course focused on younger people would be REALLY beneficial and i would sign up for it in a heartbeat!

Good basic advice but not always practical

Stephen from Pittsburg, CA

August 28, 2018

The advice is typically good but in some circumstances doesn't fit. Every time I start to make progress some collector comes along with an account I was not aware of. Once they sue you the entire plan goes out the window. All the budgeting and steps get dumped upside down anytime you make progress with lawsuits or garnishments. If one doesn't have this issue its a good program.


Jessica from Ninety Six, SC

August 26, 2018

I have the CD's and i got kinda confused but the online classes are great I had a yard sale and no one came. It's hard to create the emergency fund if you don't have very much income to start with

Good course

Phillip from Alpena, MI

August 24, 2018

Good course for younger people but we are older so a lot of that won't work for us. Learned alot.

Awesome! Will retake again!!

Johnnie from Fort Lauderdale, FL

August 19, 2018

I love this course and it had tons of awesome info! I will retake this again really soon!! Several topics were irrelevant for me at this time (my reason for the 3 star rating).

Financial Peacw

Brian from Tulsa, OK

August 12, 2018

Great starting point

It was okay

Samantha from WICHITA, KS

August 7, 2018

So it's really kind of hard to think about anything past baby step 3 since I am not past that step and it might be awhile until I get to that step. Honestly, sometimes I feel like the group just kind of lacked enthusiasm since we started with a group over a dozen and last session it was me, another couple, and then our two group leaders. I could probably even have a few more sessions of really working on just budgeting, I really was thinking that going thru the class that I would have some kind of revolution and something would just click, but unfortunately that didn't happen.


Brenda from Madison, OH

July 22, 2018

The discipline of a written budget has been a blessing. Am discouraged my membership expired, thought it was lifelong. Also wished there was more for those of us who have already retired!