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Financial Peace University

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Financial Peacw

Brian from Tulsa, OK

August 12, 2018

Great starting point

It was okay

Samantha from WICHITA, KS

August 7, 2018

So it's really kind of hard to think about anything past baby step 3 since I am not past that step and it might be awhile until I get to that step. Honestly, sometimes I feel like the group just kind of lacked enthusiasm since we started with a group over a dozen and last session it was me, another couple, and then our two group leaders. I could probably even have a few more sessions of really working on just budgeting, I really was thinking that going thru the class that I would have some kind of revolution and something would just click, but unfortunately that didn't happen.


Brenda from Madison, OH

July 22, 2018

The discipline of a written budget has been a blessing. Am discouraged my membership expired, thought it was lifelong. Also wished there was more for those of us who have already retired!