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Financial Peace University

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getting my feet wet

Tara from Midland, TX

September 24, 2018

I enjoyed the humor and practicality of the videos. It's a real good starter for somebody like me who needs a crash course because it will be a while before I got to the book. I'm now ecstatic to read the book and get further understanding and knowledge of the teaching provided by the Ramsey team. I feel more confident in all of my financial decisions and capable of taking my finances into my own hands. The hope is back and the future looks bright.

Blending Families Blending Finances

Sarah Bratley from Boise, ID

September 23, 2018

My partner and I were in the process of blending our families and the timing of the Financial Peace course was prefect for the financial discussions we had to have. We've work on our monthly budget together and we're really clear on spending boundaries. We've also worked together to get out of the red and pay off most of our debt. Thank you!

Good information!

Elton & Stacey from Houston, TX

September 22, 2018

We gained really great information from the classes and started putting things into place right away. We did get off track after several months and found ourselves in a fix again so we have pulled out our information and gotten back on track. It's a lifestyle change; like getting your body in shape you have to get your mind in shape to think and do better!

Something to grow with

Rene from Chicago, IL

September 21, 2018

I enjoyed taking it almost a year ago and now I need to take it again to refresh what I learned.

Financial Peace University Review

Joshua from South Bend, IN

September 19, 2018

I took this course as a young man the February before I went off to college. This program helped me realize the importance of starting early and showed me the ropes on how to manage my finances as a young man right out of the gate. Thank you Dave!

Useful and informative

Jessica N from Evansville, IN

September 18, 2018

This class was fantastic and I really learned a lot. My only issue was that the membership and resources expired and I did not realize that would be the case. When I went to renew, the original cost for a year of service was $90 but the renewal for 6 months is $64, with no option of another year. Considering this is a class on finances, that didn't make much sense to me. I'd like to renew, but not for $64.


mcdonald from houston, TX

September 18, 2018

good but final session should have a recap

I did it!

Cami from Rock Falls, IL

September 17, 2018

I finished FPU and it has given me the motivation to work harder on paying off debt. I learned information on topics that I want to ignore because I don't understand them, such as: insurance, retirement, and investing. FPU was great online and I may still look into taking an in-person FPU course as well.

First FPU

Ashley from lynnwood, WA

September 17, 2018

Overall, I believe in the class materials, but some of the practical steps in getting the class organized and knowing whether people had ordered their kits was confusing. I also feel that coordinators should receive an email whenever someone signs up so we can reach out to them to introduce ourselves.

Thumbs up!

Matt from Cicero, NY

September 16, 2018

Liking the coordinator info formatted on my phone!

Was super pleased!

Meagan Nicol from Carlisle, IN

September 14, 2018

I’ve had a great experience. I plan to take it once a year for continuous accountability! Love the lifetime membership so I can be able to take the class over again. This has changed my life. It’s difficult on some day, and Murphy seems to strike and when he strikes it’s a lot. But this journey has lead to more and more to achieve the mindset to never give up!

Life changing!

Jenn from Sherwood, OH

September 14, 2018

It took some time, 24 years to be exact, to get my husband on board but we started almost a year ago and have managed to pay off over $17,000 of our debt. It’s such empowerment to have true control of our debt for the first time. I know there are things we can tighten up on even more this year and our goal to be debt free is 5years and that’s mortgage included! I can’t wait! Medical bills are what really got us behind but excuses are a dime a dozen we just didn’t have our acts together! Thanks for the kick start it is changing our lives

Nicely updated

Erick from Anaheim, CA

September 13, 2018

The UI leverages the most current trends in emerging web standards making the experience more graceful and user friendly.

Financial peace University

Martina from Manchester, CT

September 13, 2018

I liked learning in a group that supports me and helps me out.

Great Basics

Sheila Hanley from Edina, MN

September 12, 2018

I enjoyed the course very much. It taught basics of money management and many pathways to financial freedom. Thanks to you, I am on my way to worry free retirement.


Durand A. Parker from Macedonia, OH

September 12, 2018

The class is amazing. Our instructor Nathan is very competent about the program.

Eye opening and fabulous

Kim from Cypress, CA

September 11, 2018

I love the program. I took a class at church and couldn't believe how, even at my age, it made so much sense and "Why didn't this occur to me?" I have been following the plan for a couple years. I am following the plan and getting out of debt. I love the tools that are made available, I use them regularly and even bought a home dvd set so my daughters could watch and learn. The only complaint I have was that I now have to pay to continue using the website and its tools, which sort of defeats the purpose of the program. I mean, cut out unnecessary costs and all. I like the calculators on the site which help enormously but I feel it's a burden I might soon give up because I have a home to pay off and like a latte or getting my nails done, it isn't a need. It's sad to me because I feel like the it's a moneymaking deal for the Brand but at the cost of the very people the Brand is trying to help get out of debt. over all, I would and have recommended Peace University. thanks


Stephen from Lancaster, PA

September 10, 2018

Very thankful my wife and I made the time to attend FPU!

Excellent Program

Trish from Seminoke, FL

September 6, 2018

We went through the program about 6 years ago, and learned so much. We are now doing it again churchwide. We are excited to get back on track and focusing more on retirement at this point.


Colleen from Eatonton, GA

September 3, 2018

This was the second time I have gone through FPU, the first time in 2009. It was sad I had to pay again even though I had a lifetime membership. The principle has remained but I enjoyed the new content.

Good Refresher

Rebecca from Murphy, NC

September 2, 2018

Well, the re-review was a good kick-in-the-behind and I'm cutting back on spending & saving more, however, would have liked a book that was more current, addressing more current issues in the market. Also, wish you had 'an advanced' course to address investing (rather than just say 'do it'). You keep tossing out money market examples bringing in at least 12%.....I don't know just how feasible even that is in today's times nor how to go about finding proper ones. All I see are companies that want to promise everything just to get their hands on the money. :-( Besides, there's got to be something that's safer than the markets, as I think America's about to implode, crash & burn due to all our debt with Federal Reserve phoney money (smoke & mirrors with no gold to back it up, as the banksters stole/wiped out Fort Know many years ago) Then again, maybe you just prefer to work with those who are totally new to your Baby Steps. Again, enjoyed the refresher, as I took FPU over 6 years ago.

Very good, but not perfect.

Lindsey from Natrona Heights, PA

August 31, 2018

Overall, the resources are fantastic. However, the continued struggle with the online resources and Microsoft Edge not consistently working together have been annoying at best. Thank you!

Awesome! Even more Dave FAQ would make it 5 stars

Kim from Arlington, TX

August 30, 2018

This is a great course! Dave and guests lay out the philosophy and I was able to include my husband to start to get him on board in a way I never have before the course. Only thing that would make it 5 Stars is to include even more.... links to special content/questions and answer podcasts or clips would address many of questions that are not covered. There were many questions some people had or challenges to the teaching that Dave clearly has teachings on or guidance, but the instructor did not provide any guidance to additional material and was not a Dave follower. So class members were providing guidance how to find answers to questions (ex. Getting out of debt when upside down on your car). But I want to be clear- Dave has the one true path! I am a solid listener. I LOVED FPU and his consistent biblical framing without preaching has helped us not only with money, but has been instrumental in deepening our relationship with God.


Shannon L McCoy from High Point, NC

August 30, 2018

I love this site and it has been wonderful in helping me towards my goals. I was under the impression that once a member, always a member. I am getting ready to take the class again and can't get in to use the tools provided by the site. It is rather aggravating...

Didn’t make it

Julie from Flandreau, SD

August 29, 2018