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Financial Peace University

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Good information

Kate from Mt Pleasant, MI

November 20, 2019

For the most part I really liked the class. It does seem to be targeted more towards the middle class and how to spend money wisely, though I think people near the poverty line could still benefit from it.


Laurie from Cedar Rapids, IA

November 20, 2019

When I started the Financial Peace University, I decided to do it on my own as my husband works 3rd shift, and our views on managing money are extremely different. My plan was to do what I could to help our family finances without asking him to change. I did share what I had learned, he watched one video with me, and I am pleased to say that finally, after 25 years of marriage working on our finances TOGETHER! It is super hard work, but he is beginning to see hope in getting out of debt, and I am beginning to see hope in working together on our finances! It is definitely improving our marriage, and our kids are beginning to see it work...which is a bonus as I have hope that they will have hope too!


Traci from Austin, TX

November 20, 2019

Thoroughly enjoyed FPU course.The videos were very informative. The classes however were very boring.

Living in my Overflow

Amber Sellers from Lawrence, KS

November 20, 2019

I was hesitant to take the class because I like I didn't fit the profile (i.e. married w/kids, house debt) for someone who "needed" this program...I could not have been more wrong. While my journey has been slow, I have not lost faith in the principles and process. I feel more confident about gaining financial peace and getting myself to living in my overflow. I love the EveryDollar budget app and I've shared the lessons with family members to get them to take the class. Overall, I'm pleased with my decision and look forward to completing my babysteps!


Krista from Cleveland, TN

November 20, 2019

There were several informative lessons and financial 'nuggets of wisdom' I found from my FPU local class. Dave and his team had unique ways of looking at financial issues from a different perspective, but there was wisdom in it. There were a few aspects that I felt were general knowledge - as in you may need two jobs for additional income to pay off debts; but, overall I did enjoy the class. I do wish our local group had more time for discussion; but we didn't have the opportunity, due to class time restraints. That aspect is the only portion I would change -- to allow additional time for feedback and questions. I did like they spread the lessons out over a 9-week period.

Good program

Kyle from Shawnee, KS

November 19, 2019

I enjoyed the content of the program and agree that the ways presented to win with money will work if applied. However, the series did not address the following concern: How do I know if mutual funds (or other investments) which make market or above-market returns are engaged in predatory behavior for these returns?

FPU Rocks

David from Miami, FL

November 19, 2019

If you've never taken the course this is a must... single, have a girlfriend/boyfriend, maybe getting serious or already married. Trust me when I say it will only help you more to achieve your financial goals.

Debt snowball

Lynne from lafayette, LA

November 19, 2019

I wish the debt snowball page would show me more clearly what I need to pay extra and what I’ve paid extra in the past separately. I dont know what the extra payment shaded area means. Is it what I need to pay extra or what I’ve already paid extra?

ask a coach

Mike and Kim from Montoursville, PA

November 17, 2019

Wen submitted 2 questions over the last 7 weeks. I am disappointed to say we have yet to hear back form anyone. Beyond that the program has been great!


Wesley from Visalia, CA

November 17, 2019

This was a great class

Daughter joined me

Madelyn from Boonsboro, MD

November 17, 2019

I had my 20 years old daughter joined me and I set her on a budget and she began to also help with the household expenses now that she realize the important of having a budget and how much everything cost in the household. She is my accountable partner and I am her accountable partner. She was the only young adult in the meetings. Everyone else was over 40 years old and mostly in their 50's and 60's. Meeting was an eye opener for both.

Need program for retiree and widows.

Mitsugi Tanaka from Vallejo, CA

November 16, 2019

EveryDollar budget app is a very helpful tool. However, for the technically handicapped person, it takes time to master it. It is nice to have a personal coach. I wished that some aspects of the FPU website can be made more friendly to widows and retirees.

Decent Value

Aaron from Norfolk, VA

November 16, 2019

FPU is a decent value given the information in it. Some of the information I was already aware of. Unfortunately, I felt like the first three lessons were too basic for myself. The lessons afterward were very useful. I would imagine if I had no mathematical background and were financially illiterate that I would have found the first three lessons more pointful. The only thing I would change from the program would be to include a bit more detail about various ways to improve your cash-flow situation without picking up extra hours or spending less. A tactic I have used is changing my W4. A lot of people leave it at 0 and enjoy the tax refund at the beginning of a new year. I, on the other hand, want as little as possible back and use that extra income throughout the year to pay off debt. Aside from that, FPU has useful information that can be applied to the general public. It is a decent starting point to get your financial situation under control.

Great Place to Be

Tamika from Oklahoma City, OK

November 15, 2019

Financial Peace is a God send. I knew I needed to do something but did not know how to start. This takes me step by baby step. I would like to have more resources handy, for example: You say I can get an on-line job, give me examples where I can go to get that, and it is not a scam. Just little things like that I would like more of. What helped me most is the diversity of people speaking. That really made it real for me. I can do this when there are people like me doing it. Thank you!

Slow and Steady

MONICA A DELKS from Cedar Park, TX

November 15, 2019

My husband Gary and I are are thrilled at the prospect of becoming debt free. We would both agree that we waited far too long to begin our retirement planning process and now looking at our future we realize how much we do not want to be a burden to our children for our care. We were in lala land for many years not wrapping our minds around our own aging process. Gary and I both agree that the greatest gift we can give our children as we enter these latter years is to settle our debt and have resources for our care. We are both so excited and will continue pressing on Trusting that God's got this and all we need to do is remain persistent in our goal. If I were to critique anything in the program it would be to request some kind of training on how to actually use the tools, a 101 course on the every dollar budget. I have found it to be slightly challenging to navigate.

Good Program, Bad Discussion Questions

Ali from Broomfield, CO

November 15, 2019

Overall, the program is extremely valuable and worth your time if you want to learn how to handle your money like the Bible says you should, and to finally get out of debt. If you choose to take it in a classroom with a group though, the book's discussion questions aren't applicable to every person's situation (less than 1/2 were relevant to me), and I found myself getting bored by the end of class because of it. The actual videos and information are very valuable and important, that would just be the one thing I would wish to change.

Can't lie, not as good as it use to be

WCFJ78 from Saint Clair Shores, MI

November 15, 2019

I took the v1 FPU Jan 2018 and now finished leading the class using v2. Maybe it was just me but the updated lessons didn't feel as impactful and having some new content interspersed with some of the old content just felt weird (Dave's old, Dave's young, Dave's old again). It really felt choppy and unfinished. In some ways I liked that the course was more online-focused but there was a learning curve to the online portal, even for someone who does IT for a living. I still have to spend way too much time looking for the content. The site interface really needs to be streamlined. Other than all that, the heart, soul and message are still outstanding.


Danielle Joanna Glassel from Olathe, KS

November 15, 2019

This class was good- great conversations and groups! I would suggest doing step 9 first to get people SUPER ENTHUSED... then maybe repeating it at the end. Other than that Great course! AT THE VERY LEAST, I'm now far more mindful about my needs vs wants before spending my money!

Great Teaching Example

AARON from Round Rock, TX

November 14, 2019

I truly liked the Lesson 9 example of how we are to consider ourselves as resource managers and NOT owners of the time and treasure. How we would flip out if the 'bank' told us our deposit was gone! How graceful God is when our priorities are selfish. Will you mature and change your thoughts and behavior is the life challenge to us all.

New Focus

Cal from Overland Park, KS

November 14, 2019

The class was a great reminder on what should be common sense. It also has been a good catalyst to get my wife and I on the same page with regards to money. At times it can be frustrating the way the program charges through the baby steps - as if you can do them all in a manner of weeks - but I'm not sure it could all be presented any differently.

Love this class

Jennifer C from Loranger, LA

November 13, 2019

I have learned so much about my finances in this course. Not only doing a budget and saving money but insurances, mortgages, retirement, college for kids, and so much more! Everything about money that they dont teach you in high school or college if it's not your major! You cant go wrong taking this class. It is well worth the money! My only complaint is that I wish it were longer than 9 weeks! But I can rewatch the videos and everything by myself at a different time. I just enjoyed going to the meetings to keep me on track!

Great content

Paul D Neuman from Appleton, WI

November 13, 2019

Dave Ramsey and his team have put together a comprehensive, no frills program that take your lifestyle (monetary) and put it into perspective. The levels of progression and how to get there are streamlined and easy to understand. The instructors that put on the course were professional and did whatever it took to make us feel comfortable and certain that the instructions were clear and concise. Being in a community setting initially can be awkward when discussing something as personal as how successful you have been managing your lifestyle. When you understand that others are not that different from you the classroom offers a means to communicate what everyone has done successfully and not so well and how to learn from those experiences. This is where the program helps guide you into understanding how to avoid the same mistakes and stay away from future ones. Ultimately you will have the gratification in not only living a better life but to help others along the way as God intended.

Wish List

Phylicia from Pueblo, CO

November 13, 2019

Wish I could have learned about this perspective earlier in life. Glad I got the chance to be introduced to the material.

Hard to Apply to changing life

Joseph from Raeford, NC

November 12, 2019

I have enjoyed the class and trying to implement the baby steps into my life but with changing lifestyles and events in my life it is hard to stick to one set plan because of situations that could come into play and end up setting my plan back multiple times. I understand the concept of the plans and hope that it will help to continue my growth over time as well as prepare my kids as I bring them into the planing as they grow. Life changes and I know baby step one is to help avoid the financial burden but in some situations these baby steps cant always stand where they should and everyone taking the class needs to know that you have plan this best to your life and even if it works really well I can say it does but you have to make sure your life is ready for the change and be prepared for set backs. Pray and stay strong because only with his guidance and wisdom can things fall into place. Thank you to the Ramsey Team for this help and I can't wait to write back saying I am dept free.

Great New Lessons

Aubrey from San Jose, CA

November 11, 2019

Overall the class update has been nice. More than anything I like all the resources we have as coordinators now. It makes doing the class so much easier.