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Financial Peace University

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Great Program

Dale from Shawnee, KS

September 16, 2019

Great Program

Life changing

Jeff from Joliet, IL

September 15, 2019

Go to the class in person! It will change your life and many around you also

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September 15, 2019

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Excited about the possibilities

Mercy's Haven from Blue Lake, CA

September 15, 2019

Our group just started and we all feel excited about the possibilities of financial freedom and the support we can provide one another. We now a have standard that we can live by.

Lesson videos

Beth from Marietta, GA

September 15, 2019

It is almost impossible to find the lesson videos to review on my own after the class has ended! I fell like I should still have access to these even after class since I am a coordinator and I have Coordinator Perks for one year.


Kimberly A Obdam from Fontana, CA

September 15, 2019

This is my second time going through FPU and every time it feels like I learn something new. The first time my husband and I took it we were in a state of desperation financially, and this time we have hope & victory with our finances. God is good!

Watered down

Clint from Pleasantville, NJ

September 13, 2019

I liked the version offered in 2016 where Dave does all the teaching. I feel like content was moved to Legacy Journey making FPU less impactful. I still love Dave and drink the Kool-aid but it was better before.

Love it!

Lisa from San Jose, CA

September 12, 2019

Loving the new format. I'm very excited about the new format and how I can interact more. I feel I will be more accountable. It would be great if single person could join up with an online coach to help with doing their budget. Sometimes you don't not always have someone in your life you feel comfortable sharing personable financial matters.

FPU Review

Julie from Maricopa, AZ

September 12, 2019

I enjoyed the course and meeting people in a similar situation. Instructor was pleasant and very informative. Thanks

Helpful Starting Point

Daniel from Redmond, WA

September 11, 2019

This was a great tool as my wife and I started out our marriage. It helped to give us similar language around getting ourselves on the same page and beginning to work towards savings goals.

Life-changing :)

Emily Estes from Nacogdoches, TX

September 9, 2019

I have loved the course and materials available to use! It has truly changed my family's lives. The snowball calculator makes me so excited to get out of debt. My one complaint is that I have been using the EveryDollar app and I have had problems with it connecting to my bank account the whole time I've had it.

Very good but...

Nancy from Stoney Beach, MD

September 8, 2019

It would be extremely helpful if one (or maybe 2) classes could be dedicated to learning the ins and outs of the Every Dollar program. I find myself frustrated at times and find myself just throwing my hands up and moving on. I would love to be proficient instead of sometimes inefficient.

Our Debt Free Journey

A.H from Yuma, AZ

September 8, 2019

My husband and I both enjoyed the course and discussions that came about during the classes. We have now been on our debt-free journey coming up on a year in January. We may be considered a tiny shovel family but we have managed to pay off 10,000 of our consumer debt. This coming year we are confident that we can cut our remaining debt in half by sticking to the zero-based budget and being wise with our finances.

A life changing course

Frank from Fort Leavenworth, KS

September 8, 2019

FPU has helped my wife and I stay debt free, and purchase our dream home with more than 20% down for a 20 year loan. We are able to participate in missions trips because we have financial freedom to give back. Our children, now both in college understand they must avoid debt and are working to finish college debt free. Thanks Dave

Worth the Cost, but. . .

Michele from Kansas City, KS

September 6, 2019

FPU is worth the cost, especially if you are willing to do the elbow grease and endure the growing pains to get out of debt (or at least manage your debt / budget). However, the classes can turn into a hair pulling or humdrum experience depending upon your group. I recommend finding a different class if: 1. Your leader allows someone (idiot) to take over the class and dispense non-FPU, really bad advice. This was my first class a few years ago. There were great lessons; but, it was hard to weed out the bad from the good. 2. If your class lacks enthusiasm and is on snooze. This was my last class. It is hard to build a shared momentum that is designed into the course. The shared momentum and enthusiasm would help people look forward to class and get over some of the inevitable pains and bumps in the road.

awesome service

Leah from Jackson, TN

September 6, 2019

great at keeping on budget and itemizing each transacation

Great For Accountability

Terri from Mountain Home, AR

September 4, 2019

Class was helpful to stay accountable and hear other classmate's stories of their journey and how they may have handled certain similar circumstances.

Financial road map

Karen from Surprise, AZ

September 3, 2019

My daughter- in- law was so garcious to offer this course to the family. My husband is learning and participating for the first time in our 55 yrs of marriage in money matters. He is understanding budgeting for needs and wants is essential. I have had difficulties understanding the every dollar program. How to enter data has been confusing. My husband and I are free spirits so budgeting has been very challenging. We will stick with it until we can take another baby step forward. All things are possible to them who believe and try! Our trust is in the Lord! We believe in miracles and we need one. The Financial Peace University course provides the tools to live an abundant life full of peace. Getting there is the challenge.

Invest In Yourself

Jennice from Little Rock, AR

August 30, 2019

I had a great experience and learned a lot. I would recommend attending a class with more than 2 people. We didn't go into much detail at times because it was just us two. Regardless, I learned a lot with Bear and Andy as leads.

Super Helpful

Marc and Melissa from Traverse City, MI

August 30, 2019

Only wish I would have gone through this years earlier as we would be much further ahead.

May God's Provisions Go Forth

Miranda from Rancho Cucamonga, CA

August 28, 2019

God is faithful to provide. One more debt (car payment) to finish paying off. No credit card debt! I declare freedom upon all of God's children. I recommend this program so that the Lord can touch hearts and then He can touch others through them do reveal His glory. He is a wonderful provider.

Financial Peace University

Phil & Sheila from Shawnee, KS

August 26, 2019

We learned so much by taking the Financial Peace University. We are going to be leaders this fall. The one area I which they would cover is the 60 year old that has not adequately saved for retirement.

EveryDollar App

Trina from Phoenix, AZ

August 22, 2019

Hello, FPU has brought my husband and I closer together. We are learning how our different budgeting styles are and what strengths we each have. My only wish is that the EveryDollar App had a way to have a per paycheck budget instead of a monthly budget. My husband's pay amounts are never the same but are on set pay dates. An option to plan a zero dollar budget per pay period would be awesome! Thank you!


Jessica from billings, MT

August 22, 2019

Content was great!

Good Program

Carrie from Anywhere, TX

August 15, 2019

Love the program and our coaches. Have missed a couple of classes due to unforeseen circumstances but have also learned alot!