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Financial Peace University

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Budgeting for beginners

Ron from Jacksonville, FL

September 16, 2019

Awesome. By following the baby steps we are getting our finances back on track. The every dollar budget tool is easy to use. The FPU classes are great, informative and interesting.

Learning experience

Brenda from Terrell, TX

September 16, 2019

This has shown me how to save, how to keep a budget. And how me and my husband can work together as team, to be on the same page. This is a learning process, it does take you step by step, and that's what I like about this financial peace university class.

FPU Rocks!

Scott T Parente from Bernardsville, NJ

September 16, 2019

Loved coordinating the program. Feel like I am making a difference in people's lives. Thanks for setting the path for us.

Very worthwhile!

Megan from Jamestown, ND

September 16, 2019

Do itttt! We've been through the class several times and loved every second of it. The materials are awesome, and meeting with a group is encouraging and helpful. Learned a ton that we never knew, and grew closer as a couple!

Financial Peace University

Angelia from Jacksonville, FL

September 16, 2019

Excellent class!

Overall Rating

Erica Manns from Bellevue, NE

September 16, 2019

I enjoyed the class. I also wouldn't mind taking a crash course to continue to stay on the right track. I like how I am able to log on and do my EveryDollar, and remind myself or check and see what I can do to complete a step or a task to complete a step. I am glad I was able to take this class even though there is people who don't believe or want to change. I like how Dave Ramsey is able to get the information across in videos, books, without me dreading to hear the information.

Baby Step 1 Review

Andre Tomlinson from Clarksburg, MD

September 16, 2019

Awesome! This is our 2nd time doing this and it is awesome!

No more ISH!

The Ward's from Wauchula, FL

September 16, 2019

We took the class in 2015. We achieved our "goal" of saving to get into a house and paying off everything but our home. Then went Dave-ish there after. We allowed ourselves to acquire more debt. We are now teaching FPU and are putting our money where our mouth is and implementing full Dave-ology. Seeking God's face in our finances, accountability in our peers and looking forward to being debt free! Lesson learned...DO NOT ISH it will NOT work!

More than I imagined

Diana from Metairie, LA

September 16, 2019

I learned more than I ever imagined would be covered in this.

It works!

Sharon from Fulton, CA

September 15, 2019

I guess I'm about 6 years late with this review for the FPU class we took back in 2013. In this case, the benefit of being late is that I can definitely say FPU works! We have completed the baby steps and are 100% debt free. Last month we sold our home (using a Real Estate ELP!) and are now meeting with a SmartVestor Pro to help us invest the significant profit we made by selling our mortgage-free home. So, it works! Thank you!

Life Changing

Conrad from Berlin, MA

September 15, 2019

I so wish I had this in High School or even Junior High, but starting right where you are is better than never starting at all. I took the class twice (2nd time was just for a refresher) and I am about to lead my 2nd set of classes October 2nd. Thanks Dave!!!

Convicting, Humbling, and Inspiring

Angela from Madisonville, KY

September 15, 2019

There's something to be said for a program that can aid in behavior modification like Financial Peace University. While I'm not an expert, my session was very beneficial. My leader was encouraging and inspiring. I love the examples provided through the videos of those that have been in my shoes. The workbook is well designed, and the website is proving very helpful. Facilitators are a great asset, as mine has held me accountable and is very trustworthy. I cannot say enough good things to convey the benefits of this program. Please keep doing what you are doing--you are changing peoples' lives!!!

financial peace

Travis from Bismarck, ND

September 15, 2019

Enjoyed the class listen to Dave podcasts and radio shows as often as possible

FPU saved me

Caroline from Austin, TX

September 15, 2019

I was always the saver, the planner. After 13 years of marriage, it was over one day. I’ve seen many women in my position go broke, struggle. I had my parents example, and Dave’s (let’s be honest, who listens to their parents very well?). Because I had been doing FPU for years on my own, I was able to re-build my life with my 2 kids and 3 dogs, beautifully. Thank goodness I had the foundation laid. There was plenty of money to argue over - which is pretty rare these days. Our issues were never about money. My kids have a good start for college, we almost own our home outright, insurance was in place. FPU saved our lives. The process of divorce was sad. But we are doing well because of all these teachings. I have given many of the books away, and try to pay it forwards and am looking forward to teaching FPU in the future.

Great updated vesion

Steven Hall from Mount Vernon, WA

September 15, 2019

I love the new updated version of FPU

We are debt free, so we are giving back by hosting FPU

Keia Bain from Rochester, NY

September 15, 2019

FPU changed our lives. We have structure, control and freedom with our money. We decide our future. FPU shows that no matter how much debt you are in if you follow the principles you can to one day be debt free, because you chose to be. Love, Love, Love FPU!

Healthy Money Habits

Kelly from Montgomery, PA

September 15, 2019

I took FPU because I saw that the course covered things like Mortgages, Insurance & Investing--an area where I felt I needed more guidance and knew very little. I did not expect to learn how to cultivate healthy money habits to take control of my finances and plan for my future and my goals. It was nice to walk through the process with my classmates. As a single person, it's helpful to have accountability partners and the class helped me with that. I love that I can review the videos if I need to be re-inspired and the Every Dollar app has given me a raise by helping me plan for my spending for the month.

Going to 2nd year

Caio Fernandes from Cherry Hill, NJ

September 15, 2019

the program is amazing, now my wife is on board so future is bright

Life Changing Content!

Ryan from Bedford, TX

September 14, 2019

FPU is life changing content! I'm thankful our church offered it churchwide and we were able to apply these principals to change our family tree!


Robin from Jacksonville, FL

September 14, 2019

Financial Peace is life changing, it really brought into perspective how much we were spending in all areas of our lives, we were able to budget and stick to a budget which was important given that we hit a new income bracket right before we started the class, we learned how to manage our money correctly without overspending and spending on things we didn't need. Thank you Dave Ramsey for changing our lives!

It is time to change your habits

HW from Arlington, VA

September 14, 2019

It was way past time for me to change my habits. And, I'll have to admit, it took me WAY too long to change them. Even now, still in the process, I'm still relearning how to handle money even tighter during a recent stint unemployed. BUT IT CAN BE DONE. SO DO IT. IT IS TIME.

Life Changing

Elizabeth from St. Clouf, FL

September 14, 2019

Going through FPU has been such a blessing to us!


Jennifer from Salem, UT

September 14, 2019

I love the class, the content was great. I have been geeking out on Dave Ramsey for awhile now, so the information was not new, but I wanted to share in my journey because I am single and was looking to stay motivated on my journey. Our group started out with about 20 people and by the end of it we had 2, including myself. Instead of letting this discourage me, it lit a fire. I was going to succeed for me and not look for others to motivate me. My "why" was enough. I recently finished BS 2, and will have BS 3 finished in the next 3 months. The feeling of success and knowing I can accomplish my financial goals is very empowering.

Very helpful

Catherine from Prince George, VA

September 14, 2019

Great biblical financial principles

Changed my life, my marriage, my everything

John from Winston Salem, NC

September 14, 2019

This is for people who are serious about not just paying off debt, but for people who are ready to change their lives. No "ish," no "Dave-lite." You're either in or you're out, but if you commit to following the plan, the plan works. 10 stars out of 5 (you read that right).