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Financial Peace University

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The best investment we've ever made...

Heather from Virginia Beach, VA

November 21, 2019

My husband and I have wanted to sign up to take Financial Peace University for YEARS, but we always let excuses steer us away. We thought we had our finances under control, but this class really opened our eyes to the opportunities we have for being debt free. This really has been the best investment we've made in our marriage and in our finances. We work as a team toward our goal of being debt free, and while we still have a while to go, we know that financial peace is within our reach. Our daughter has been our motivation and we are excited that we will be able to teach her the foundation for financial peace early. We are most excited for when we are able to Live and Give like no one else. 

Wish I knew then what I’ve learned now

Jeremy from Montrose, CO

November 21, 2019

Anyone that earns an income should take this class. There is little I wouldn’t do to go back 25 years and learn this stuff when I was starting out. LIFE CHANGING LESSONS in not only financial but in life. Thanks Grace Community Church and Nancy for putting this on.

Ignorance is NOT bliss and you know it!

Richard from Columbus, IN

November 21, 2019

I was ignorant about money. My parents didn't talk about it. I learned nothing about it in school. I listened to anybody who talked about how they got their stuff which seemed to make them happy. Yep, credit. I actually had a FICA score of 804 at one time. But, I suffered a divorce and my daughter spent some time in a hospital. I could no longer make ends meet - $400 in the hole per month. I took Financial Peace University and applied myself to the teachings. I will be debt free, except the mortgage, in June, 2020 (18 months into the plan). The most rewarding of this so far is that I get to give to my church. God blessed me, I blew it and then he led me to FPU. I'm 66 years old. He can teach an old dog new tricks.


Leann from Brownwood, TX

November 21, 2019

It’s a blessing to my family!

Debt Free

Andre and Ceranise from Katy, TX

November 21, 2019

Since we first took FPU, we have been focus and intentional about getting out of debt. We paid off our debts and now we are debt free.

My financial journey

Karena from Lewisberry, PA

November 21, 2019

The information I learned from the class was incredible. Not only did we learn from Dave Ramsey, but the instructors were great! Made the classes fun and personable. I'm SO glad I was signed up for this journey!!


Julia Grant from Clover, SC

November 21, 2019

Although we are in the thick of our debt snowball, at 47 years old for the first time I feel like there is hope for us to get our debt under control and leave a different legacy for our kids!! Thank you!!

Such a Game Changer

Amanda from Memphis, TN

November 21, 2019

My husband and I took this course and absolutely loved that it provided a platform where we could confidently and safely discuss finances without conflict. We felt hopeful, encouraged and FREE to spend budgeted money, save money and knock out our debt. We loved it!

From backslider to on fire

Viki from Battle Ground, WA

November 21, 2019

I read The Total Money Makeover for the first time at the end of 2000. We jumped into 2001 with a vengenace, knocking off goal after goal until we paid off our house on May 25, 2005. Time went by and we backslid; using our house to buy a rental property. October of 2018, I started binge listening to the Dave Ramsey podcast and my husband and I enrolled in FPU January of 2019. In the last 13 months, we've paid of $53,000 (including a rental property) and now own two houses outright. Thank you, Dave Ramsey and team, for steering us back onto the narrow road. We just helped facilitate a Live Stream event at our church last night and are looking forward to coordinating our first FPU class in January of 2020.

Great in depth discussion/study

Dan from Fargo, ND

November 21, 2019

I was very familiar with the general Dave premise and have been listening to the radio show for a good 3-4 months. There is so much more in depth study in the class, and I definitely expanded my knowledge in some key areas. -Investments -Insurance -House buying info All good info that is generally less covered in the show than the usual calls regarding debt and BS2. Thanks!


Karen from Slayden, MS

November 21, 2019

My mother was a book keeper, and knew how to budget, and I started off doing pretty good, but got caught up in the normal traps, and honestly I feel like "Murphy" is my conjoined twin. Taking this class has helped me understand how to take control of my life and finances. It doesn't have to be a scary beast anymore. After watching the mortgage class I really understood that I needed to get out of my situation and find a different financial lender and refinance so I can truly be at peace. I am so blessed by this, I wish I had taken it years ago. I can't wait to share my testimony.

Great class

Angela from Mesa, AZ

November 21, 2019

Great information. Upbeat and informative atmosphere.


John from Victorville, CA

November 21, 2019

My wife and I went through the course nearly four years ago and are financially at peace and almost debt free. Praise God. Thank you Mr. Ramsey

Great introduction into all aspects of personal finances

Bob from Austin, TX

November 21, 2019

Motivates you to dig deeper in the areas that have not been reviewed in awhile.

Great experience

tam moore from Keithville, LA

November 21, 2019

Simple guidelines to help wasted and working towards goals to live like no one else.

New Outlook

Keonte from kenner, LA

November 21, 2019

This journey was hard initially but i definitely see a big change in my financial decisions.


Donald from PLUMAS LAKE, CA

November 21, 2019

After 16 years of marriage, my wife and I are working together on our finances and have paid off over half our debt in 11 months.

Getting There...

Cecelia from Boynton Beach, FL

November 21, 2019

This journey is tough but we feel that with more discipline we will meet our goal of being debt free. Pray for us to stay connected and communicate effectively to reach our financial goal.


KB from Terre Haute, IN

November 21, 2019

Great course, decent leaders. Husband and I failed to follow through with plan. That contributed to the sad end of our marriage.

Life Changing!

Adam from Chattanooga, TN

November 21, 2019

This was an incredible experience! We have taken control of our money like never before! It is an amazing feeling to go from "where did all my money go?" to "look at all this money we have left over!" I cannot thank you enough for the encouragement and important lessons this course teaches. I want to gift this to everyone I know!

FPU Class and FPU Live

Neda from Bentonville, AR

November 21, 2019

My husband and I took FPU 10 years ago and are now coordinating a class. We love it and it is so fulfilling to see people change their mentality and get gazelle intense. I love this class and I love this program. It gives a tremendous gift to each and every person who takes it.

Enjoyed the new format

Steve from Shawnee, KS

November 21, 2019

We 1st took Financial Peace in 2005 it changed our lives. It was video's of just Dave so its really neat to see how things have progressed and people have evolved for FPU. Awesome life changing program!

Thanks Financial Peace!

Tom & Tenike from Atchison, KS

November 21, 2019

We just finished the course through our church and have a whole new outlook on the way we manage our finances! We are so excited about the future and know with God's help, we can do this! We also plan to continue yearly with the membership for continued support on this journey together!

Recommended for Everyone

Misty from Waterford, NY

November 21, 2019

I would recommend everyone take Financial Peace University no matter what age or financial position they are currently in. This class taught me how to better manage my money. The concepts are so simple yet "normal" people aren't following them and are getting deeper and deeper in debt. I'm trying to pass on the principles I learned to my family and employees at work. I only wish I had learned all this when I was a teenager however it's never too late to start. We are on track to be debt free except our house by June of 2020 thanks to Dave Ramsey and everything he teaches.


Shauna from Miami, FL

November 20, 2019

I was drowning in debt with no prior knowledge on saving, budgeting or the like. A friend told me about Dave Ramsey and after many nudges, I finally enrolled in FPU and it has been the best decision I've made this year! I'm so pumped knowing that I'm altering my family legacy for generations to come.