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How to Experience the Course

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Meet up with a local group for community, motivation, and accountability.

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Watch the lesson videos in the comfort of your home and on your own schedule.

You'll have access to both!

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Common Questions


What does my membership include?
After you purchase your membership, you'll be able to register for a local group and you'll get immediate access to your online account, which includes all nine video lessons, financial coaching assistance, digital tools, and a 12-month subscription to EveryDollar Plus. We will also mail you the member workbook that follows along with each video lesson. (No worries, shipping is free!) Your membership also includes The Legacy Journey, Dave's six-lesson course on building wealth, planning for your future, and setting future generations up for success.
Does my membership cover my spouse?
Yes! Only one membership is needed per household.
What if my membership expired?
No worries! When you log into your financialpeace.com account, you'll be prompted to renew your membership.
How do I register for a group?
Use the "Find a Group Near You" tool above to search our list of groups. Click the “Join” button next to the group you’re interested in. If you don’t see a group that works for you, click “I’ll choose later.” Remember, you can start FPU now and join a group later that suits your schedule and location.
How often does a group meet? For how long?
Groups meet once a week for nine weeks to watch and discuss each video lesson together. Each week, groups typically meet for about 90 minutes.
What if there isn't a group in my area or one that fits my schedule?
Don't let that keep you from changing your life! Purchase your membership now and start working through the lessons and activities at your own pace. You can join an in-person group at any time if one becomes available for you.
Is there childcare available for groups?
Many groups offer some form of childcare. Click “Contact Group Leader” and ask if childcare is available for the group you want to join. If it isn’t available, you can switch at any time to a group that provides childcare.