Raising the Next Generation to Win With Money

The Smart Money Smart Kids course is now a part of the Financial Peace Membership!

What is the Smart Money Smart Kids course?

The Smart Money Smart Kids course is a set of six practical, video-based lessons that help parents teach their kids how to make wise money choices. Parents will also learn how to build character qualities so their children will win not only with money but also in life. Rachel Cruze and Dave Ramsey give parents a step-by-step approach to teaching kids about working, spending, saving, giving, ditching debt and being content.


Lesson 1: Work and Responsibility
Focuses on the work-money connection, personal responsibility, and how work reflects our relationship with God

Lesson 2: Spending and Wisdom
Helps you understand your child’s God-given bent and how to lead them to make wise spending decisions

Lesson 3: Saving and Patience
Shows you how to encourage delayed gratification and teach your kids to set specific goals for saving

Lesson 4: Giving and Generosity
Teaches you how to raise generous children by emphasizing God’s ownership and challenging your kids to step out of their comfort zones

Lesson 5: Debt and Honesty
Shares the Bible’s perspective on debt so you can raise kids who can identify and reject the cultural myths that say debt is normal

Lesson 6: Contentment and Gratitude
Protect your kids from the “bigger is better” messages in our culture and encourage an attitude of contentment rooted in humility and gratitude